4-Dimensional Manager: Disc Strategies for Managing Different People in the Best Ways

4-Dimensional Manager: Disc Strategies for Managing Different People in the Best Ways


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Manager: "We have a problem here."
Person 1: "Let's find a quick solution."
Person 2: "I know just how we can solve this problem by working together."
Person 3: "I need to think about the problem before I can offer you a solution."
Person 4: "I'm going to consider this problem from every angle."
Asked to solve the same problem, four people responded four different ways. If you were their manager, your challenge would be to help each individual find an effective, timely solution to the problem. Most managers would do what comes naturally and use the managerial style that is their "first dimension." This will work some of the time - but not all the time.
One managerial style can't help people with four different working styles make the most of their different strengths and overcome their different limitations and roadblocks. In managing others, one style does not fit all. The 4-Dimensional Manager will help you learn to manage different people in the best ways. Through a simple yet powerful self-discovery tool called DiSC, you can become a 4-dimensional manager, able to manage anyone, anywhere, anytime.
Discover your usual managerial style: Dominance, Influence, Supportiveness, or Conscientiousness
Read the work styles of the people you manage
Improve communication and reduce destructive conflict
Find out how the style of your organization affects you and those you manage
Whether or not you have the formal title of manager, if you provide work direction to others, this book will answer pressing questions you have every day, such as:
When I delegate, how much information should I give, and when and how should I follow up?
How can I increase this person's motivation?
What kind of compliment or reward would this person most value?
How can I give feedback so it will be understood, accepted, and effective?
The 4-Dimensional Manager provides fascinating insights into individual work styles, practical suggestions, checklists and planners, and a research-based DiSC discovery tool.

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ISBN-13: 9781576751350
Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers
Publication date: 04/28/2002
Series: An Inscape Guide Series
Edition description: 1ST
Pages: 120
Sales rank: 912,254
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Julie Straw is Vice President of Training and Communications for Inscape Publishing, the worldÆs leading independent developer and publisher of research-based personal learning profiles for business. She has successfully managed individuals and teams involved in diverse challenges including soft skills training, research and development, and sales and marketing. She is a frequent speaker at national training and development conferences on the topic of using DiSC to manage and motivate a changing workforce.

Table of Contents

1. Why 1-Dimensional Managing Isn’t Enough
Doing What Comes Naturally
They Are Not You
Looking at the Situation
What 4-Dimensional Managing Can Do for You
2. Discovering Your Style
In This Situation
The DiSC Dimensions
Multidimensional You
Not a Personality Type
The Two Questions
The Research Behind DiSC
3. How You Manage Yourself and Others
Your DiSC Response Pattern
Getting to Know You
D: Direct and Decisive
I: Optimistic and Outgoing
S: Sympathetic and Cooperative
C: Concerned and Correct
DiSC Combinations
4. I’m a Manager, Not a Mind Reader
Introducing Others to DiSC
5. Expanding to 4 Dimensions
Choosing to Do Nothing
Using Your First Dimension
Adapting Your Managing Style
Not a Fix-All
Using DiSC Day to Day
6. Basics of 4-Dimensional Managing
Managing D
Managing I
Managing S
Managing C
7. 4-Dimensional Delegating
Delegating to D
Delegating to I
Delegating to S
Delegating to C
8. 4-Dimensional Decision-Making
Decision-Making with D
Decision-Making with I
Decision-Making with S
Decision-Making with C
9. 4-Dimensional Problem-Solving
Problem-Solving with D
Problem-Solving with I
Problem-Solving with S
Problem-solving with C
10. 4-Dimensional Motivating
Motivating D
Motivating I
Motivating S
Motivating C
11. 4-Dimensional Complimenting
Complimenting D
Complimenting I
Complimenting S
Complimenting C
12. 4-Dimensional Feedback
Giving Feedback to D
Giving Feedback to I
Giving Feedback to S
Giving Feedback to C
13. Managing in 4 Styles of Organizations
The Sources of Organizational Style
Reading Your Organization’s Style
Meeting the Organization’s Needs
You in This Place
Managing Others in This Place
Closing Words: Going 4-Dimensional
The Combination DiSC Patterns
Additional DiSC Tool
The Research behind DiSC
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