500 Freshwater Aquarium Fish: A Visual Reference to the Most Popular Species

500 Freshwater Aquarium Fish: A Visual Reference to the Most Popular Species

by Greg Jennings


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Praise for the hardcover edition:
"For users looking for specific information on freshwater aquarium fish this will be a useful and interesting resource."
--American Reference Books Annual 2007

"Any home or library collection strong in aquarium references -- and many a fish store -- will find this packed with in-depth detail perfect for setting up an aquarium."
--The Midwest Book Review

This comprehensive full-color reference covers 500 of the most popular freshwater aquarium fish. It provides concise at-a-glance information on their behavior, diet and breeding along with guidance and recommendations on setting up a freshwater aquarium.

Substantive and well organized for easy navigation, the book satisfies a wide of needs. Beginners can start their hobby with confidence and experienced keepers can use the book as an authoritative reference.

The most important update of this edition is that species names have been changed in accordance with the latest international revisions, made to take into account recent DNA information. In all, about 120 names are updated.

Freshwater Aquarium Fish is a "window shopping" trip guided by an aquarium specialist ready to offer advice. The directory details every species appropriate for a freshwater aquarium. While most require a heated aquarium, other varieties can be kept in an unheated one (such as bloodfin tetras, white clouds and the beginner classic, goldfish).

The book organizes the freshwater aquarium species in major groups, among them: Cichlids (such as angelfish and discus); Catfish; Cyprinids (such as barbs, danios, koi and goldfish); Characoids (such as tetras, neons and piranhas); Loaches and suckers; Gouramis (such as bettas, paradise fish and snakeheads);
Rainbow fish and blue-eyes; and Livebearers (such as mollies and platies).

This comprehensive and useful reference is from a highly respected fish keeper with more than 50 years' experience. His advice and guidance will be welcomed by amateur fish keepers of any age and expertise.

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ISBN-13: 9781770859197
Publisher: Firefly Books, Limited
Publication date: 06/01/2018
Edition description: Updated
Pages: 528
Sales rank: 306,768
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About the Author

Greg Jennings has been actively involved in fish keeping for more than 50 years. He has visited many locations around the world where many of the hobbyist fish species originated. Through his travel and relationships with fellow enthusiasts in the international community, he keeps up with the very latest developments and techniques.

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Sample Entry
[each entry is illustrated by a color photograph]


Dwarf Pencilfish

Nannostomus marginatus

This is a delightful species that, despite its small size, creates a sparklingdisplay. It has vivid red coloration on its fins (except the caudal fin), threeprominent, dark-brown bands on its body, and a splash of several redscales along the midpoint of the central band. This species lacks anadipose fin.

Family: Lebiasinidae

Subfamily: Pyrrhulininae

Distribution: Guyana, Suriname, and (possibly) lower reaches of the Amazon

Size: Around 1 1/2 in (3.5cm).

Behavior: Peaceful shoaler, somewhat more timid than
N. beckfordi; should not be kept with lively tankmates

Aquarium: Thickly planted and with subdued lighting. Soft, slightly acid, nitrate-free water preferred (anychanges in conditions must be carried out gradually), as is tannin-stained water. Temperature range: 73-81°F (23-27°C)

Breeding: Subdued lighting, soft, acid water and fine-leaved vegetation required. Water temperature: around 86°F (30°C). Eggs are scattered among the vegetation and may be eaten by the spawners. Hatching takes 1-3 days.

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500 Freshwater Aquarium Fish: A Visual Reference to the Most Popular Species 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
cdnreader More than 1 year ago
I have been away from fish keeping for quite a number of years. I wanted something to re-acquaint myself with the behaviors, needs, etc of the different fish and I think this book fits the bill.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago