A Cunning Man's Grimoire: The Secret of Secrets

A Cunning Man's Grimoire: The Secret of Secrets

by Stephen Skinner, David Rankine


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From Dr. Stephen Skinner and the Golden Hoard Press comes a historical grimoire that features a fascinating blend of high magic and local village magic. Originally a handbook for a working sorcerer, this book includes a wealth of magical workings in addition to a treasure trove of critical astrological information, including a unique set of astrological tables that are generally absent from other grimoires. Going beyond the planetary days and hours, A Cunning Man's Grimoire reveals detailed aspects of timing and magical operations connected with the 28 Mansions of the Moon and image magic, which rarely appear in Solomonic grimoires. This practical manual of magic is strongly influence by Arabic and Indian roots, placing it at the crossroads of several powerful magical streams.

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ISBN-13: 9780738760728
Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide, LTD.
Publication date: 08/08/2018
Pages: 176
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 9.88(h) x (d)

About the Author

Stephen Skinner began his career as a Geography lecturer and magazine publisher, but his long term interests have always been Western magic and feng shui.

During the 1970s he was the driving force behind Askin Publishers, producing a number of classic magical works by Cornelius Agrippa, Paracelsus, Austin Osman Spare, Aleister Crowley, and others. During the 1970s he co-wrote many books with Francis King, including the still popularTechniques of High Magic . Also with Francis King he wroteNostradamus. His interest in prophecy stimulated by this book, he went on to write the best sellingMillennium Prophecies.

Stephen is credited with bringing the art of Feng Shui to the West, and in 1976 he wrote theLiving Earth Manual of Feng Shui , which was the first English book on feng shui in the 20th century.

Stephen has written more than 35 books, which have been published worldwide in 28 different languages. These books have had introductions by such diverse people as Colin Wilson, HRH Charles Prince of Wales, and Jimmy Choo, shoe designer to the stars.

Stephen lives in Singapore. Stephen is the first Westerner to be awarded the title of Grand Master of Feng Shui by the International Feng Shui Association.

David Rankine (Wales) has been practicing magic for twenty-five years. He gives regular talks and workshops around Europe.


Table of Contents

Contents 9

List of Illustrations 12

List of Tables 13

Acknowledgements 14

Introduction 15

A Preliminary Preparation & Prayers

The Secret of Secrets 34

Of the Angells & their Power 34

Man's Power over Spirits 36

Preface with Directions & Aphorisms 36

Astrological Timing of the Operation 38

That the Holy Angells may helpe thee in thyne occasions 40

Making a Pentacle to hold in thy hand 42

The figure of a Pentacle & how to keep it 42

An Narration to the 7 Planetary Angells of the 7 Planetary heavens 43

The Seales & Characters of Angells and Spirits & their Use 45

B Experiments

1 An Experiment to have thy owne proper good Angell 47

The Call for thy proper good Angell 51

2 An Experiment of 3 holy Angells: Ancor, Anacor, Analos 55

Consecration of the Crystall stone or glass 56

3 A most Noble Experiment for tire glasse or cristallomanticall Art 61

The Invocation Descend 62

Fumigation for thy selfe 63

4 A true Experiment of 3 Spirits: Durus, Artus, Æbedel 64

An Exhortation to the Artist 66

5 Another Experiment of the 3 horsemen sayd to be approved true 68

License to Depart 69

6 The Experiment of Birto the Spirit 71

License to Depart 72

Admonition to the Artist 73

C Astrological & Timing

Astrological Considerations 75

Directions for practise for gaining thy owne proper good Angell 75

Of Essentiall Dignities of the Planets 76

Of Essentiall Debilities of the Planets 78

Planetary Hours 79

Table of the Names of each houre in every Day & every Night 80

Table of the Day of the weeke, Planets, Angells & their Seales 81

Names of the 4 Seasons 82

Angells of the 4 Seasons 82

Angells of the Head of the Signe of the 4 Seasons 83

Names of the Earth in the 4 Seasons 83

Names of the Sun & Moon in the 4 Seasons 84

Briefe Table of the sequence of writing the Names in order 85

D Angels & Spirits

A Table of Hebrew Names of the 7 Angells set over the 7 Planets 87

Spirits of each of the 7 Planets 88

5 Angels & their offices or officiall Names 88

How long each of the 7 Planetary Angels rules the world 89

Things proper to be done in each houre of the Planets 89

Angels & Spirits of the 12 Signs 90

Angells of the 28 Mansions of the Moon 91

7 An Experiment of Askariell in a glass or cristall 93

E Fumigations & Incenses

Of Fumigations, Unguents, Collyries & Unctions causing Apparitions 97

A Fumigation for all 7 Angells together 98

A Table of the Fumigations for every Planet & Planetary hour 100

To Consecrate the Fumigation 101

Fumigations of Divers sorts 101

To gather Spirits together presently 102

To make Spirits dread thee & to see Secret Things 102

To Call all kinds of Spirits that you wilt 102

To have might to binde & loose Spirits 102

Another ointment to see Spirits 103

To see Spirits in the ayre 103

To have friendship of a Prince of Spirits of the Ayre 103

To hide Treasure 104

Of the power & vertue of Fumigations, Sacrifices & Unctions 105

When best to compound Fumigations 108

By what means does fumigation cause spirits to appear with bodys 109

What the Spirits appearing in this world are, according to Hermes 109

To gather Spirits of the ayre together 110

F Visions, Oracles, Images, etc.

For a Vision, in the night 111

Men shall see Visions 112

Directions for receiving an Oracle or Vision 112

To make the Ring of $$$ for receiving an Oracle or true dreame 113

A Ring of o for an Oracle 114

Another way to receive a true Oracle by the image of the Planets 115

Metalls, Trees, Stones and Herbs of each of the 7 Planets 116

Making of the Images of the Planets 118

To know when any degree of any Signe will come to the Ascendant 119

For an Oracle or true Dreame 122

8 Another true Experiment for a Vision in thy sleepe 125

G Mansions of the Moon

How to worke by the 28 Mansions 126

What the 28 Mansions of the Moon are 137

A Table of the 28 Mansions of the Moon 138

December's Observations (an insert) 140

Table of Houses for London, 1644 January-December 141

Table of Essential Dignities, Terms and Faces of the Planets 153

H Simple Rural Spells

To drive away & consume Locust & Wormes 154

To drive away Serpents, Dragons, & all creeping things & wild beasts 154

To drive away Wolves, Foxes and Cats 155

That Haile fall not in a place where you wouldest not have it fall 155

That the o appear & shyne forth openly on thee 155

To quench fire burning a house 156

That a thiefe enter not into thy house 156

I Magical Rings

Rings of the 7 Planets but for other purposes 157

This Ring of the o for honour and a swift horse 157

The Ring of the $$$ for waterworks, fighting ships & trees bearing fruit 158

The Ring of $$$ for castles & kings doing battle 159

The Ring of $$$ for skill at all kinds of play, favour of Lords & Judges 159

The Ring of $$$ for profit & delivering out of thrall 160

The Ring of $$$ for love & favour of men and women 160

The Ring of $$$ for binding tongues & slanderous speeche 161

Characters of the Angels called by the Rings according to the days 161

A Table of this Book (the original Contents table) 163

Bibliography 169

Index 177

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