A Cuppa Trouble

A Cuppa Trouble

by Angela Ruth Strong


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Can a couple of baristas chase down a car thief without spilling a drop of their favorite drink?

Plans for a Valentine's Day grand opening of a small town coffee shop go awry when the first customer is killed. Evidence points toward the victim being mixed up in a car theft ring, but shop owners Tandy and Marissa have reason to believe he was framed. An assortment of suspects--from a pink-haired heir to Tandy's charming ex--all seem to know a little too much about grand theft auto.

Without approval from either their boyfriends or the gum-chewing FBI agent in charge, the shop owners go on stakeouts, plan stings, and pursue justice in a high-speed car chase. If they don't find the killer soon, it might be more than their love lives in trouble.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781943959594
Publisher: Mountain Brook Ink
Publication date: 06/17/2019
Series: CafFunated Mysteries , #2
Pages: 288
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.60(d)

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A Cuppa Trouble 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Courtney Rice 9 days ago
I’m not going to give away any spoilers but this is a cute story filled with mystery and romance. Tandy and Marissa are two girls who are living the American Dream running their own coffee shop with their grand opening fast approaching on Valentine’s Day. Once they found out someone was murdered, they take matters into their own hands when they try to find the killer who broke into their cafe. I adore both Tandy and Marissa where even though they have opposite personalities, in the end they still adore each other throughout their investigation. Its a perfect book to read either during the summer or Valentine’s Day. I received a complimentary copy of A Cuppa Trouble from the publisher/author. All opinions expressed are my own.
blestwithboys 14 days ago
**I received a complimentary copy of this book from JustRead Tours. My review is voluntary, and all views expressed are my honest opinion.** This is another wonderful work of fiction by Angela Ruth Strong. It’s a comedy/romance/mystery joyride. A Cuppa Trouble is the second in Angela’s CafFUNated Mysteries series. The first introduced the two main characters–sassy & savvy Tandy and beautiful & klutzy Marissa–and this builds on their relationship and fun dynamic. Chapters switch back and forth between the two friends, instead of the usual Boy/Girl/Boy/Girl. Tandy and Marissa somehow land right in the middle of trouble again, and their sleuthing continues to get in the way of real life. Caffeine Conundrum, their new shop which caters to both coffee drinkers and tea enthusiasts, is center stage for most of the story. The running gag about which is better (coffee or tea) is thoroughly and shamelessly exploited–with a few surprises. As usual with these two, hilarity ensues, eyes are rolled, snark is thrown, misjudgments are made, and lessons are learned. Angela is one of my favorite authors; I really appreciate her natural writing style. It’s always easy to follow and a joy to read. I can hardly wait to see some of her books come to t.v. or the big screen, because they remind me of Hallmark movies (which I adore!). This series is on the lighter side, so it could be enjoyed by a younger reader (preteen) and still entertain old ladies (like me, at 43!). I love that while it’s fun and entertaining, I’m always left thinking about things. How I relate to and treat my husband, how I trust others, how I trust God. It was a great read, and I’m anxiously awaiting the next installment!
WarrriorPrincess 17 days ago
Angela Ruth Strong’s, A Cuppa Trouble while lacking incredible depth is still mildly entertaining. Strong’s main characters, Tandy and Marissa whose interests range from a fierce rivalry of coffee versus tea to fashion versus sensibility struck this reader as somewhat superficial. The author introduces many characters with their own mini stories making it difficult to follow the story’s true action. The mini squabbles between business partners Tandy and Marissa along with their significant others only serve to further dilute the plot. Ultimately, readers are likely to be surprised once the true villain is revealed which does give merit to the story. Anyone with no other summer plans might find this story worth the time. ***I have voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book. All views and opinions expressed are entirely my own.
GratefulGrandma 17 days ago
This is the second book in The CafFunated Mystery series, but the first I read. It can be read as a standalone, but I will go back and read the first to get all the backstory and character development that I missed. This is a light-hearted, fun little cozy mystery, with some inspiration about relationships and communication. I enjoyed the small-town setting with the tea shop/coffee shop as a meeting place for the residents of this small town in Ohio. The main characters, Tandy and Marissa, are quirky, competitive, opposites and loyal friends. Both are dealing with issues in there personal relationships, but they were real problems that could happen to anyone. This added the character driven part of the story. The mystery was interesting and had me guessing through part of the book. There were a few different storylines happening, a murder, car thefts, and some romance, but Angela Ruth Strong did a good job tying them all together. I was pretty sure I had the culprit figured out, and I did, but that did not deter my enjoyment of the book. The issues of trust and communication between couples was a part of the story that started off subtly, but became a big issue to be sorted out by the end of the story. I liked the way this was addressed. The story was well-written with a combination of humor, mystery, suspense and faith. There were a few twists, and the ending was quite unexpected and suspenseful. A fun, yet inspirational story. The author generously provided me with a copy of this book at my request. The rating, ideas and opinions shared are my own.
Randi_AMDFT 17 days ago
When I read book, I so often read them as an escape... a break from day to day life to take a peek into a different world. While I tend to lean towards romantic suspense, those can take on a bit of a darker tone at time. Sometimes, we just need a little fun, a little humor and a little cheesiness. 'A Cuppa Trouble' by Angela Ruth Strong provided all of that and so much more. Reading this book, I was reminded a bit of the Hallmark mysteries that I so adore. While they are murder mysteries, they somehow seem to keep a lightness about them as well. They're cute, they often have humor, and they can run just a little bit on the cheesy side...in the absolute best way possible! This book was just like that, and I absolutely loved it. It was over the top in many ways, but it just made it all the more entertaining to read. What I really loved though was finding out in the end (in the note from the author) that some of the crazier over the top moments were actually based on real events. Real life is equally crazy it seems! This was book number two in this series. I admit, I had not read book one. While I felt like the author summed up the previous book well without going into too much detail, if you don't like spoilers, I'd certainly suggest starting with book one first! After all, if you love a good romance like I do, you'll want to READ the entire series. It's no secret that I LOVE my coffee, so it only makes sense that it was that coffee them that had first attracted me to this book and the series as a whole. And for us coffee lovers (or tea lovers alike), it did not disappoint... it really is a theme that is carried on throughout the story, again giving it that fun little addition that kept it light and fun. And of course made for some great puns...and I love a good pun myself. In the midst of all that though, it was also a really great message about communication in ALL relationships- friendships, romantic partners and even God. All that rolled into one entertaining package. While this type of romance may not be everyone's cup of tea (pun fully intended), I absolutely adored it and cannot wait to check out more in the series and from the author. It was a quick read, and a perfect escape! If you love a good romance, a good cup of coffee and a little bit of fun, this is one book you will want to add to your reading list! **I received a complimentary copy of this book for consideration. All thoughts are my own.**
BookishTay 21 days ago
A Cuppa Trouble was a fairly fun read! I had a hard time getting into it, it is the second book in a series but I would say that you technically don’t need to read book 1. I hadn’t, which was why the first few chapters were slightly confusing, because you just jump right in and there were so many characters and I was like I have no idea what’s going on. But just like any book, it all started to make more sense at the time went on and I had a fun time reading it. There’s a little bit of mystery and some romance and friendship. Tandy and Marissa were fun characters to follow. They both had quirks that made them relatable. I will say, there were a few times that I got confused about whose POV I was reading, it wasn’t really obvious when it switched, and sometimes I’d be like wait, who’s talking now? But other than that they were both enjoyable characters to read. I also loved the mystery in this book. I was honestly surprised, I did guess close to the end who was actually behind everything (what? I do watch a lot of crime dramas, so I like to think I’m good at guessing who the bad guy is) but I thought it was well written and there was still an element of surprise. I have voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from JustRead Tours. All views expressed are only my honest opinion
Phyllis_H 21 days ago
A madcap mystery My rating is 3.5 stars Marissa hated the snow boots Conner gave her. After all, they were ugly. If only they were pink, they would have been much better! And of course, these practical yet undesirable boots ended up playing a significant role in this madcap adventure! As the cars began disappearing, the mystery increased. Author Angela Ruth Strong mastered misdirection as the myriad of murder suspects multiplied. I enjoyed seeing each person and their potential motive and means. I don’t often feel strongly that the first book of a series needs to be re-read before reading the ensuing stories, but I certainly wished I had read A Caffeine Conundrum more recently. I actually appreciated this as too many books try to retell the highlights of the previous story and waste too much time on it. In this case, I just didn’t remember some of the backstory and while it didn’t take away from my enjoyment, it did mean that I kept finding myself wondering what had happened. I wasn’t as much a fan of Marissa and Tandy this time around. They struck me as immature, shallow, and insecure. Both were so afraid to admit that they liked the other’s beverage of choice and found ways to sneak it instead of confessing their newly discovered preference. Tandy went so far as to help Conner swap the tea Marissa gave him with coffee so he wouldn’t have to admit he didn’t like tea. There was another situation where Marissa found she liked something that was out of character for her and so she wasn’t willing to tell anyone. Overall, A Cuppa Trouble is a fun story for anyone who enjoys reading sweet mysteries. Read my review of A Cuppa Trouble by Angela Ruth Strong at AmongTheReads.net
GrandaddyA 30 days ago
I remember reading one or two Nancy Drew mysteries when I was much younger. I can’t say that I recall enjoying them as much as I am enjoying The CafFUNnated Mysteries by Angela Ruth Strong. For starters, these stories have so much quirky humor that they are fun to read. OK, maybe some of it is corny but I suppose I have always had a thing for corny humor. However, just the interactions between the various characters at times lead to humorous situations aside from the funny comments they make. One of the greatest features of this story involves the lessons about communications. Quite interestingly, the first lesson is shared by the pastor in a funeral message as he talked about how the deceased had learned to communicate with God. The leading characters are Marissa and Connor, and Tandy and Greg. Man, do they ever need to learn how to communicate, especially as couples. Marissa considers herself somewhat of a Nancy Drew type as witnessed in the first book. Other than being quite inquisitive and possibly having an overactive imagination, I wouldn’t take the comparison much further. Marissa will never be nicknamed Grace, except in derision. She falls over her own feet. And I keep wondering why she would be working in her tearoom wearing stilettos. I would vote for the snow boots that Connor gave her, particularly when outdoors, but she was even safer wearing them indoors. I think most readers will get an interesting surprise as the book draws to a close. I received an advance copy of this book from the publisher. This is my honest review. All opinions are strictly my own.
SusanSnodgrassBookworm 3 months ago
‘The sheriff always seemed to aim at his own foot when he fired off his mouth.’ Angela Ruth Strong continues her super fun ‘The CafFUNated Mystery series with this absolutely delightful offering. Featuring Tandy and Marissa, one a coffee drinker, the other a tea drinker, who open up a part coffee/part tea shop, this one is just so much fun all the way to the very end. People just seem to fall dead right near Tandy and Marissa. Then they think they are the best ones to solve the case. And they are mostly right. After all, didn’t they solve the murder of the last person who fell dead right in front of their very eyes? Well, here they go again when a car theft ring brings their dastardly deeds to the small town of Grace Springs. But they have to manage to solve the crime without either of them landing in jail this time. I love these gals. Despite the fact that they couldn’t stand each other when they first met, they really are great together as amateur sleuths. And I love Marissa’s near constant klutziness. The entire cast of quirky characters (minus the bad guys, of course) have just endeared themselves to me. And Strong’s wit is so refreshing! There was nothing NOT to like about this book. And….there is some seriously good wisdom about relationships on these pages. A wise person would heed them. *My thanks to the author for a preview copy of this book. The opinions expressed here are entirely my own.