A Field Guide to Homicide (Cat Latimer Series #6)

A Field Guide to Homicide (Cat Latimer Series #6)

by Lynn Cahoon

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Cat Latimer and her writer’s retreat group go on a hiking trip—but a murderer has been lurking off the beaten path . . .
Cat’s sweetheart, Seth, is going all out on an outing into the local mountains—for the benefit of the writing group Cat’s hosting at her Colorado B&B. But when they try to identify some plant and animal life, they find death instead. The body belongs to a man with a gold claim a few miles away. Instead of striking it rich, he’s been struck down.
To his surprise, Seth recognizes the victim from his military days—and up to now believed he’d already died during his last tour of duty. Now Cat has to solve this mystery before the killer takes a hike . . .
Praise for Lynn Cahoon
“Better get your flashlight handy, A Story to Kill will keep you reading all night.”
—Laura Bradford, author of the Amish Mysteries

“Lynn Cahoon has created an absorbing, good fun mystery in Mission to Murder.”
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ISBN-13: 9781496716859
Publisher: Kensington
Publication date: 01/28/2020
Series: Cat Latimer Series , #6
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 1,400
Product dimensions: 4.10(w) x 6.60(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Lynn Cahoon is an Idaho expat. She grew up living the small town life she now loves to write about. Currently, she’s living with her husband and two fur babies in a small historic town on the banks of the Mississippi River where her imagination tends to wander. Visit her at www.lynncahoon.com.

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A Field Guide to Homicide 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
PrincessGlor 5 days ago
This was a fantastic story. The mystery in this one was one that I enjoyed-probably one of the most enjoyable of the series for me. I really liked the angle of the Army buddies and the mystery surrounding them. This series is developing well in my opinion and I look forward to more adventures with Cat, Seth, Uncle Pete and the rest of the gang. I received this book from NetGalley and was not required to post a positive review. All thoughts are my own.
CozyUpWithKathy 16 days ago
a character driven mystery that takes a look at secrets A FIELD GUIDE TO HOMICIDE by Lynn Cahoon The Sixth Cat Latimer Mystery A hike with Cat Latimer's latest retreat writers leads to the discovery of a dead body. It's no accident and it's not just any body. It turns out to be an old army buddy of Seth's, a buddy who had supposedly died in Germany. Why was Chance living off grid? Why did he stage his own death all those years ago? Seth has never talked about his time in Germany and seems reluctant to say anything now. But is it a coincidence that there's a reunion in town for Seth's platoon? Comprised of couples, Cat's retreat has a different vibe and so does this book. While there is a mystery here, and an interesting one at that, most of the book deals with the business and art of writing as well as secrets between the main characters. I like that Cat doesn't go hurling herself into a police investigation, but quietly uncovers information, some even at the request of her uncle. I was surprised that there were so few pages left before the mystery was suddenly resolved. Like Cat's retreat, the different vibe doesn't mean bad, just different. The characters are the heart of the Cat Latimer series. There is also a lot of character growth and development in this sixth entry to the series. Watching them grow and adapt is just as interesting as contemplating the mystery. While I enjoy reading all the inside information about writing as a career, I wonder if the books are becoming more a primer for would be writers than a puzzle for mystery readers. A FIELD GUIDE FOR HOMICIDE is a character driven mystery that takes a look at secrets and questions just how well we know those we call friends. FTC Disclosure – The publisher sent me a copy of this book in the hopes I would review it.
Dollycas 17 days ago
Dollycas’s Thoughts It’s time for another retreat at Cat Latimer’s B&B, Aspen Hills Warm Springs Resort. This group is unique because along with the student from the local college, the other writers are two couples. Seth has planned a special hiking trip for the group complete with field guides to identify flora and fauna. Not long after the hike begins they come across something not covered in Seth’s guide . . . a dead body. A body Seth recognizes. A man he thought had died in Germany during his last tour of duty. He is shocked to learn his friend had been living nearby with a gold claim. With this happening right before a planned reunion of his military friends they all become suspects. Now Cat with some assistance of Uncle Pete’s Gal Pal Retired Alaska Deputy Shirley will do her best to end this killer’s story without ending hers. _____ This was a rich story with many facets. The main mystery puts Seth and Cat a bit at odds. A friend he thought was dead was really alive and living nearby. Now someone killed him and he can’t believe any of his platoon could be involved. There has to be another explanation. His military life is not something Seth speaks about, so Cat feels she needs to tread lightly. Ms. Cahoon threads a needle releasing clues carefully, and issues the twists precisely. Seth shielded his friends so Cat had to dig into the victim in other ways making this investigation unique. I really enjoyed the way the entire story was plotted and the way it played out. Lynn Cahoon has created such a strong group of core characters. Cat, Shauna, Seth, Uncle Pete and now Shirley can be added to the mix. I thought we had gotten to know them pretty well over the series so far, but this time readers get more information about Cat and Seth’s relationship at the end of high school and how it all fell apart. Cat learns some things she didn’t know. I loved how this was written and that Seth was featured. It makes the characters even more relatable. Shauna also revealed more about her family this time too. It really shows me we are just scratching the surface of these characters. Readers are also introduced to a group of retreat writers. Two married couples, Sydney and her husband Tristin write a travel blog, Jocelyn, and her husband Josh, also frequent travelers, write western historical fiction. They are joined by college student Brodie Capone. The two couples become fast friends taking the retreat in a direction Cat never expected. Brodie grows over the course of the story too. As always the location adds to the story. Trekking the trails more than once was fun and while moving the investigation forward, one of the characters was so delighted by what he saw is brought a huge smile to my face. In A Field Guide to Homicide, the author sets a perfect pace, each page pulling you deeper into the story. A writer’s retreat, a dead body, an Army reunion, and many secrets all come together to make one heck of a story. The ending was just awesome. This entire series is great. Treat yourself to the whole bunch.
TheCozyReview 18 days ago
Cat is at it again in the lastest “Cat Latimer Mystery” from Lynn Cahoon, A Field Guide To Homicide coming January 28th from Kensington Books. This time at least the body isn’t in her shop, and she’s not being accused of murder, thankfully! Why is it everywhere Cat goes a body is sure to follow? This time someone is murdered up in the hills, and the only reason Cat is involved because she showed up with her newest writers retreat guests and discovered the body. In the newest addition to this literary series, Cat walks a fine line between staying out of the investigation, and diving in headfirst. Characters in this series, including Seth Uncle Pete, and Shauna are well established, but readers are still learning more about who they are as individuals. Each person involved brings a new twist to the story and allows the reader to enjoy the action and the read. A literary series steeped in writing and learning can sometimes be annoying, but Lynn Cahoon knows how to keep the story and the action moving. There are plenty of suspects with a motive that could apply to all of them. In the end, Cat finds the killer. The question of who-done-it is never really in doubt; it’s the why that sets this book apart. The ending will leave readers smiling and looking forward to the next installment in this literary series. I am happy to recommend A Field Guide To Homicide to those looking for a fast, fun read that won’t leave them in a lurch.
Marshathereader 20 days ago
A Field Guide to Homicide by Lynn Cahoon is book six in the Cat Latimer Mystery series. This is one of my favorite cozy series. Cat is host to a writer's retreat so every book has guests to the retreat and you get new characters in every book. Cat and her boyfriend, Seth, are taking the retreat guests on a hike when they come upon a body. To the surprise of Seth, it's an Army buddy that supposedly died years ago in Germany. How is it possible he has been living in Aspen Hills and no one has seen him and why was he murdered. Cat and Seth jump into investigating then when Seth is targeted Cat knows this needs solved, the sooner the better. This easy to read cozy has plenty of twists and turns with a surprise ending. This series has great characters along with a great setting. It also has a story line with Shauna, Cat's friend and business partner. It will have you wanting to go on a retreat just to see the restored Victorian house and have Shauna's baked goods. I was given an ARC by Kensington Books though NetGalley for an honest review.
PianoLady831 20 days ago
Every now and then I come across a gem in the cozy mystery genre, and that’s how I would describe Field Guide to Homicide by Lynn Cahoon. It’s rich in setting, character depth, and storyline. Although new to the series, I still found this sixth mystery easy to pick up and follow, but I recommend starting from the beginning and enjoying the character development – as I plan to do. Cat Latimer and her business partner, Shauna, run a Colorado B&B with support from Cat’s boyfriend, Seth. I found the world of writing fascinating – from all the helpful tips, to the retreat for writers that they are hosting as the story begins. This is something readers and writers alike will greatly enjoy. Of course, murder quickly rears its ugly head during the first hiking event of the retreat, and things get even more interesting from there. What I liked most is the complexity of this story – not only from the mystery itself, but from secondary themes. Shauna finds her passion in cooking, but also has a difficult and disappointing relationship with her brother. Cat’s uncle is in law enforcement, as is his girlfriend from Alaska, and both are involved in different ways in the murder investigation. Cat and Seth, former high school sweethearts, seem to be finding happiness now, but Seth erects invisible walls when it comes to his Army years. What makes this murder so interesting is that the victim was a man that Seth served with, but who was supposedly killed in combat ten years earlier. Very little is known at first and I loved how everything gradually unfolds, beginning with the victim’s journal. I loved everything about this story and found it hard to put down. Storyline and writing are impressive, and the characters kept me wanting to come back for more. It’s also a clean read – no profanity or graphic scenes. Highly recommended. I received a copy of this book through Great Escapes Tours. The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.
bluegreen91 21 days ago
I really love this series... the setting, the characters, the plots, and the writers' retreat! In Field Guide to Homicide, Cat, Shauna, and Seth have a new element to the writers' retreat: a hike. What could go wrong with getting into nature, getting some exercise, and taking in the breathtaking views? When Cat spots a dead body and Seth knows the unfortunate soul, Cat decides she needs to investigate the mysterious death and help Seth come to terms with the fate of his one-time friend. This is a well-written mystery and I didn't figure it out until it was revealed. We learn more about Seth's military past, and it was fun to follow the writers visiting for the retreat: two sets of writer couples and the college student. I recommend this book and series to any reader who enjoys a good mystery, or a writer who would enjoy reading about a writers' retreat. As usual, I look forward to the next book in the series! I received an advance copy of this book. This review contains my honest thoughts and opinions.
CozyOnUp 21 days ago
Cat Latimer is hosting her latest group of writers at her retreat. Two couples and one college student make for a change in the way the retreat flows, making more time for Cat and Seth to spend together during retreat week. Given the military reunion from Seth’s Army days, this gives cat a chance to meet the men he served with. But when one of the men who died in Germany while they were serving years ago is found recently murdered locally things seem off. Cat believes the visiting men are connected and Seth does not agree. Will Cat and Uncle Pete solve the murder or will Cat and Seth be off for good? This series gets stronger with each entry. Lynn Cahoon consistently delivers with well developed characters, solid writing, and a solid mystery. Looking forward to seeing what the future holds for Cat and Seth as well as Uncle Pete and Shirley.
PatriciaFairweatherRomero 21 days ago
Cat Latimer Mystery #6 Cat is hosting a different type of writer’s retreat this time. Couples. 2 couples, 1 odd college student and Uncle Pete’s girlfriend, Shirley. It seems like everyone and his brother are jumping on the writing bandwagon! Seth is overwhelmed with planning an outing for the group, doing airport runs and prepping for his military unit’s reunion. Hiking local Colorado mountains and venturing into mining claims turns into finding a dead body and not just anybody, but a friend of Seth’s from the military. The one who died in the war. Chance had been living off the grid for all these years and no one knew. Or did they? And why did he fake his death? Everyone is acting odd at this retreat. Including Seth and Shauna. And of course, our Cat is going to stick her pert little nose into this mystery and find out what her man is hiding and who killed his friend. This is my favorite book so far. The characters are well-formed and are continually growing and evolving. There are really tough topics tucked in these mysteries and I always learn something new while being thoroughly entertained. With Ms. Cahoon that is a given. NetGalley/January 28th, 2020 by Kensington Publishing Corporation
TarynLee 21 days ago
Cat is getting ready for her next group of writers, even her boyfriend Seth is excited for the upcoming week. Seth has mapped out a hike he plans to take the group on hoping to introduce them to some Colorado plants and wildlife. Its something new they are trying, sending if it is a good fit for the writers groups. When the big day comes all is going well until Cat spots the body of a man in the distance. The outing went from a happy enjoyable day to one struck by murder. They soon learn the identity of the dead man, a name that shocks Seth to his core. The body turns out to be an old army buddy of Seth's, the only problem Seth thought the man died years ago when they were in the military together. How can this be is the only question that keeps going through Seth's mind. Cat can see the turmoil this murder is having on Seth and decides she must do her best to figure out who killed the man. With a writer's retreat going on, Seth being busy with visiting buddies, and a murder to look into Cat's plate is full. Will she get side tracked by all the goings on or will she find out who the killer is before something g else bad happens. I've read all the different series by this author and this one is my favorite. I love the characters, the location, and the mysteries are always fun to dig into!!!
ganderson523 21 days ago
It is writers' retreat at Cat Latimer's home in Aspen Hills, Colorado again. This week is a unique week in that the participants although all signed up individually but are two married couples giving the retreat a different atmosphere. The college student participating from Covington College is a young man. Cat and her business partner, Shauna, are ready for the group with activities planned and good food in the works. Since it is late October, Seth, Cat's boyfriend and the retreat's handyman, has a hike planned for the group. It is perfect weather for a hike with the cool weather around the corner and the attendants are enjoying it with lots of photo shoots until a body is seen in the distance. The body turns out to be that of Seth's Army buddy, supposedly dead from an incident while they were in Germany. How can he have been alive for ten years and Seth not know? Now, Cat and Seth, along with Police Chief Pete, Cat's uncle, have a mystery to solve. Uncle Pete's girlfriend Shirley is visiting from Alaska and Pete is busy with a murder. Shirley joins with the gang to help solve the case, which turns out to be a long complicated situation that puts Cat and Seth in danger and is not solved until the end. This is a great addition to the series. There is another fun event that I don't want to go into detail about. You just have to read and see. I received a complimentary ARC from Kensington Books through NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are mine only.
BobbieLCLA 21 days ago
I received a free copy of A FIELD GUIDE TO HOMICIDE (Cat Latimer Mystery Series Book 6) by Lynn Cahoon in exchange for an honest review. Cat Latimer’s hosting another writer’s retreat. This time, Seth, Cat’s boyfriend, is taking an even bigger role in the nonwriting activities; Seth takes the group on a hike through the local countryside. When the writing group stops for a break at a planned scenic rest area, Cat spots something unusual in the vista - a body part protruding from beneath the shrubbery. More mystery than this murder surrounds the deceased; the man was a local soldier who served with Seth in Germany, where the man died a decade ago. Is it possible that Seth’s friend faked his first death and has been hiding in the hills for ten years without letting anyone know he was still alive? Moreover, is the man’s second death related to his first? I liked this book and enjoy the series. Lynn Cahoon is one of my favorite cozy mystery writers. I recommend this book to fans of Lynn Cahoon, to fans of the series, and to fans of cozy mysteries featuring college towns, outdoor adventures, military intrigue, bed & breakfast settings, and writers. #AFieldGuidetoHomicide #NetGalley
ArizonaJo 21 days ago
A Field Guide to Homicide by Lynn Cahoon was an excellent addition to the Cat Latimer series. I was wrapped up in the mystery from the first chapter. I love visiting with Cat, Seth, Shauna and Uncle Pete as they are so well developed that I feel like I'm among friends each time I open a book in this series. Ms. Cahoon's story is different from the previous books as this retreat practically runs itself as the writers are two married couples and one student and the murder victim is not part of the retreat. Seth has a bigger part in this one than in previous books as he knew the victim at one time. A quickly paced plot with several deft twists, limited suspects, Shauna comes to Seth's rescue and a sweet romantic ending makes this one book that I couldn't put down. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book from Kensington Books via NetGalley. All of the above opinions are my own.
jjthor 21 days ago
A really great story! This is the 6th book in this series and is a bit different in how it is told compared to the others but it made it very enjoyable to change things up. While taking the retreat group hiking they find a body. Cat, Seth and Shauna must solve the murder of the old army buddie of Seth's. The story is told with Seth doing the main detecting in this one while Cat and Shauna try to solve it on their end. Very enjoyable and fast read.
KrisAnderson_TAR 21 days ago
A Field Guide to Homicide by Lynn Cahoon is the 6th A Cat Latimer Mystery. Cat Latimer and the group from her current writer’s retreat are on a hike led by Seth, Cat’s boyfriend. The reach a resting place when Cat notices a foot sticking out of a huckleberry bush across the way. The body belongs to a recluse who lived in the mountains near his gold claim. The victim is identified as Chance McAllister which Seth says is impossible. Seth served with Chance who supposedly died in Germany over ten years ago. Cat’s curiosity is aroused. It is lucky that Seth’s unit is having a reunion this week so Cat can do a little snooping around. I thought A Field Guide to Homicide contained good writing and the story moved along quickly which made this cozy mystery easy to read. This book can be read as a standalone for those new to the series. All the necessary background information is included. The characters are developed and realistic. The mystery was unusual for a cozy in that the reader finds out information along with Cat. We follow her along as she searches for clues and asks questions. I thought the mystery could have used a little oomph. I liked how the whodunit all tied together in the end. I did feel that there was a question or two left unanswered at the end. There were a couple side stories happening at the same time. Shauna has returned from visiting her brother, Jake and it was not the visit she had hoped it would be. Shauna must figure out how she will handle Jake’s persistent pestering for money. Seth is very closemouthed about his time in the army. He will not answer Cat’s questions and his mood has taken a downswing. Uncle Pete’s girlfriend, Shirley Mann is visiting from Alaska. Their relationship is progressing nicely and there might be wedding bells in their future. The current student from Coventry, Brodie wants to take his writing in a new direction. He could use a little guidance. It was interesting to learn more about the publishing industry. Cat shares her knowledge with her writer’s retreat group to help them decide whether to self-publish or go the traditional route. I find Cat and Seth’s relationship to be realistic. They have their ups and downs as do any couple. A Field Guide to Homicide has charming cozy moments with writing, chatting, cooking, and eating Shauna’s tasty food along with a special ending. A Field Guide to Homicide has a calamitous climb, a solitary stiff, a selfish sibling, a wistful writer, scrumptious cuisine, and a perplexing puzzle.