A Gentle Boldness: Sharing the Peace of Jesus in a Multi-Faith World

A Gentle Boldness: Sharing the Peace of Jesus in a Multi-Faith World

by David Shenk


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A global citizen. A commitment to sharing the peace of Jesus. A witness to the difference that Jesus makes.

The story David Shenk either begins in Shirati Village in Tanganyika, East Africa, or we might decide it begins among the orchards of Lancaster County, Pa., where farmers with their horses line up a mile for water as they rearrange their loads for their trek home on market day. In either reading, this is a story of mission—a story of people chattering along a roadside spring on the way to and from market.
At age six, Shenk asked his parents, “What difference does Jesus make?” The answer to that question is the reason he became a Christian. Day by day, as he travels in the way of Jesus—living, serving, and ministering around the world—Shenk continues to unpack what difference Jesus makes. 

This is the story not just of Shenk and his remarkable work in Christian missions. It’s the stories that David has heard within societies, cultures, and religions when he asks the question: What difference does Jesus make?

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ISBN-13: 9781513801353
Publisher: APG Sales & Distribution
Publication date: 09/21/2021
Pages: 240
Sales rank: 758,989
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About the Author

David W. Shenk is the founder emeritus member of the Christian-Muslim Relations Team for Eastern Mennonite Missions. His particular focus is on bearing witness to the peace of Christ in a world of religious and ideological pluralism. He is a professor and author or coauthor of twenty books, including A Muslim and a Christian in Dialogue, Journeys of the Muslim Nation and the Christian Church,Teatime in Mogadishu and Christian. Muslim. Friend.

Table of Contents

Foreword 11

Preface 15

Introduction: Saying Yes 19

Part I Tanzania: The Seeds of Faith (1933-1952)

1 The God Who Went Away 27

2 Bumangi, Our Home 43

3 Fire on Katuru Hill 57

4 Science as a Gift from God 71

Part II United States: The Narrow Path (1952-1963)

5 Cultures in Conflict 87

6 Joy at the Millstream 97

7 A U-Haul to New York City 109

Part III Somalia: The Open Door (1963-1973)

8 Praying People 125

9 The Cup of Sorrow 149

10 Muslims and Communists at the Junction 155

Part IV Kenya: Unexpected Possibilities (1973-1979)

11 Welcome to Kenya 165

12 Peacemaking among the Maasai 183

Part V The World: God's Grace All the Way (1980-2005)

13 Committed to the Center 193

14 Off to LCC International University 207

15 Let God Surprise You 219

Part VI Christians and Muslims Engaging for Peace in Their Respective Ways (2005-2020)

16 Dynamic Engagement with the House of Islam 229

17 Six Persons of Peace 247

18 The Quest for Paradise 255

19 What a Journey 261

Epilogue 269

Acknowledgments 277

My Life Commitment 281

Appendix I The Revival in East Africa 283

Appendix II Anthropology, Writings, and Agency Partners 287

Appendix III Organizations and Ongoing Ministry 293

Appendix IV Books on Peacemaking 299

The Author 301

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