A Guide for Lightworkers by Archangel Michael

A Guide for Lightworkers by Archangel Michael

by Saratoga Ocean
A Guide for Lightworkers by Archangel Michael

A Guide for Lightworkers by Archangel Michael

by Saratoga Ocean


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A Guide for Lightworkers by Archangel Michael presents a powerful paradigm shift related to the conditions of life on this Earth. For those who wish in their heart of hearts that all could exist as a manifestation of love, Archangel Michael provides enormous clarification and support for this desire and demonstrates its validity in our lives. He shows us how the origins of fear, pain, and suffering create conditions that can discourage and eclipse this natural longing for peace. By empowering us to transform our perception into that which supports the results that we seek, this incredible angel shows us a new way to view the purpose of our lives. His answers revolutionize the way we see ourselves in the universe and confirm the truth of who we really are as creators.

Archangel Michael's message will bring you clarity that perhaps you never imagined possible. It will guide you to a transcendent path of awareness whereby you will be able to see, like a bird from above, the answers to many things that have perplexed humankind for eons.

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ISBN-13: 9781452598154
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 03/25/2016
Pages: 222
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.51(d)

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A Guide for Lightworkers

By Saratoga Ocean

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2016 Saratoga Ocean
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4525-9815-4



We are here to offer you a contextual choice as to how you view the evolution of planet Earth. Context is vitally important since it produces its own array of possible results. So the question to ask is, what results are you looking for as a lightworker? We must ask ourselves this question so that we know which direction we wish to take. The direction that we take must always start with a consciously chosen context.

What in our being is responsible for this choice? Well, there are two main options. We can either go with our heads or go with our hearts. To keep it simple, the head refers to the conscious mind, which frequently acts as the voice of the ego, judgment, and past experiences. The heart exists as our connection to Omnipresent Love.

The ego only knows about things that have happened so far, and from this, it derives what it believes to be the current range of opportunities and possible outcomes. The heart exists as our connection to God, Love, and the One who has created all that is. From which source do you believe we are most likely to have access to the greatest possible outcome for all?

To be clear about this subject is of quintessential importance since it is the place from which our prayers and intentions for Earth and all living beings, including ourselves, emerge. So let us take a moment to examine our possibilities from either place.

Let us start with the ego or the head, which is the thinking, conscious mind. The first thing to know about the ego is that it likes to begin with a belief that it knows everything that there is to know in any given moment. It generally rationalizes this position by using past events to shore up its current belief systems. It will happily use the entire known history of planet Earth to justify any position it may take. For example, if the entire known history of Earth includes a never-ending succession of violent events, disease, pain, and suffering, the ego will immediately tell you that that is what you have to work with in terms of context. In other words, the ego will say that such things have always been around, and therefore the idea would be to do the best you can to work around such happenings and find some way to have a happy life. Definitely, this would be an improvement on the situation, and therein lies the rub with relying only upon the ego and the conscious mind. With the ego, you will only receive ideas to improve upon what already exists.

The heart, on the other hand, is already connected to all of creation, whether we are consciously aware of that or not. The heart is who we are in an infinite state, and therefore all knowingness is available from that place. Yet because we as a species are in the habit of relying upon our conscious, thinking minds to evaluate the validity of the heart's messages and intent, we exist and function in sort of a backward state where the factor of inferior knowledge (the mind) controls our awareness of the factor that is connected to infinite knowledge (the heart).

This is vitally important to recognize because it can explain why our world continues to go in circles, where history repeats itself again and again with no appreciable change in our evolutionary status as a world, a species, or a planet. In fact, at the current time, things appear to be getting much worse. This statement should not be construed as negative thinking. It is merely an observation.

So in order to address the matter of context, we must first reckon with our basic alignment of consciousness in terms of what is controlling what. As long as we continue to allow the ego and its voice of the thinking mind to be the deciding force as to how we perceive our condition on planet Earth, we may find some improvement, but the battle will never end.

The ego loves a good battle — especially the battle of good versus evil. That exists as the holy grail for the ego. It can remain energized and alive for untold eons in fighting that battle, and so far it has. The New Age, metaphysical world is filled with good ideas for how to win that battle, as are all religions that have ever been created on this planetary sphere. Religions have tried killing off all of the offenders, and that hasn't worked very well, has it? Especially since new ones are being born every day.

The New Age has sought to elevate that concept by bringing in love and light to all parties involved so as to eventually override those forces of darkness that would happily continue with all of this bad behavior. But either way you look at it, it is still a battle of which side wins out. Given this perspective of duality, the battle will never end. So the context that is commonly held, and rarely questioned, is that there are two sides, and each side hopes to win out over the other. In this scenario, the darkness wants to win as much as the light does.

We collectively come up with all sorts of metaphors to make ourselves feel better, such as "light always dispels the darkness." This may be true in the physical world, but it doesn't work at all in the real world of Omnipresent Love. And why not? Because in that real world, there is no such thing as darkness. There is no battle, and there never was. The battle is simply an illusion. So if our perception rests inside of this illusion, then our solutions will be equally illusionary, no matter how good our intentions. Thus, you have thousands of years of failed attempts to make any appreciable, collective difference.

Now there are many who will argue that this could not possibly be true since there have been all sorts of social, spiritual, and technological improvements around the world. But stand back for a moment and look at the whole. Has violence diminished in any way? Has war abated? How about starvation and poverty? And most importantly, do pain, suffering, and death still exist? And what indeed is the condition of Earth's ecosystems and her natural beauty? Have we ever seen the likes of so much human-made destruction on this planet in its entire history? Of course not.

The ego's context for planetary evolution looks like this: whatever forces and conditions currently exist must have been created by God. The Ultimate Creator must have made this happen, or it wouldn't be here, right? This could be a logical conclusion if your perspective is limited to the thinking mind, the past, and everything that is already known so far on Earth. So we blindly accept the ego's supposition, no questions asked. From here, we collectively form our context from which we pray, hold our intentions, and determine our actions. The only problem is it isn't working!

The heart knows something very different. It knows that death, pain, and suffering should not exist. That is without question as far as the heart is concerned. So what is the context from which this knowing emerges? Well, it is difficult to discuss context as we understand it in a Universe of Infinite Love. Let us start in a very simple way. God is love. Period. There are no compromises or exceptions to this fact.

However, the ego makes a huge exception right off the bat, doesn't it? It wants you to believe that God is love except for the experience of pain, suffering, death, and grief. Yet before you have a moment to say, "Wait a second, that doesn't make any sense!" the ego already has an answer for you. It immediately proceeds to justify its statement with its own peculiar brand of rationale.

"You see," says the ego, "God made all of this suffering, pain, etc., so that we could learn something from it." And before you have a moment to ask, "Learn what, pray tell?" the ego already has its response at the ready. "We must learn to appreciate love by not experiencing it." Really?

Now if you stood back and really examined this statement with the utmost clarity, you might conclude that the ego is out of its proverbial mind. How does one appreciate that which is not experienced? But hold on a minute! The ego has an answer for that one too. "By not experiencing it, you will want it more and will therefore learn how much it means to you." Sort of like when one's beautiful child dies unexpectedly at a very young age. According to this logic, God did you a favor by taking your child away so that you would know how to really appreciate that wonderful human being. In other words, lack produces greater appreciation for that which is lacking. But if the thing that you are supposed to appreciate is now gone, how does that lead to a greater appreciation for it? In reality, it leads to grief, pain, despair, and remorse — not to mention guilt. These are not happy feelings. Yet those who believe the ego's ramblings will try to fit this square peg in a round hole by telling themselves that it is necessary to come to terms with this and find peace anyway. They will often say things like, "The child is better off in heaven anyway." Well, if the child is better off wherever he or she went, then what does that say about life on this planet?

If we were to spiral deeper and deeper into this logic, we would find that it leads to deeper and deeper confusion. The confusion would eventually become impossible to process on a conscious level, and we would therefore repress the experience and attempt to move on to other things.

Why is the ego's logic so confusing? Why can't this just be simple? The answer lies in the ego's fundamental context, which does not question the existence of pain, death, and suffering in the first place. And why do you suppose it would not be an obvious first step to question the existence of such things? Because the ego needs conflict in order to survive.

The heart, on the other hand, has no ambiguity whatsoever. Pain, suffering, and death are just plain wrong. They don't belong. Period.

It is important to understand that this is not a moral issue for the heart. The heart does not know anything about morals. Where are morals needed in a context of Infinite Love? Once again, morals are only valid where love appears not to exist in certain places. The subject of morals refers to where one chooses to position themselves in the context of the battle.

The heart is already connected to what we shall refer to as the Real World. The Real World is that of Infinite Love, and nothing else. Do you think that there is no creation in that world? There is more creation than you could ever imagine!

Let us examine another popular, New Age contextual theory about what is going on upon this planet and in the Universe at large. Many people believe that this entire setup of duality is due to the fact that God wanted to split itself off, in order to have other experiences and to therefore know itself better. Dearest friends, God cannot be split like some sort of pie. Think of yourself as a holistic being for a moment. Would it ever occur to you to cut off your hand, leave it somewhere, and walk away so that your hand could know what it was like to be separated from you, and perhaps find its way back to you? And that somehow through this act, you would come to know more about yourself? Would you concede that such an idea, when applied to yourself, sounds a bit insane? And let's not forget that this perception would also include the idea that your hand would learn a valuable lesson in appreciation of how much better it is to be attached to your body!

None of what is being described here has anything to do with creation. Yet in the world that we live in on planet Earth, all creation appears to be generated by division. Even our physical cells are created by dividing. A country is created by dividing itself from all other countries and masses of land. Our identities are created to the extent that we recognize ourselves as separate from others. This can manifest as a group identity or that of an individual. Words are assigned to things in order to differentiate them from other things. Everything is separate. It's no wonder that we turn to equally separated theories to explain God and the Universe to ourselves. To us, it can make perfect sense that God is into separation and division because that is all that we know.

The ultimate separation manifests as the battle between good and evil. The ultimate separation exists in an experience of not knowing God.

But what if we are collectively wrong about all of this? What if that is the real reason that nothing appears to change at the macro level of our collective experience? What if our context is completely erroneous? The challenge that we propose here is simple. We challenge you, if you are so interested, to challenge the suppositions of the ego, when it comes to planetary evolution on our beloved Earth. We wholeheartedly suggest that you try something else instead. We suggest that for once you listen to the experiential counsel of the heart.

The heart is clear and unambiguous. It pulls no punches in terms of its directly stated position. Some might say that it is difficult to even know what the heart is, much less attune to its messages. It's not that the heart is not clear. It's that we try to filter its messages through the state of duality inherent in the ego. Why would we collectively do this? Because the ego makes a lot more noise. The ego speaks to us in our heads all day long. It judges and evaluates literally every single thing that we come across in our daily experiences. It unceasingly evaluates the past, present, and future. If we are lucky enough to keep it quiet at night, we might get some sleep. But for the most part, the ego is talking to us all the time.

Have you ever noticed the look of clarity and oneness in the eyes of a newborn or very young baby? At what point does this amazing look begin to fade? Quite simply, it begins to fade at the point when the child begins to learn words. Words exist as the language of the ego. We are not suggesting that everyone stop speaking. We are simply demonstrating the place from which the ego derives its voice. Words are never the things that they describe. They exist as labels used to identify one thing as separate from another. In a divided reality such as this one, it would make no sense to eliminate words. It is the perfect language for the ego and for all things separated.

So the ego makes a lot of noise and speaks to us in very authoritative ways. This endless chatter buries the ever-present state of oneness that resides in and emanates from our hearts. The heart has answers. The ego has questions. The duality of the ego causes us to doubt that the heart knows anything, and for some, that doubt extends to questioning the very existence of the heart itself. The ego speaks of its dual state of reality every time it says things like "But" or "Yeah, but what about this?" Its ultimate "yeah, but" moments always include the existence of something horrible or negative.

Let us examine what it might look like if we listen only to our hearts for answers and a new context. The first thing you should know is that the heart is not a predictor of the future. Nor is it a guru, here to tell you what to do. It is not a judge. It does not analyze or evaluate. Those are all mathematical functions of the conscious mind. The heart, quite simply, broadcasts what is true and real every single second. Not what is true and real in a dual state of conflicted reality. The heart will only tell you what is true and real in Infinite Love. To the heart, there is no either/or. There is only the Oneness of Love.

Because we filter everything through the divided ego, and tend to consider it our major authority, we can actually come to believe that the heart has no message at all! To the ego, a state of Oneness in the Universe makes no sense. Everything must be interpreted through a divided state. Every question must have an answer of either/or. The ego looks at the heart and says there's nothing there.

Why don't we take a moment to listen only to the ever-present message emanating from our hearts? Why don't we see what that message feels like without filtering it through the divided ego? Ask the ego, or your conscious thinking mind, to take a break for a moment. Tell it to move aside because you need to pay attention to your heart. You do have the authority to do this. After all, who is in command here?

Now look to see what the heart's position is on death. Does the heart recognize it as a necessary and valid experience? Or does the heart broadcast a world where death does not exist?


Excerpted from A Guide for Lightworkers by Saratoga Ocean. Copyright © 2016 Saratoga Ocean. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


Preface, ix,
Acknowledgments, xiii,
Part 1: (Saratoga),
Introduction: A Context for Planetary Evolution, 3,
Chapter 1: Choices, 9,
Chapter 2: From Where Does the Heart Derive Its Knowledge?, 19,
Chapter 3: What about Fear?, 29,
Chapter 4: Imagination, 37,
Chapter 5: Inspiration, 47,
Chapter 6: Heaven, 55,
Chapter 7: Prosperity, 65,
Chapter 8: Who You Are in the Universe, 77,
Chapter 9: Into the Light, 87,
Part 2: (Archangel Michael),
Chapter 10: The Nature of the Universe, 99,
Chapter 11: Prayer, 107,
Chapter 12: Adam and Eve, 113,
Chapter 13: Transhumanism, 121,
Chapter 14: The Angelic Kingdom, 131,
Chapter 15: The Ego, 139,
Chapter 16: The Purpose of Life, 147,
Chapter 17: The Body, 157,
Chapter 18: The Heart, 169,
Chapter 19: The Source of Fear, 177,
Chapter 20: Conclusion, 189,
Chapter 21: Light, 197,
Epilogue, 203,
About the Author, 205,

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