History of Cynicism: From Diogenes to the Sixth Century A.D.

History of Cynicism: From Diogenes to the Sixth Century A.D.

by Donald R. Dudley



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Publication date: 03/31/2011
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About the Author

Donald R. Dudley was Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge, and Henry Fellow at Yale University.

Table of Contents

Foreword Preface Introduction Chapter I Antistenes. No direct connection with Cynics. His ethics.
II Diogenes and his associates
(a) Diogenes — In Literary Translation —Life — Thought
(b) Onesicratus
(c) Monimus
(d) Crates — Life — Writings — Crates and Hipparchia III Cynicism in the Third Century B.C.
(a) Bion
(b) Menippus
(c) Cercidas
(d) Teles
(e) Cynic Educational Theory, etc.
IV Cynicism and the Philosophical Schools in the Third Century
(a) The Megarians
(b) Zeno
(c) Ariston
(d) Hedonists
(e) Epicureans
(f) Timon V Cynic Influence on Hellenistic Literature VI Cynicism in the Second and First Centuries B.C.
VII Demetrius. The 'Philosophic Opposition' in the First Century A.D.
VIII Cynicism in the Second Century A.D.
(a) General Character
(b) Dio Chrysostom
(c) Demonax
(d) Oenomaus
(e) Peregrinus
(f) Minor Figures IX Cynicism and the Philosophic Schools in the First and Second Centuries A.D.
(a) Philo
(b) Cynics and Stocis of the Roman Empire
(c) Favorinus
(d) Maximus X Cynicism from the Third to the Sixth Centuries A.D.
(a) Julian and the Cynics
(b) Maximus
(c) Asterius
(d) Sallustius Epilogue Appendices Index

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