A Labyrinth of Enigma!: Peering through the villain's seethe.

A Labyrinth of Enigma!: Peering through the villain's seethe.

by Mr Newton Gatambia Kibiringi


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This is only my second poetry book but certainly one that I have spent more time to put together. Death is a mystery that has baffled me right from when it happened in my family in my childhood days. It is one I have continually longed to try and comprehend since then. The reason for attempting to write poetry on this subject is mainly as a result of yearning to know more and to express what makes sense to my experience of, knowledge about and believe on the subject of death. There are times all I knew when beginning to write was that I wanted to write and it so fulfilling how more and more lines came about as I wrote on. The earliest poem; to A Man of Faith Death is ... is among my first ever poems and it is one that triggered my desire to write about this topic.
A Labyrinth of Enigma is comprised of twenty seven unique poems each with a specific theme. Some are invitations to appreciate the pre-dead moments, others are unique ways of sharing incidences of when death happens and there are those which represent the landmarks of my journeying in the mystery. The aim of this book is to challenge the reader to not just stop at the fear of death but to be ready and willing to join me in trying to understand or see beyond death.

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ISBN-13: 9781511457514
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 06/01/2015
Pages: 62
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About the Author

Newton is son to Ben and Margaret Kibiringi and has five other siblings living Kiambu, Kenya. He grew up in a large extended family where he developed a liking for literature especially oral literature which he mainly got to listen to from his grandma and grandpa. His hobbies are diverse; from his love for nature, children, family, music to his love for leadership, sports, poetry reading and writing and his devout faith in Christ. He loves to wander in his imagination; widely & narrowly, deeply and shallowly so as to appreciate the wide mysterious beauty in the natural and the supernatural world. He is currently a youth minister in Werrington, Peterborough, UK.
He didn't do much writing until moving to the UK in 2011. Today he has found the joy of writing from simple perspectives and to complex ones and his poetry work is vast and creative. It often provokes the reader's thoughts and feelings with a wonderful trigger to want more. He loves it when his poetry offers the reader an inviting path rather than a destination, an open window rather than a house, a calm beckon rather than a cuddle, a curious amazement rather than a nodding agreement so that the reader can desire and seek more. He hopes to attempt publishing and share his work with more readers of all calls of life. Hope you will enjoy reading his work and also offering him constructive criticism.

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