A Manual for Developing Humans

A Manual for Developing Humans

by p.m.h. atwater
A Manual for Developing Humans

A Manual for Developing Humans

by p.m.h. atwater


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A Manual for Developing Humans is the third book P.M.H. Atwater was told to write during her third near-death experience. Based entirely on threes, there are no chapters . . . only the development of conscious, subconscious, and superconscious aspects to each topic—every topic—for the Manual contains the basics on every level of life—from how to use your mind, develop and use intuition, understand color, sex, relationships, children, how to take out-of-body trips, interact with spirit beings, meditate, bend time, and rethink money. Aliveness jumps from every page—of soil, rocks, mountains, vegetation, the air we breathe, our planet, our solar system, our universe—even electricity and energy itself, along with The Void (the ultimate “cradle of creation”). Each of six main parts are separated by thought-form drawings. What she learned from 80 years of living and challenging every aspect of living is interwoven into what “The Voice Like None Other” showed her how to do. A Manual for Developing Humans is filled with surprises.


Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781937907471
Publisher: Rainbow Ridge
Publication date: 04/12/2017
Pages: 352
Sales rank: 663,540
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

p.m.h. atwater, L.H.D., is one of the original researchers in the field of near-death studies, having begun her work in 1978. Her research base now covers nearly 4,000 adult and child experiencers. Some of her findings have been verified in clinical studies, among them the prospective study conducted in Holland and published in Lancet medical journal, 12-15-01. Her The Big Book of Near-Death Experiences, was featured in an online version of Newsweek Magazine, and remains the only encyclopedia of the entire phenomenon worldwide. She has received many lifetime achievement awards and travels the world speaking on all aspects of the near-death experience, transformations of consciousness, and the evolution of the human species. Near-Death Experiences: The Rest of The Story is the summation of 33 years of research, highly controversial because of its frankness and revelatory nature. Her book Future Memory expands the subject of changing consciousness into new areas, and reads like walking through a labyrinth. Keenly interested in children and evolution, her in-depth work with child experiencers is detailed in The New Children and Near-Death Experiences; updated to include the surprising characteristics of normal children born since 1982 in Children of the Fifth World. A real departure for her is Dying to Know You: Proof of God in the Near-Death Experience. This is not a research book, nor a personal story, nor an opinion piece. Rather, this is the first book yet written that sums up the voice of the many: the collective, speaking in their own voice, about the collective experience. Bold, blunt, daring–Dying to Know You speaks directly about Mission, God, Soul, Life, Death, Heaven, Hell, the Big Picture, Revelations, Truth. And us tells about eternity, our real home.

Table of Contents

Redefining Human xv

What This Manual Is xvii

Dedication xxi

Part I Our Triune Brain/Mind 1

1 Intellect-Conscious Aspect 10

Discover the major way you take in data 11

Engaging the Hemispheres of Your Brain 12

Intelligence Equals Expanded Conscious Awareness 14

2 Intuition-Subconscious Mind 18

Let's Explore Our Memory 20

Observation/Memory Experiments 21

Mindplay 22

Visualizations 23

Mind Manipulation 24

Dreams 25

Dream Journaling 25

Intuitive/Psychic 27

Projecting Questions 28

The Art of Dowsing 29

3 Knowing-Superconscious Aspect 32

Sessions with a Paper Bag 33

Our Perceptual Tool Kit 34

The Dot Test 36

Electric/Magnetic 37

Synchronicity 38

The Manufacturing Plant and The Shipping Clerk Glitches 40

Part II Our Triune Bodies 49

A New Way to Look at Old Stuff 53

Body Talk 55

4 Physical Body-Visible/Overt 58

Movement is Life 60

Psychic/Intuitive Dancing 61

Exercise Your Face 63

Facelifts Without Surgery 65

Food and Eating 66

Sugar 69

Changing Weight 69

Challenges and Changes That Occur and How to Handle Them 70

A Surprise About Eyes 72

5 Energy Body-Invisible/Subtle 74

Connect with Your Energy Field 75

Seeing Auric Fields-Hearing Sounds 76

Secrets about Sound 78

Mote on Faculty Extensions 79

Basic Locations of Chakra/Gland Centers 81

Symbolic Correspondences of Chakra/Gland Centers 81

Emotions Determine Results 83

Natural Anger 84

Natural Fear 85

A Litany of Fear 85

Flip the Switch 86

6 Spirit Body-In-Between/Soul 88

Tricks of Perception 89

The Soul Has Its Own Will 90

Holy Spirit 92

Kundalini 93

Night Symbols 94

Day Symbols 95

Day Symbol Exercises 97

Create a "Stage" for Day Symbols 100

Forget Going to a Psychic 100

The Mirroring Process 101

Part III Our Triune Environments 103

7 Physical World-Animate 113

The Environment We Create Recreates Us 115

Deeper Mirrors 118

The "YOU" You Symbolize 118

Physical First-Aid 119

8 Energy World-Hyper-Animate 123

Plant Rumbles 124

More Surprises About Plants 126

Interspecies Communication 127

Climate's Tricks 128

Psychic First-Aid 130

Handy Tips 132

Communicating with Nature 133

Living Water 133

9 Spirit World-Super Animate 135

The Pickle Syrup Story 136

A Hidden Order 138

Imagination Versus Imaginal 139

Those Worlds Within Worlds 140

Spirit First-Aid 142

The Time Fan 145

Part IV Our Triune Relationships 149

10 Self-Initial Focus 157

Ego 158

Some Basic Basics 159

Finding/Entering Your Center 161

Inner Dialogue 163

Turn Your Inner Dialogue Around 164

Changing a Habit 164

Who Are You? 166

Sex and Sex and More Sex 170

Who Are You, Really? 175

11 Others-Broader Focus 177

Dating and Marriage 179

Soul Mates, Companion Souls, and Twin Souls 180

Abortions and Births 181

Children and Parenting 183

What Makes Parenting So Tough 185

The Quicksand of Technology 186

12 Groups-Multiple Focus 192

Our Shadow Side 194

Our Precious Thorn-Pain 196

Betrayal 198

Racism and Planting Justice 199

Webs 201

The Magic of Community 202

The Third Way 205

Holons 205

Part V Our Triune Exercises 207

Territory 209

Timing 210

13 Education-Invention/Science 224

First Steps 226

Education 228

Science 230

Abstractions/Valid Science 231

The Miracle of Lithium 235

True Science 237

14 Economics-Investment/Service 238

Third/Fourth Industrial Revolutions 240

What's Getting in The Way 241

Rethinking Money 242

A Values-Driven Economy 243

The New Kid's Business Model 244

New Leaders 245

New Anger 246

New Traps 247

New Truths 248

A Few Hints 249

15 Government-Law/Justice 251

Our Country 252

Other Countries 253

Terrorism 255

Rhythms of Politics and War Events 256

Law and Justice 257

It's Time for Women 259

What No One is Acknowledging 260

Part VI Our Triune Guidance 263

Immigrants from Other Worlds 267

Plasma Tricks 268

What Children Tell Us 269

The Cygnus Mystery 271

16 History-Religion/Interpretive 273

Religious Movements Over Time 274

More Amazing Religious Histories 277

The Prophecies of St. Malachy 279

The Issue of Messiahs 281

Reclaiming the Subversive Way of Jesus 283

17 Vision-Spirituality/Experiential 285

The 12 Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening 286

Realities of Breakthrough 287

That Crazy Left Hand of God 289

Chaos and Discipleship 291

Rules of Discipleship 292

Living Resurrection 293

We Need a New Story 294

18 Universal Law-Mysticism/Collective Whole 297

Fate and Free Will 297

Good and Evil 298

Heaven and Hell 301

Death Flash/Light Flash 303

Enlightenment 304

Convergence 305

Folds and Spirals 307

Universal Laws 309

The One Great Paradox 312

Part VII Gods in the Making 315

A New Christos 318

The Template 318

Template Results 321

Givers of Gifts 323



We have things backward.

We think being a human is having a body with a name and the potential to grow up in a world filled with lots of people, who compete or cooperate to ensure continuing opportunity for health, advancement, relationships, and the fulfillment of our desires.


We wear these physical bodies and lead animated lives thanks to them because we are here to either test ourselves or be tested. This happens the way it does so we can integrate throughout every level of our being what was already known "at the beginning." Thanks to this process, the little self (our personality) has a way to unify with the greater self (our soul). What results can make us stronger, more confident and intelligent, more compassionate ... whole.

We are not here to be spiritual. Does that surprise you? Nor are we here to be bully prophets or wealthy tyrants, or, to save the world. Such are examples of backward thinking that gets us nowhere.

As humans, we exist in partnership between the seen and the unseen. Our breath is the potential we volley between the Great Breath and the Great Breathing, connecting life with Life. We enter this world on an in-breath, we leave on an out-breath. Back and forth, motion and rest. Our job during our many journeys: remember who we are and act accordingly. Making the world a better place depends on this.

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