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A Mind for Murder: The Real-Life Files of a Psychic Investigator

A Mind for Murder: The Real-Life Files of a Psychic Investigator

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by Noreen Renier

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The only psychic ever to lecture at the FBI Academy, Noreen Renier has assisted law-enforcement officials all over the world, working on more than 400 criminal cases. From the discovery and development of her unique talents to becoming a respected figure in the police community, this is the true account of Noreen Renier's remarkable life and


The only psychic ever to lecture at the FBI Academy, Noreen Renier has assisted law-enforcement officials all over the world, working on more than 400 criminal cases. From the discovery and development of her unique talents to becoming a respected figure in the police community, this is the true account of Noreen Renier's remarkable life and career.

Included here are the stories of:

  • Her prediction of the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan.
  • The client who was a professional mercenary.
  • The police officer suspected of being a rapist and murderer.
  • Her involvement in the Laci Peterson murder (she told the police where to find the body)
  • A Mind for Murder has all the elements of true crime, memoir, and psychic mystery.

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    "Where do you turn when you've got a murder and you haven't got a clue? Enter Noreen Renier, psychic."
    48 Hours

    I have had my throat slit. I have been shot, knifed, stabbed, raped, drowned, and strangled. I have been inside the last moments of many murder victims. I feel their pain, I speak their words, I live their deaths. I see the faces of their murderers, and sometimes I become them. I don't like to get killed more than two or three times a week—it's just too exhausting.

    During my career as a psychic detective I have held the bloody earrings, watches, shirts, and shoes of murder victims. I have received the images and feelings that somehow reside in a piece of skull, a vial of blood, a few hairs, the murder weapon. Just as a dog picks up a scent trail that we humans can't detect, my mind taps into the turbulent energy left behind by a moment of explosive violence and I relive the brutal event.

    Call it a hunch, a gut feeling, intuition. How do I do it? You tell me. You've been using your logical, rational mind for many years. Explain it to me: How do you use your memory? How did you learn math? How does your memory work? You can't explain it, and neither can I. But you can use your mind, and I can use mine.

    I've had quite a ride. Almost twenty-five years ago, on a sunny morning in the midst of an ordinary life as a working single mom, an unconventional career chose me. Since then, I've never looked back. Establishing my credibility in a field that fights for credibility has been daunting, but I have been rewarded in countless ways. In 1981, when I first lectured at the FBI Academy inQuantico, Virginia, my work with the police was considered controversial. Now, I'm a well-known psychic detective who has worked on over 400 unsolved homicides, missing persons and rape cases with city, county and state law enforcement agencies in thirty-eight states and six foreign countries. My work has been featured in the newspapers, on television, and even in a textbook for homicide detectives.

    Like everyone else, I once thought that anyone who had psychic abilities was either a charlatan or a fraud. And just like you, I know that not everyone who calls themselves a psychic really is one. But even though there's no way I can prove to you I'm a psychic, I don't mind being challenged. In 1986, I even took a skeptic to court for calling me a fraud—and won.

    I enjoy my work, but it's certainly not the life I would have consciously chosen. Most of all, I want you to understand that psychic abilities are another part of a normal life. They involve no fear, no evil. This ability—the opening of our own minds— is a gift that we can develop for good and use as a wonderful and amazing tool.

    Over the years I have encountered a great deal of fear and ignorance concerning my ability and psychics in general. However, I have discovered one very important thing: If you believe in yourself and in your own efforts, nothing can stand in your way.


    Let me state early that I do not solve crimes . . . the police do. I am merely an aid or an investigative tool for the police. By picking up images and feelings that the untrained mind cannot, I can provide clues, information, and perhaps a new angle to an unsolved crime.

    The first time a law enforcement officer or agency uses my psychic ability as an investigative tool, it is important to understand a few simple techniques. The following information will help you enhance my psychic abilities during our session and, I hope, bring an unsolved crime to a successful conclusion.

    1. A psychic should be called into an investigation as a last resort, when traditional methods for solving a crime have been exhausted.
    2. I prefer not to know any details or personal background of the victim or the crime other than the first name of the victim and the type of crime. The less you tell me, the more I will be able to tell you.
    3. I use psychometry, which involves touching an object that the victim wore or the suspect left behind.
    4. It is important to start slowly. Initially, I try to see psychically what the victim looked like, or to re-create the scene of the crime. I do this for two reasons: to make sure I am "tuning" into the case, and to give the Officer/Agent confidence in me as a psychic. If this is successful we can continue with the case.
    5. Questions. How you question me will determine the quality of information I receive psychically. BE PREPARED. Know in advance what your objectives are. Think of a profile you want me to fill in; information that will help you to identify and/or locate a suspect or body.
    6. The way the questions are phrased is extremely important. An incorrect way to question is: "Where does he (suspect) live?" "Did he (suspect) do it?" A productive way to question is: "Stand in front of the house (body) and walk toward it. What do you see? Look to the right, to the left Fly above it, what do you see?"
    7. Leading questions are not productive. Such questions include: "Is his hair black?" "Was he driving a blue Ford?" Instead, let me describe him/her to you, as well as any other pertinent information. Questions should have direction, and not merely need a "yes" or "no" answer. It is very helpful to give me feedback when you know I have accurately described something or someone. The logical mind can analyze, but the psychic mind just receives information. The feedback keeps my confidence up and the images flowing. "Yes, we understand," is sufficient.
    8. Try not to analyze the data that I give you immediately. Think of this part of the session as "fact gathering." Get as much information as you can. Later, you can analyze the information you have received and separate the wheat from the chaff.
    9. During the session, I will use all five of my senses to some degree. Ask questions that will make use of these senses. Example: Is there a special sound near his house (body), a different odor?
    10. My psychic memory is very short. Therefore, it is important that our session be taped. My answers can then be replayed repeatedly or transcribed in order to detect any information that didn't seem important or pertinent earlier.

    I do not claim to be 100% accurate in my interpretations. Nor do I claim to be able to work on all cases with an equal degree of effectiveness.

    I do not mind skepticism. However, continued skepticism and negativism hamper my work and concentration. Retired New York Detective Sergeant Vernon Gerberth, writing about my psychic abilities in his textbook Practical Homicide Investigations, states: "Practically speaking, if an officer feels that he or she cannot accept or work with the psychic, then this officer should not get involved in this segment of the investigation. Instead, someone who may be skeptical, but is able to put aside this personal prejudice, should be assigned to work with the psychics."

    Meet the Author

    Noreen Renier first lectured at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia, in 1981. She is now a well-known psychic detective who has worked on more than 400 unsolved cases with city, county, and state law-enforcement agencies in 38 states and six foreign countries. She has been featured on The Larry King Show, Psychic Detectives Court TV, Good Morning America, and the Biography Channel.

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    4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
    Anonymous More than 1 year ago
    Guest More than 1 year ago
    'A Mind for Murder' has a decidedly old-fashioned feel that is an exhilarating story of self-discovery. Noreen's transformation from businesswoman to psychic is nicely sketched. The whole thing unfolds magnificently and reaches an amazing conclusion. As you read Noreen¿s biography you will find yourself in a mesmerizing dance of all the possibilities of whom she is and whom we all can be. Noreen¿s courage and self-discipline are remarkable as she leads through the beginnings of discovering her own psychic talents all the while overcoming much skepticism. Her writing flows beautifully as she guides the reader through her quest for truth and the discovery of the power of believing.
    Guest More than 1 year ago
    Calling all Hollywood producers, Noreen Renier's new book, 'A Mind for Murder,' is a success as a fascinating autobiography of her real-life psychic detective case files and experiences. After reading the cases ya gotta wonder why the police didn't add her to the payroll of a big city like Los Angeles or New York. For 20 plus years, Noreen has assisted the police and individuals with cases related to poltergeists, missing people and even murder. I was surprised to read that her talents include levitation and healing through her hands. The high integrity of Noreen's character, her willingness to try new psychic methods and her comedic and light-hearted personality rings throughout each case. Her credibility record is spotless as the FBI has verified her psychic abilities, she's worked several times with the real FBI agent that the movie,'Silence of the Lambs,' and the TV show 'The X-Files,' was based on. She even won a legal case against a skeptic. I would recommend this book to anyone that wants a fast ride in the world of psychic detectives. Dawn C. Meier, Sr. Air Quality Specialist, Prescott Valley, AZ
    Guest More than 1 year ago
    You are in for a special treat. This book is full of great stories and lots of details of Noreen's psychic adventures. She is the real deal. How many psychics could pass a 43 page report by the FBI and be called credible? Noreen explains how she goes into a trance and then actually becomes the victims and the murderers to help get clues when she is solving a case. That's just plain scary. She deserves a metal of courage! But wait, just when you think you can't take the gory details of the case any more, she makes you laugh with her humor and wit. 2 thumbs WAY up! Her life and adventures would make a great movie. I predict a TV series!
    Guest More than 1 year ago
    This book is easy to read but hard to believe. I came in with an open mind because I truly believe in psychics, but this lady's stories seemed really far-fetched. Picking up the psychic messages of animals who are telling her that they are hungry and jealous of other animals? Are you kidding me? I anticipated stories of crimes that she solved and although, Ms. Renier may believe that she solved crimes, her book did not have much evidence of her success in my opinion. If you want to read about Psychic Detectives read about Dorothy Allison. I have read books about her and I believe that she could have been a psychic. Give me a break Noreen. You are no Dorothy Allison.
    Guest More than 1 year ago
    I don't feel like I need to say much about Noreen's talent. She's one of the top police psychics in the business, highly experienced and with a long track record of success. This is one woman whose gift is genuine. Perhaps the real surprise here is that she's also a highly talented writer. There are a lot of reasons to like this book. If you like a gripping story, this is full of them! Case after case of psychic readings she has done over the years - many of them murders Noreen Renier has 'experienced' psychically (from the viewpoints of the murderers as well as the victims) while helping the police, FBI, and concerned family members solve a crime. If you're a policeman (or like me, a parapsychologist), it gives you useful tips for how to work with a professional psychic and get the most out of him or her. Lastly, if you're a psychic, it teaches you some handy tips for how to approach your craft, including the advantages of information sheets (detailed in the book) to guide those who seek your help. I've read a number of autobiographical accounts by psychics over the years. This is the best of them. Not only is the material fascinating - you won't want to put the book down until you're done - but it's well-organized (a trait that few psychics have) and told in a casual style which makes you feel like you're relaxing with Noreen over a cup of coffee, listening to her talk about her life. She comes across as a smart, shrewd, funny woman, one who is fun to be around and a pleasure to read about. I highly recommend this book to anyone. Buy it. Then settle down and prepare for a really good read!