A Thinker and Seeker: My Journey To Be a Biomedical Scientist

A Thinker and Seeker: My Journey To Be a Biomedical Scientist

by Robert A. Floyd


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This book is about the author's (my) life including my ancestors who came into Colonial America from Northern Ireland in 1746. This book is also about me growing up on the farm. There are episodes given such as the time when I was about 10 years old and had the chore of taking two gallons of skim milk to feed about eight 200 pounds pigs their desert so to speak. On at least one occasion, the pigs surrounded me and ran into the pail of skim milk resulting in me getting a skim milk bath.

My educational journey started in a two-room country school where the eighth grade included four girls and me. My educational journey continued through high school, University undergraduate and graduate school where the high light of my learning was the spookiness of quantum physics. My goal began to be realized when I started doing and leading biomedical research activity in 1974 and then after 30 plus years of research and over 200 peer reviewed research papers I was awarded the Discovery Research Metal from the research society I helped found several years earlier.

It is important to note that my relative that came from Northern Ireland was a Loyalist Colonel in command of a militia in the Revolutionary War. Several of my close relatives were in the Civil War on the Union side. Many of their graves are within one-half mile of the farm where I grew up. At least two of my close relatives died in a Confederate.

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About the Author

I live in Oklahoma City with my wife Marlene and our two year old Brittany dog Caulie. My two sons Matthew and Patrick and their families also live in the general area. I also am part owner of the family farm that has been in the family since 1806.We visit there about three times a year. I spend most workdays at an office in the Research Park where I am an adviser for Haus Bioceutical. I am planning to write another book on the subject of Creativity. My wife and I are looking forward to international travel that includes several Viking River Cruises.

Table of Contents

Introduction xiii


Reverend Matthew Floyd 1

His Tombstone-A Gateway to Understanding Our Floyd Ancestry 1

Rev. Matthew Floyd's Conversion to Baptist and Comments

on his Father 4

Reverend Matthew Floyd's Family 5

Rev. Matthew Floyd's First Marriage and Their Children 5

Rev. Matthew Floyd's Second Marriage and Their Children 6

Reverend Matthew Floyd's Life Spanned Major Early Events in Our

Country's History 8


Colonel Matthew Floyd-Our First Floyd in America 9

Matthew Floyd Arrives in Philadelphia 9

Floyd is a Welsh Name 9

Matthew Floyd Settles in South Carolina 11

Matthew Floyd was a Loyalist in the Revolutionary War 11

Matthew Floyd from 1746 until 1754-Where was He and What

Did He Do? 13

Matthew Floyd Homesteads in the Backcountry of South Carolina 15

The Children of Colonel Matthew Floyd and his Wife Sarah 16

Abraham was Active in Both Whig Militias and in Loyalist Militias

in the Revolutionary War 18

Abraham Tarries after the British Depart Then He Leaves for North

Carolina and Then Moves to Kentucky 19

Abraham Moves to Indiana 20

The Children of Captain Abraham Floyd and Eve (Julian) Floyd 20

References and Footnotes: 21

Matthew Floyd Led a Colonial Militia Fighting in the

Cherokee War 22

Matthew Floyd Held Official Appointments in Colonial County

Governments 22

Matthew Floyd Obtained Many Land Grants and was Active

in Land Speculation 23

Matthew Floyd fought in a Loyalist Militia

in the Revolutionary War 23

Matthew Floyd Fought in a Loyalist Militia that Captured

Fort Ninety-Six 24

Matthew Floyd Acts as a Loyalist Messenger and is Thrown

in Jail by the Whigs 24

Matthew Floyd Remains Peaceful for about Three Years 25

Matthew Floyd Again Takes up Arms to Support the King and is

Commissioned a Colonel 25

Destruction of Hill's Ironworks Infuriates the Whigs 26

Colonel Matthew Floyd Led a Loyalist Militia in the Battle

of Huck's Defeat 26

The Battle of Huck's Defeat Led to the Annihilation of the Loyalists

in the Battle of King's Mountain 27

Colonel Matthew Floyd's Days as Field Commander was over and

He Retreats with the British Army 27

Colonel Matthew Floyd Applies for Restitution in London and Then

Likely Returns to Kentucky 28

Colonel Matthew Floyd Must Have Returned to Kentucky 29

Where Did Colonel Matthew Floyd Finally Reside? 30

Were David Floyd Sr. and William Floyd Brothers of Colonel

Matthew Floyd? 31

Why Were so Many Relatives of Colonel Matthew Floyd in Lincoln

Co. KY at the Same Time (1787-1800)? 32

What happened to Colonel Matthew's Wife Sarah and his Children? 33

Spencer's Historical Statements about Rev. Matthew Floyd's Father

and Grandfather 33

Critique of Spencer's Statements about Col. Matthew Floyd and

Captain Abraham Floyd 34

Historical Overview of the Father and Grandfather of

Rev. Matthew Floyd 35

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