A Warrior's Heart: Book 1 of The Lady Leatherneck Series

A Warrior's Heart: Book 1 of The Lady Leatherneck Series

by A. J. Cabrera


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Angelina Weber
An overachieving, enlisted female Marine devoted to going all the way in her military career. Hell bent and determined not to end up a small town statistic or a divorce war story, she vows never to marry. Opting instead for a rewarding life as a Combat Correspondent in the Marine Corps. Her main goal? Get deployed to where the action is- Iraq. Before checking in to her new duty station, she takes a vacation to the Florida Keys with her sister and best friend where she meets Tristan, a gorgeous but complicated man. His arrogance and charm represent every danger sign she has vowed to resist in order to stay on her career track.

Tristan Livoti
A Staff Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps, he has devoted himself to risking his life in the name of serving his country. His sole mission is to do his job well, complete his mission, lead his brothers into battle and bring them all home. He accepts his duty as protector of his country but also longs to settle down. Based on his experiences, most of the women he has met can't or don't want to be the wife of a deployed Marine. He wants to heal the pain and memories of war with the love of a feisty and challenging woman, someone to match his own temperament. However, with every failed attempt at love, his walls hardened and he refuses to let anyone in. This woman however, was getting under his skin...

Just a Fling?
She is too smart to fall for this pretty boy...isn't she? Regardless of the growing desire for each other, they agree on this vacation to institute the rule of no personal information shared, not even last names or what they do for a living. Angelina rationalizes that their desire for one another is just a fling and nothing more. Once it is over, it's over- or so she thought.

A month later, Angelina is deployed on a special assignment to Iraq, attached to a Recon unit as a female interrogator and journalist. She reports in to find out that Tristan is her new Unit Commander! Questions and accusations abound. Sexual tension between them re-ignites despite their best efforts to convince the other of their disinterest.

Meanwhile, suspicion of a traitor in their unit is realized. They must work together to fight a dangerous mission against insurgents who plague the civilians they are trying to protect while trying to stay alive and fight off any impropriety that could allude to their past.

Will Angelina be able to balance her loyalty to duty with her loyalty to love?

Will they survive the war and each other?

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ISBN-13: 9781499143782
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Publication date: 04/12/2014
Pages: 190
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