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Abortion in Judaism presents a complete Jewish legal history of abortion from the earliest relevant biblical references through the end of the twentieth century. For the first time, almost every Jewish text relevant to the abortion issue is explored in detail. These texts are investigated in historical sequence, thereby elucidating the development inherent within the Jewish approach to abortion. The work considers the insights that this thematic history provides into Jewish ethical principles, as well as into the role of halakhah within Judaism.

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ISBN-13: 9780521521666
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: 09/04/2014
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 298
Product dimensions: 5.98(w) x 8.98(h) x 0.71(d)
Lexile: 1660L (what's this?)

About the Author

Daniel Schiff is the Jewish Education Institute Community Scholar in Pittsburgh, and Rabbi of B'nai Israel in White Oak, Pennsylvania.

Table of Contents

1. The conundrum takes shape: foundational verses; 2. Evaluating life: Rabbinic perspectives on fetal standing; 3. Divining a prohibition: the positions of the Rishonim and Acharonim; 4. No clear consensus: the sages of a rising modernity; 5. The struggle returns: Jewish positions begin to take form; 6. Confronting a new reality: legislation for a Jewish state; 7. A Halakhic challenge: discerning Jewish abortion principles; Bibliography; Index.

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