Access 2002 Development Unleashed

Access 2002 Development Unleashed


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Access 2002 Development Unleashed by Stephen Forte, James Ralston, Tom Howe

Access 2002 Development Unleashed provides the experienced Access user information needed for high-end enterprise applications. This includes both Jet engine multi-user applications and SQL Server enterprise applications. This book will strengthen their existing Access knowledge and move them to a professional level of development. Written by respected Access professionals, this book will also give readers real world examples for their business solutions and advice from years of working experience.

Topics include: Database Design, Data Access, VBA, Access Client/Server, User Interfaces, Interoperability, Multi-user Issues, Web Publishing with Access.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780672321207
Publisher: Pearson Education
Publication date: 09/01/2001
Series: Unleashed Series
Pages: 835
Product dimensions: 7.34(w) x 9.13(h) x 1.91(d)

Table of Contents

Part IDatabase Design Unleashed5
1What's New for Developers in Access 20027
User Interface Changes8
Changes to the VBE9
Compatibility with Access 2000 Databases10
Database Conversion Error Logging11
Offline Data Access Pages11
Improved Integration with SQL Server 200012
Other Access 2002 Features13
2Planning the Development Process15
Gathering Requirements17
Development Planning24
3Database Design and Normalization45
The Relational Design Theory48
4Advanced Queries59
Using the Query Object60
Creating Queries in Access62
Creating Advanced Queries74
Mastering Totals Queries75
Mastering Crosstab Queries83
Mastering Parameter Queries87
Mastering Pass-Through Queries91
Mastering Data Definition Queries93
5The Microsoft Jet Database Engine99
The History of Microsoft Jet100
Using Jet 4.0 Features in Your Applications103
Part IIData Access117
6Introduction to ActiveX Data Objects119
History of Data Access120
Microsoft's Universal Data Access Initiative121
ActiveX Data Objects (ADO)122
The ADO Object Model125
Moving from DAO to ADO142
The ADO Object Model Compared to DAO145
7Advanced ADO147
Using the OLE DB Provider for Jet in Access 2002148
Accessing Non-Relational Data with ADO157
Advanced Data Manipulation with ADO162
Data Definition with ADOX167
Part IIIUser Interfaces Unleashed177
8Advanced Form Design179
Form Properties180
Access Form Controls189
Creating PivotTable and PivotChart Views197
9Enhancing Forms with ActiveX Controls203
How to Use ActiveX Controls204
Using ActiveX Controls206
21 ActiveX Controls210
Distributing ActiveX Controls238
10Reporting Unleashed241
Approaching Reports242
Understanding the Architecture of Access Reports242
Building a Single Table Report Using the Report Wizard244
Customizing Reports247
Working with Subreports256
Creating Simple Mailing Labels259
Publishing a Report262
Modifying a Report at Runtime266
Building Reports Programmatically274
Tips and Tricks279
Part IVVBA Unleashed285
11Creating Objects with Class Modules287
Exploring the Benefits of Using Objects289
Reviewing Objects, Properties, and Methods291
Creating Classes292
Creating Properties292
Creating Methods299
Creating Events300
Using Objects302
Creating Multiple Instances of an Object304
Examining More Object Examples304
Implementing an Error Handler Object311
Using Objects with VBA Collections312
12Debugging Access Applications317
Eliminating Logic Errors318
Working with the Visual Basic Development Environment (IDE)318
Working with the Debug Object322
Using the Immediate Window324
Using the Debugger326
Using Conditional Compilation331
Application Testing335
Practice Debugging Techniques335
13Professional Error Handling337
Eliminating Syntax Errors338
Eliminating Logic Errors341
Eliminating Runtime Errors341
Errors in Various Applications364
Error Handling With Nested Procedures365
Advanced Error Topics365
14Application Optimization369
Strengthening the Foundation: Hardware and Windows Optimization371
Installing the Application for Optimal Performance373
Optimizing the Configuration of the Jet Database Engine374
Tools to Measure Performance381
Looking Behind the Scenes383
Optimizing the Database from the Start384
Boosting Query Performance387
Getting Forms to Run Faster395
Writing Fast Code400
Coding Tips and Hints402
Part VAccess Client Server411
15Introducing Access Data Projects and the Visual Tools413
Introducing Access Data Projects414
Using ADPs415
Working with ADPs and Existing SQL Server Databases419
Creating a Project Based on a New Database428
16Developing Access Front-Ends to Microsoft SQL Server435
Client/Server Architecture: OLE DB Versus ODBC436
Setting Up Your SQL Server Front-End Connection436
Stored Procedures and SQL Pass-Through Queries440
Reporting Against SQL Server in Access 2002443
Using Forms in Your Application448
Advanced Features of the SQL Server OLE DB Provider450
Executing Commands with Parameters452
Using a Connection Class459
17Access 2002 Front-Ends to Oracle461
Accessing Oracle Data with Access462
Functions in Oracle Versus Access470
Understanding Views and Stored Procedures482
Creating an Unbound Interface to Oracle491
Part VIInteroperability503
18Using ActiveX Automation505
What Is ActiveX Automation?506
Why Use Automation?506
Distinguishing Automation Server Versus Automation Client506
Determining Automation Resource Requirements507
Understanding the Big Picture507
Creating and Setting a Reference to Another Application507
Assigning an Object Variable to an Application512
Creating an Instance of the Application513
Using the Automation Object's Properties and Methods517
Releasing the Automation Object517
Putting It All Together518
Closing the Automation Server Application519
Using the UserControl Property to Determine How an Application Was Opened520
Using WithEvents to Expose Events of the Automation Server520
Using the Automation Tips and Techniques523
19Integrating with Microsoft Office529
Why Integrate with Microsoft Office?531
Use the Right Tool533
Using the Macro Recorder to Write Code533
Using Auto Macros535
Microsoft Forms536
Object Browser537
Class Arguments for Office Applications537
Automation Example538
Automating Word540
Automating Excel555
Automating PowerPoint559
Automating Outlook562
Automating Graph567
20Using Visual Basic with Access571
Creating ActiveX Code Components572
Creating ActiveX Controls593
Part VIIMultiuser Issues615
21Multiple Users and Database Locking617
Understanding Multiuser Issues618
Reviewing Jet's Multiuser Design619
Understanding Jet's Multiuser Locking619
Selecting the Proper Architecture623
Working With Locks623
Optimizing Multiuser Applications631
Oracle/SQL Server Locking632
Elements of Security636
Workgroup Creation638
Users and Groups641
Implementing Security Using Startup Options649
Security Concerns with Replication650
Security for Split Databases651
Security for Client/Server653
Securing a Database Step by Step663
Common Security Errors664
Part VIIIWeb Publishing with Access 2002667
23Configuring a Web Site for Web Publishing669
Development Versus Production Environment670
Choosing Your Platform671
What Is the Option Pack?673
Setting Up Your Web Server675
Managing and Configuring Your Web Server682
Securing Your Web Applications692
What Is the Difference Between a Site and a Virtual Directory?693
24Web Enabling Access 2002 with Office Web Components701
What Are the Office XP Web Components?702
Using the Office Spreadsheet Control703
Using the Office Chart Control707
Using the Office PivotTable Control711
25Using Data Access Pages715
Creating Your First Data Access Page717
Implementing Interactive Drill-Downs722
Incorporating the Office Web Components with DAPs724
Scripting Data Access Pages726
26Web Publishing with Access 2002 and Active Server Pages731
Using Active Server Pages732
Understanding Active Server Pages733
Getting Started with Active Server Pages734
Active Server Pages 101739
Real-Life Example: Establishing a Self-Maintaining Membership-Based Web Page754
Access 2002 Web Publishing with XML763
Creating Charts with the Chart Control770

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