Ace Your Ecology and Environmental Science Project: Great Science Fair Ideas

Ace Your Ecology and Environmental Science Project: Great Science Fair Ideas

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How many different organisms can you identify in a square meter of earth? What happens to plants if they don't have sunlight? How does a greenhouse work? Learn the answers to these questions and more with the fun ecology and environmental experiments in this book. Many experiments include ideas you can use for your science fair.

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ISBN-13: 9780766032163
Publisher: Enslow Publishers, Incorporated
Publication date: 06/01/2009
Series: Ace Your Science Project Series
Pages: 112
Product dimensions: 6.50(w) x 9.30(h) x 0.50(d)
Age Range: 10 - 13 Years

Table of Contents

Introduction 5

The Scientific Method 6

Safety First 8

Chapter 1 Ecology and Environment 11

1.1 The Diversity of Life in a Square Meter 14

1.2 Mapping the Location of Grasses and Weeds 16

1.3 Identifying Consumers That Live on Trees 17

1.4 What Is The Effect of Light Intensity on Photosynthesis? 19

1.5 What Is The Role of Decomposers in the Soil? 24

1.6 Watching Things Decay 26

1.7 What Is the Effect of Water on the Decay Process? 27

1.8 Are Organisms Needed for Decay to Take Place? 28

1.9 Yeast: A Decomposer 31

Chapter 2 Organisms and Their Environments 34

2.1 What Is the Effect of Fertilizer on African Violets and Geraniums? 36

2.2 What Is the Effect of Tannic Acid on Seed Germination? 38

2.3 What Is the Effect of Heat on Seeds? 41

2.4 Will Roots Respond to Substances in the Soil? 44

2.5 What Is the Effect of Darkness on Plants? 47

2.6 What Is the Effect of Artificial Light on Plant Growth? 48

2.7 What Is the Effect of Different Soils on Plant Growth? 51

2.8 What Is the Effect of Air Pollution on Lichen? 53

Chapter 3 Cycles in the Global Environment 56

3.1 A Miniature Water Cycle 60

3.2 Make a Cloud 62

3.3 What Is the Effect of Temperature and Wind on Evaporation? 65

3.4 A Model Aquifer 66

3.5 A Miniature Greenhouse 72

3.6 What Is the Effect of Heat on Decomposition? 74

Chapter 4 Population Ecology 77

4.1 Gestation and Longevity 78

4.2 Population, Predators, and Prey 80

4.3 World Population 83

4.4 What Is the Effect of Overcrowding on Marigolds? 86

4.5 Dandelions: Built for Survival 87

Chapter 5 Humans and the Environment 89

5.1 How Much Waste Is Produced by Food Packaging? 91

5.2 Acid Rain 94

5.3 CopingWith a Warm Environment 96

5.4 Water Woes 99

5.5 How Can You Turn Garbage Into Fertilizer? 103

5.6 Are Pheromones an Effective Alternative to Pesticides? 106

Further Reading and Internet Addresses 109

Index 110

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