Addicted After All (Addicted Series #3)

Addicted After All (Addicted Series #3)


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Addicted After All (Addicted Series #3) by Krista Ritchie, Becca Ritchie

Two addicts. One epic love story.

Prepare for the worst.

That’s what Lily and Lo try to do when Jonathan Hale schedules an “important” meeting. The problem: after being swept into the public eye and battling their addictions, they’re not sure what the worst is anymore.

In a sea of many changes—including Ryke & Daisy living with them—Lily realizes that the best part of her fluctuating hormones might just be the worst.

Her sex drive is out of control.

Loren knows that she’s insatiable, but he’s not giving up on her. She’s too much a part of him. And as he carries more and more responsibility, some of the people that he loves doubt his resolve.

In the conclusion to their love story, Lily & Lo stand side-by-side to fight, one last time, for their happily ever after.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781682305218
Publisher: EverAfter Romance
Publication date: 10/31/2014
Series: Addicted Series , #3
Pages: 542
Sales rank: 507,931
Product dimensions: 5.30(w) x 8.40(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Krista & Becca Ritchie are New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors and identical twins—one a science nerd, the other a comic book geek—but with their shared passion for writing, they combined their mental powers as kids and have never stopped telling stories. Now in their twenties, they write about other twenty-somethings navigating through life, college, and romance. They love superheroes, flawed characters, and soul mate love.


“This book gripped me tightly from the very first page… From the moment I first opened the book and until I finally finished, I was completely submerged inside their world.” – Second Bite Book Reviews

“It has everything I love and nothing I hate, and at it’s core it has that wonderful feeling where you know deep down in your heart, that no matter how hard the battle is, they’ll make it through.” – Aestas Book Blog

“The chemistry revolving around these six characters is completely undeniable. My emotions were charged extremely high from start to finish.” – Reality Bites – Let’s Get Lost

“The fact that this is the last book for LILO, is sad. But on the other hand, it was the perfect ending. It was sculpted and molded and formed into a beautiful piece.” – FMA Book Reviews

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Addicted After All (Addicted Series) 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Im so happy for them. From the first book to know they almost seem like different people.
MaryJoMI More than 1 year ago
What an incredible journey. I am so glad that I jumped into Lily and Lo's world and went along on this crazy roller coaster ride of life with them. Life isn't easy for anyone, we all face challenges every day, it's the ability to face the challenges and find the strength to push forward that truly defines us. Lily and Lo epitomize how true this is while at the same time showing us what true courage is as they tackle their fears, insecurities and addictions. The added bonus is that we get to enjoy the entire family in each book which keeps us in touch with Rose, Connor, Daisy and Ryke and how they are truly part of Lily and Lo's journey while they are part of all of theirs. I loved every gut wrenching, heart stopping, joyous minute of this series.
ydbrooks More than 1 year ago
This series is amazing! I have never connected with a group of characters like i have in this series. They are all amazing. So much happened in this book. The pacing was wonderful. Nothing felt rushed. I was invested in every word of this book. I love LiLo. Their growth is incredible and so realistic. I've never seen any characters grow and change for the better like these two. Their strength is amazing. I love their relationships with their friends and family as well. I love Lo and Rykes relationship. They've really come a long way and are now truly brothers. I love how Connor opened up so much with Lo. I loved how Rose handled her pregnancy and how realistic it was. I loved how Lily gained her confidence and learned how to stand up for herself. I loved how Ryke is always there for Daisy and accepts her for who she is. So basically I LOVE THIS BOOK!!! This is truly the best series I've ever read. A definite MUST read :)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Krista and Becca Ritchie have done it again! Every book in this series, and the subsequent Calloway Sisters series, is better than the next. The Ritchie sisters are able to articulate their stories better than most and I look forward to reading their books because they are so well written. I'm a fairly new to this genre, but the Addicted Series (and Calloway Sisters series) are by far two of my favorite! Lo and Lily's story is not only touching, but extremely hopeful. The way the authors are able to portray the love between not only Lo and Lily, but between their entire family is beautiful. I cannot express how touched I was when Lily and her mother were able to reconnect. Perhaps my favorite part of this series is seeing the relationships evolve over the course of books. Lo and Ryke's relationship and their relationships with their father are unique even if they are strained. Connor's relationship with his mother, Rose and Lo truly fascinates me and has me forces me to psychoanalyze him - which I love, because I thirst for any book that make me think. I cannot say enough great things about this series - highly recommended. I'm so excited for Fuel the Fire!!!!
Sandy-thereadingcafe More than 1 year ago
4.25 stars--ADDICTED AFTER ALL is the final book from Lily and Loren’s points of view in B&K Ritchie’s new adult, contemporary romance storylines. The continuing series, including spin offs and interconnected storylines focuses on the Calloway sisters and the Hale brothers. ADDICTED AFTER ALL covers approximately twelve months where Lily and Lo’s (aka LiLo) life will see dramatic changes and continuing struggles. Lily is a sex addict whose addiction remains out of control; Loren is an alcoholic who must face his own demons one day at a time.  This is NOT the end of the series, but the final installment told exclusively from Lily and Lo’s points of view. THE ADDICTED series must be read in order including the interconnected storylines that build upon, or run parallel to, many of the scenarios and plot points.  ADDICTED AFTER ALL is an ensemble storyline (Lily, Loren, Ryke, Daisy, Connor and Rose) told from alternating first person points of view (Lily and Lo). The reader is pulled into the daily battles of addiction where their personal lives have become fodder for the paparazzi and exploited; where privacy is no longer a right and protection comes with a cost; where the public ensures that the Calloway and Hale families remain front and center in a life mismanaged and desecrated by social media and personal sins.  Lily and Lo are two people lost in a world of hurt and betrayal.  Best friends since childhood, Lily and Lo come from affluence and wealth but money means nothing when our couple is caught up in a spotlight where heartbreak and pain are a fact of life. Nothing is off limits; no one is safe from exposure or ridicule; their lives are no longer their own to control. Every day is a struggle against the unknown and there are new members of the household whose lives are threatened on a daily basis. Becca and Krista Ritchie’s imaginative ADDICTED SERIES is passionate, spirited and captivating. There are emotional highs and heartbreaking lows for a family caught in a social media vortex of their own making. The reality and destructive nature of addiction is built upon the lives of a generation who have been left to their own devices.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
KDH_Reviews More than 1 year ago
Though it's listed as the third book, Addicted After All is actually the seventh book in the Addicted series. I recommend reading all of the books. They are so worth it! The full reading order (see my reviews for each book on my blog, KDH Reviews) for the entire series is as follows: - Addicted to You, book - Ricochet, book 1.5 - Addicted for Now, book 2 - Kiss the Sky, Calloway Sisters spin-off book 1 - Hothouse Flower, Calloway Sisters spin-off book 2 - Thrive, book 2.5 - Addicted After All, book 3 - Fuel the Fire, Calloway Sisters spin-off book 3 (coming soon) - Long Way Down, Calloway Sisters spin-off book 4 (coming soon) Part of me wants to do something different like a one word review (PERFECTION). Part of me just wants to direct you to the other reviews I've written for this series (how many times can you say something is amazing without being considered a broken record?). Part of me wants to fawn of this book and series a thousand times over (but once again with the broken record dilemma). When it comes down to it, I absolutely love the Addicted series. I truly believe that Krista and Becca have a gift. They've created these characters that I've grown to love and enjoy reading about. In between books, I'm (im)patiently waiting for the next one. While I'm reading one, I never want it to end. Though there are only two more books in this series, I look forward to reading more from Krista and Becca (the upcoming Amour Amour and the new series, Like Us). Fans of New Adult (especially) and romance books should absolutely read this series. It's fantastic and continuously gets better. Don't hesitate! Though it's an ongoing series, there aren't any cliffhangers, so there's no excuses! You can read all of my reviews on my blog, KDH Reviews.