Advances in Cryogenic Engineering Materials: Volume 30

Advances in Cryogenic Engineering Materials: Volume 30

by A. F. Clark (Editor)

Paperback(Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1984)

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ISBN-13: 9781461398707
Publisher: Springer US
Publication date: 01/19/2013
Series: Advances in Cryogenic Engineering , #30
Edition description: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1984
Pages: 998
Product dimensions: 7.01(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.08(d)

Table of Contents

Stiffness and Internal Stresses of Woven-Fabric Composites at Low Temperatures.- Dynamic Young’s Modulus and Internal Friction in a Composite Material at Low Temperatures.- Fatigue of Glass-Epoxy Composite at 77K and 300K: Observation and Prediction.- Acoustic Emission from Composite Materials at Low Temperatures.- Problems of Cryogenic Interlaminar Shear Strength Testing.- Mechanical Properties of Organic Insulators for Superconducting Magnets after Low Temperature Irradiation.- Epoxies for Low Temperature Application Impregnating Technology.- Correlation of Dielectric and Mechanical Damping at Low Temperatures.- Optical Relaxation Processes in Polymers at Low Temperatures (Invited).- Low Temperature Fracture Strain at High Deformation Rates.- The Chemistry of Radiation Damage in Epoxide Resins.- Tensile, Compressive, and Shear Properties of a 64-kg/m3 Polyurethane Foam at Low Temperatures.- The Low-Temperature Thermal Conductivity of Rubber.- Photomechanical Stress Analysis under Cryogenic Environments.- Nondestructive Evaluation of Thick Austenitic Stainless Steel Weldments by Shear Horizontal Acoustic Waves.- Low Temperature Strengthening of Austenitic Stainless Steels with Nitrogen and Carbon.- Nitrogen-Containing 25Cr-13Ni Stainless Steel as a Cryogenic Structural Material.- The Development of a Nitrogen-Strengthened High-Manganese Austenitic Stainless Steel for a Large Superconducting Magnet.- Mechanical Properties of High Yield Strength High Manganese Steels at Cryogenic Temperatures.- An Fe-Mn-Al Austenitic Steel for Cryogenic Uses.- Development of a High-Strength High-Manganese Stainless Steel for Cryogenic Use.- The Influence of Processing on the Cryogenic Mechanical Properties of High Strength High Manganese Stainless Steel.- Effect of Strain Rate on Measured Mechanical Properties of Stainless Steel at 4 K.- Strengthening and Serrated Flow of High-Manganese Nonmagnetic Steel at Cryogenic Temperatures.- Mechanical Properties of Cold-Rolled and Aged Fe-Ni-Cr-Ti Austenitic Alloys for Low Temperature Use.- A New Nickel-Free Cryogenic Steel, 06AlNbCuN, and Its Fracture-Safety Evaluation.- Development of the New Cryogenic Structural Material for Fusion Experimental Reactor.- The Influence of Prestrain and Transformation Mode on the Mechanical Properties of Nitrogen Stabilized Austenitic Steel.- The Microstructure and Properties of a Cryogenic Steel Fe-12Cr-6Ni-9Mn-N.- 32Mn-7Cr Austenitic Steel for Cryogenic Applications.- Magneto-mechanical Effects in 304 Stainless Steels.- The Temperature Dependence of the Tensile Yield Strength of Selected Austenitic Steels.- Progress in Cryostructural Materials and Their Welding in the USSR (Invited).- Low Temperature Strength and Toughness of Thermomechanically Treated and EB Welded Fe-13%Ni-3%Mo-Ti Alloys.- Welding Superalloy Sheet for Superconducting Cable Jackets.- The Mechanism of Embrittlement of the Heat-Affected Zone of Metastable Austenitic Steel Welded Joints.- Fracture Toughness of 25Mn Austenitic Steel Weldments at 4 K.- Aging Response and Cryogenic Mechanical Properties of an In-Sn Eutectic Solder Alloy for Josephson Packaging.- Cryogenic Creep of Metals (Invited).- Transitions in Fatigue Processes at Low Temperature.- Cryogenic Fatigue Crack Growth Rate Properties of JBK-75 Base and Autogenous Gas Tungsten Arc Weld Metal.- The Use of Inconel Alloy 706 as a Structural Material in the 300 MVA Superconducting Generator.- Low Temperature Mechanical Properties of CeO2-Alloyed Tetragonal Zirconia.- Heat Treatments and Low Temperature Fracture Toughness of a Ti-6Al-4V Alloy.- Physical Properties: Knowing, Guessing and Measuring (Invited).- Low Temperature Thermal Conduction in Solids (Invited).- Metals and Alloys: Expansion and Contraction (Invited).- Metallic Glasses (Invited).- An Apparatus to Determine the Heat Capacity and Thermal Conductivity of a Material from 1 to 300 K in Magnetic Fields up to 9 T.- Ceramic Composites for Enthalpy Stabilization of Superconducting Wire.- Electrical Resistivity of Metals and Alloys at Cryogenic Temperatures: A Review (Invited).- The Effect of Mill Temper on the Mechanical and Magnetoresistive Properties of Oxygen-Free Copper in Liquid Helium.- Degradation of Copper Stabilizer in a Superconducting Wire Induced by Cyclic Stressing at Cryogenic Temperature.- Magnetic Properties and Ferromagnetic Shielding of Ni-Fe-Mo Alloys at Cryogenic Temperatures.- Magnetic Susceptibility and Strain-Induced Martensite Formation at 4 K in Type 304 Stainless Steel.- Peculiarities of the Low-Temperature Electrical and Magnetic Properties in Fe-Cr-Ni-Mn Alloys.- Effect of the Structure of Fe-Cr-Ni Alloys Strained at Low Temperatures on Their Electrical Resistivity.- Materials for Superconducting Electronics (Invited).- Tunneling and Surface Properties of Oxidized Metal Overlayers on Nb (Invited).- Barrier/Electrode Interface Structure and I–V Characteristics of NbN Josephson Junctions (Invited).- All Refractory, High Tc Josephson Device Technology (Invited).- Preparation of High Tc Nb-(Ge,Si) Thin Films at Low Substrate Temperature (Invited).- Superconducting NbN Film Treatments.- Dependence of Tc Phase Composition for Superconducting Nb-Ge Films Prepared by DC-Magnetron Sputtering.- Oxidation Mechanism of the Surface of A15 Superconductors.- Tunneling Studies of VN Thin Films.- Fabrication of High Tc NbN Films by Ion Beam Deposition Technique.- Homoepitaxial Growth of Nb3Ge on Nb3Ge.- Preparation of NbCxN1?x Thin Films by High Rate Reactive Sputtering.- Determination of Optimum Preparation Parameters for Thin High-Tc Nb3Ge Films.- Local Investigation of Superconducting Transition of Nb3Ge Films.- Flux Pinning in Ultrafine Filamentary Composites (Invited).- Phase Relationships and Superconducting Properties of Ternary Systems Used in the Bronze Process (Invited).- The Relationship between the Martensitic Phase Transition and the Superconducting Properties of A15 Compounds (Invited).- High Field NbN Superconductor on Carbon Fibers (Invited).- Preparation of Superconducting Germanium Alloy Filament Using the Method of Glass-Coated Melt Spinning.- Superconducting Properties of V2(Hf,Zr) Laves Phase Multifilamentary Wires.- Superconducting Wires of Pb-Mo-S by Electro-Plating Technique.- An Overview of Practical Superconductor Development in Japan (Invited).- Superconducting Properties of Nb3Sn Multifilamentary Wires Fabricated by Internal Tin Process.- Properties of (Nb-Ta)3Sn-Filamentary Conductors.- Manufacture and Superconducting Properties of Bronze Processed Nb3Sn Monofilamentary Wires with Be Additions.- On the Nature of Coupling of In Situ Superconductors.- High-Field Current-Carrying Capacities of ‘Titanium Bronze’ Processed Multifilamentary Nb3Sn Conductors with Pure and Alloys Cores.- The Effects of Indium Addition on the Properties of Internal Tin Diffusion Processed Nb3Sn Wires.- Development of Nb3Sn Cabled Conductor by External Diffusion Process and the Effect of Strain on the Critical Current.- The Effect of Silicon Impurities on Superconducting Properties of V3Ga-Cu Wire.- Improved Performance Powder Metallurgy and In Situ Processed Multifilamentary Superconductors.- Optimization of High Current Density A-15 Superconductors Made by the ECN Powder Method.- Strain Effects in Superconducting Compounds (Invited).- Acoustic Emission in Materials for Superconductor Applications, A Review (Invited).- Long-Range Atomic Order, Crystallographical Changes and Strain Sensitivity of Jc in Wires Based on Nb3Sn and Other A15 Type Compounds.- Elastic Behavior of Polycrystalline Nb3Sn, V3Ga, and Nb3Ge.- Study of Strain Effects on Critical Current and Mechanical Property in “In Situ” Nb3Sn Conductor.- Effect of Internal Reinforcement on the Critical Current Density of Nb Sn Wires.- Effects of Incoloy 903 and Tantalum Conduits on Critical Current in Nb3Sn Cable-In-Conduit Conductors.- Effects of Hot Isostatic Pressing on the Superconducting Properties of Nb3Sn Multifilamentary Wires.- Electromagnetic Theory for In Situ Superconductors (Invited).- Magnetic Impurity Scattering in In Situ Superconductors.- Smooth Transition of Nb3Al Wire Fed by AC Current in High Magnetic Field.- Hysteresis in a Fine Filament NbTi Composite.- AC Losses in Superconducting Mono and Multifilamentary NbTi Wires Fed by AC Current at Different Frequency Values.- AC Losses of 19-Strain Subcables for the ANL 3.3 MJ Coil.- Current-Carrying Capacity and Energy Losses in Hydrostatically Extruded NbTi Wires.- Critical Current Measurements on a NbTi Superconducting Wire Standard Reference Material.- Pulsed Magnetic Field Testing of Multifilamentary Nb3Sn Superconducting Wire.- Influence of Stabilizing Copper on the Quench Characteristics of Nb3Sn Wire.- Training Studies of Epoxy-Impregnated Superconductor Windings — Part III: Epoxies, Conductor Insulations and Copper Ratio.- Indexes.- Author Index.- Materials Index.

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