Adventures In Quantumland: Exploring Our Unseen Reality

Adventures In Quantumland: Exploring Our Unseen Reality

by Ruth E Kastner


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This title is a self-contained follow-up to Understanding Our Unseen Reality: Solving Quantum Riddles (2015). Intended for the general reader but including more advanced material and an appendix of technical references for physics students and researchers, it reviews the basics of the transactional interpretation of quantum mechanics in its newer incarnation as a fully relativistic, realist interpretation of quantum theory, while embarking on further explorations of the implications of quantum theory. This interpretation is applied to new experiments and alleged 'paradoxes' that are found to be fully explicable once various misconceptions are identified.

There is currently much disagreement about the meaning of quantum theory, as well as confusion about the implications of various experiments such as 'weak measurements,' 'quantum eraser,' and delayed choice. This book provides a clear way forward, presenting new developments and elaborating a promising interpretational approach that has completely nullified earlier objections (such as the Maudlin objection). It also explains why some prominent competing interpretations, such as 'decoherence' in an Everettian ('Many Worlds') approach, do not work as advertised.

Adventures in Quantumland: Exploring Our Unseen Reality offers a fully relativistic interpretation of quantum mechanics with no discontinuity between non-relativistic and relativistic domains and shows how quantum theory allows for free will and for reconciliation of science and spiritual traditions.

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ISBN-13: 9781786346414
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Europe Ltd
Publication date: 06/17/2019
Pages: 352
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.81(d)

Table of Contents

Prologue v

About the Author vii

Part I Our Transactional Reality 1

Chapter 1 The Iceberg Revisited 3

1.1 The Lump in the Carpet 3

1.2 More than Meets the Eye 6

1.3 The Haunting of Hill House … and Modern Physics? 9

1.4 A Physical Process is a Two-way Street 11

References 13

Chapter 2 The Transactional Interpretation 15

2.1 Wave First, and then 'Particle' 15

2.2 TI: Review of the Basics 19

2.3 The Transactional Picture vs. the Traditional Approach 25

2.4 TI Explains the Measurement Transition 26

2.5 TI Explains the Quantum Probability Rule 30

References 36

Chapter 3 Observation and Measurement 39

3.1 When is the Experiment 'Finished?' 39

3.2 The Measurement Transition 41

3.3 'Decoherence' - and Why it Doesn't Help 44

3.4 Does Consciousness Play Any Role in Measurement? 49

3.5 An Example of Measurement without Humans or Observers 51

3.6 Measurement as Actualization of Quantum Possibilities 55

3.7 Observables, not Quantum Entities, Carry Time Dependence 56

3.8 Null Measurements 61

References 64

Chapter 4 The Spacetime Theater 65

4.1 Thinking Outside the Box 65

4.2 What is Retrocausation? 70

4.3 Spacetime is the Smile on the Cheshire Cat 74

4.4 The Spacetime 'Geode' Crystallizes from Quantum 'Minerals' 80

4.5 The 'Cosmic Egg' Hatches, and a Photon Flies from Here to There 82

4.6 Zero-point Energy 90

4.7 Mistaking the Map for the Territory: The Andromedans and the Block World 91

References 93

Chapter 5 Becoming and the Arrow of Time 95

5.1 The Arrow of Time from an Overlooked Physical Law 95

5.2 Metaphysical Impediments to the Becoming Picture 99

5.3 The Truly Dynamical Universe: Not a New Idea 104

5.4 Disentangling Consciousness from Measurement 109

5.5 Process, Time, and Consciousness: An Important Distinction 114

References 115

Chapter 6 Life and Free Will 119

6.1 The Problem of Free Will 119

6.2 No Need to be Disillusioned 125

6.3 Weaknesses in Popular Arguments Against Free Will 128

6.4 Quantum Theory: The Ideal Opening for Free Will? 135

6.5 Life Creates Disequilibrium … but How? 137

References 147

Chapter 7 Science and Spirit 149

7.1 Science and the Subject-Object Distinction 150

7.2 Appearance vs. Reality: Maya 152

7.3 Opening the Quantum Gate to an Unobservable Realm 156

7.4 Quantum Possibilities and Shunya 158

References 162

Epilogue 163

Appendix: Behind the Magician's Curtain 169

Part II Selected Papers 193

Quantifying Absorption in the Transactional Interpretation 195

On the Status of the Measurement Problem: Recalling the Relativistic Transactional Interpretation 209

Taking Heisenberg's Potentia Seriously 223

The Emergence of Space-Time: Transactions and Causal Sets 239

On Quantum Collapse as a Basis for the Second Law of Thermodynamics 251

Beyond Complementarity 263

Bound States as Fundamental Quantum Structures 291

Antimatter in the Direct-Action Theory of Fields 297

Haag's Theorem as a Reason to Reconsider Direct-Action Theories 305

'Einselection' of Pointer Observables: The New H-Theorem? 315

The Born Rule and Free Will: Why Libertarian Agent-Causal Free Will is not "Antiscientific" 319

Index 333

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