African American History Presentation: Video Lesson Plan

African American History Presentation: Video Lesson Plan

by Rex Fortune III
African American History Presentation: Video Lesson Plan

African American History Presentation: Video Lesson Plan

by Rex Fortune III


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This teacher guidance book contains African American history presentations using videos integrated with lesson plans for middle school and high school teachers. Four key questions frame the lesson plans. This book is not designed as a separate course, rather as a supplement to existing instructional programs. Teacher guidance includes videos, compelling questions, and engaging student activities addressing Reconstruction, African American achievements, and Reparations for African Americans.

Students will demonstrate their understanding of aspects of African American history through the analysis of four key questions. The four key questions address presidential appointees, African American history books, data on African American socioeconomic issues, and current political issues that have significant implications for African Americans.

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ISBN-13: 9781667825083
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication date: 03/28/2022
Pages: 50
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.20(d)

About the Author

Dr. Rex Fortune Jr. was a school district superintendent for 20 years in Sacramento and Los Angeles counties, a California Dept. of Education Associate Superintendent for 11 years, a California high school teacher and administrator. He founded the Fortune School of Education and the Fortune & Associates K-12 education research firm. He is the author of several books on closing the achievement gap.Rex Fortune III has a degree in human resources training and development. He was a director of teacher recruitment and a training program coordinator during his 12 years at Project Pipeline Teacher Credential Program, now called Fortune School of Education. He has served 13 years as a Vice President in K-12 education research, writing and developing parent training videos and co-writing closing the achievement gap books."

Table of Contents

Teacher Guidance 1

Lesson Description, Materials Needed, Objective 1

History Social Science Content Standards 2

Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum 3

Eight Outcomes of Ethnic Studies Teaching 3

Instructional Suggestions 4

Overview of the Videos 6

Video 1, Question 1 6

Video 2, Question 2: Part I, Part II Part III 7

Video 3, Question 3 8

Video 4, Question 4 8

Inquiry-based Lesson Plan 9

Question 1 9

Compelling Question 1A 9

Supporting Question 1A 9

Compelling Question 1B 9

Supporting Question 1B 9

Formative Task 1B 10

Communicating Conclusion 1B 10

Question 2 11

Content for Compelling Question 2A: 12

Compelling Question 2A 13

Supportive Question 2A 13

Formative Task 2A 13

Communicating Conclusion 2A 14

Content for Compelling Question 2B 14

Compelling Question 2B 15

Supporting Question 2B 15

Formative Task 2B 15

Student Reading for Formative Task 2B 16

Communicating Conclusions 2B 17

Question 3 18

Compelling Question 3 19

Supportive Question 3 19

Formative Task 3 19

Communicating Conclusion 3 19

Student Activity Sheet for Supportive Question 3 20

Research Chart for Supportive Question 3 - Household Income 21

California State University Graduation Rates data 22

Incarceration Rates in State & Federal Prisons 22

Health Care data by ethnicity 23

Question 4 24

Content Question 4A 24

Compelling Question 4A 25

Supporting Question 4A 25

Formative Task 4A 25

Student Activity Sheet for Question 4A 26

Biden's Lift Every Voice Plan for African Americans. 27

Communicating Conclusion 4A 32

Content 4B 32

Parent School Choice 32

Compelling Question 4B 33

Supporting Question 4B 33

Formative Task 4B 33

Communication Conclusion 4B 33

Content 4C 34

Reparations: Federal- HR 40; California- AB 3121 34

Compelling Question 4C 35

Supporting Question 4C 35

Formative Task 4C 35

Supportive Reading for Question 4 (H.R.40) 35

Epilogue 39

Acknowledgements 40

About the Authors 41

Appendix 42

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