Aging Faithfully: The Holy Invitation of Growing Older

Aging Faithfully: The Holy Invitation of Growing Older

Aging Faithfully: The Holy Invitation of Growing Older

Aging Faithfully: The Holy Invitation of Growing Older


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Would you like to grow in life-giving ways as you age? Do you have the courage to let go of former ways of thinking to receive God’s love and life in new ways?

As we age, we experience the loss of physical stamina, independence, and career fulfillment. Yet within each of these losses is a holy invitation to grow. God calls us to let go of our need for accomplishment and embrace the gift of fruitfulness so that we might be transformed in this final season of our lives. In Aging Faithfully, spiritual director Alice Fryling explores how to navigate the journey of retirement, lifestyle changes, and new limitations. In this season of life, we are invited to hold both grief and hope, to acknowledge ways of thinking that no longer represent who we are, and to receive peace in the midst of our fears.

We all age differently, and God calls each of us to new spiritual birth as we mature. When we embrace the aging process, we grow closer to God and experience his grace as he renews us from within. Whether you are approaching the beginning, middle, or end of your senior years, you are invited. Come and be transformed.

Aging Faithfully includes questions for group discussion and suggestions for personal meditation.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781641583596
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers
Publication date: 12/07/2021
Pages: 192
Sales rank: 101,289
Product dimensions: 5.10(w) x 7.10(h) x (d)

About the Author

Alice Fryling is the bestselling author of nine books on relationships and spiritual formation as well as numerous booklets and articles. A spiritual director, she has led workshops on the Enneagram and Myers-Briggs for thirty years. Alice and her husband, Bob, live in Monument, Colorado, and are the enthusiastic grandparents of four.

Table of Contents

Foreword Leighton Ford xiii

Introduction xvii

1 A Different Kind of Retirement 1

2 Experiencing New Birth as We Age 19

3 Holy Losses, Holy Invitations 39

4 Letting Go 71

5 Fear and Peace 101

Epilogue: Listening Well to Aging Friends 125

Acknowledgments 135

Appendix 1 Scripture about Life after Death 137

Appendix 2 One Man's Perspective on Aging Faithfully 141

Appendix 3 The Bridge between Generations 147

Notes 163

About the Author 167

What People are Saying About This

Shirley V. Hoogstra

Aging Faithfully provides a road map for trusting and growing in Christ through the changing seasons of our lives. Alice Fryling encourages her readers through Scripture, stories, and personal anecdotes. She provides dedicated space for reflection and meditation where readers can record their own thoughts in response to her writing prompts. It is a beautiful book; I recommend it.

Mark D. Roberts

Today, over ten thousand people in the United States will turn sixty-five. Very few are prepared for what lies ahead, both the incredible opportunities and the inevitable losses. Alice Fryling, in Aging Faithfully, is a wise and vulnerable guide who invites us to join her on a journey into deeper meaning and truer flourishing. This is an excellent book for people in the third third of life and for those who love them.

Michelle Van Loon

The apostle Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 13:12 that we can see eternity as though we’re looking at it through a dim mirror. The final movement of our lives carries with it the opportunity to move closer to that mirror, where the light and shadows of old age present to us an image of God, ourselves, and others that we’ve not been able to fully behold at earlier stages of our lives. Alice Fryling’s gentle, honest writing illumines the losses, questions, fears, and longings we carry with us into the aging process. Aging Faithfully is a trustworthy guide to the light and shadows of our final stage of life on earth with honesty, offering us a gracious and hopeful sense of the welcome that awaits us on the other side of that dim mirror.

Michael Card

As we move into our sixties and beyond, we experience a profound silence. The voices of our mentors are gone. Those from whom we received direction and encouragement are silenced at a time when we need their help the most. Aging Faithfully speaks directly into that silent space. For those of us who long to live faithfully into maturity, this book provides direction, new possibilities, and needed encouragement. These are meant to be the most fruitful years of our lives!

Ruth Haley Barton

This lovely book is full of wisdom, encouragement, and hard-won insights from one who knows whereof she speaks. And questions . . . the questions alone are worth the price of the book, helping us enter the depths of what God has for us in this stage of our human journey! The bad news is that we all need this book or will need it eventually. The good news is that with Alice as our companion, we can experience aging as a season rich with holy invitations from God leading to immense satisfaction, if we can stop resisting those invitations and just say yes!

Leslie Leyland Fields

In this age-denying culture, thank God for Alice Fryling! She is a wise, warm, honest, and companionable guide who shows us that the “liminal space” of aging can bring unexpected growth and freedoms. Page by page, she gently corrects our nearsightedness, replacing it with beautiful, biblical ways to become “more fruitful” even as we become “less productive.” As the years pass, I know I will reach for this book again and again.

Stephen A. Macchia

Age alone does not equal spiritual, emotional, or relational maturity. Our world is filled with adolescent, false-self, immature older adults who need the biblical wisdom, relational maturity, and graced fortitude of Alice Fryling. By prayerfully embracing our holy losses, hidden in the cross of Christ, we are ready to receive our holy invitations, advancing the Kingdom of heaven. The end-of-chapter reflections and the rich appendices are icing on this delicious piece of literary cake. Thank you, Alice!

Dee Brestin

Alice Fryling has uncovered the secrets as to why some grow older with grace and joy while others are defeated by the inevitable losses. Her wisdom brings hope and laughter! She quotes Psalm 92, which tells how the righteous can still bear fruit in old age and be “always green and full of sap”! This isn’t just a book for the elderly; it’s also for those who love them.

Richard J. Foster

I thank God for Aging Faithfully. It is a book for you regardless of your age, for the truth of the matter is, we are all aging . . . every single one of us. Alice Fryling lovingly leads us through the ups and downs, the losses and the treasures we experience in the interior chambers of our soul throughout our aging. I recommend Alice Fryling as a reliable and faithful guide through this multifaceted adventure of aging.

Joe Bernardy

In Aging Faithfully: The Holy Invitation of Growing Older, Alice Fryling takes the reader on a journey from a frank look at the losses that accompany aging to hope and purpose in our later years. The processing questions at the end of each chapter will be valuable to anyone as they anticipate or experience the losses and joys of those years.

Peggy Wehmeyer

Getting older is one of life’s journeys few of us sign up for but all of us must take. In Aging Faithfully, Alice Fryling draws from her decades of experience as a wise spiritual guide to equip us for this holy adventure. Reading Alice’s book brought me closer to the truth that God has given me everything I need to age not only faithfully but joyfully.

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