by Megan Tennant


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The first book in The Seventh River series, Aletheia, takes the young adult dystopian genre to new, and often dark, places. While coming highly recommended to fans of the Hunger Games and Maze Runner, readers will find a gut-wrenching, original plot that dares to stand apart from what is expected of the genre. Brilliant and brutal, Aletheia is praised for tearing deep emotions from even the toughest reader. Whether you enjoy post-apocalyptic, dystopian, or general science fiction, reviewers agree, Aletheia is a must read.

Nearly two decades after the fall, the transcendent city of Iris is the only place rumored to have a cure to the disease that decimated the world. Beyond Iris, are the remnants of the old world, crawling with the Depraved. Infected with Lethe, they no longer remember the people or dreams they were once willing to fight for, and are left instead with familiar voices that whisper dark and unfamiliar words within their minds. Instinct is all that keeps the diseased struggling to exist another day.

Deep underground, below Iris, exists a compound, prison to the Nameless who traded their freedom for the cure to Lethe. It is here that 736 fights to protect those she loves. Not against the Depraved that she's taught to fear, but against the society that saved her from that fate. She was willing to trade away her rights to regain the ability to form memories, but she won't let the cult that cured her treat the lives of the Nameless like a resource to be used and discarded. At least, not without a fight.

How much is 736 willing to sacrifice for revenge against her captors? For those she cares about? For freedom? Everything has a cost, what would you be willing to pay?

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ISBN-13: 9781640670006
Publisher: Cloud Kitten Publishing
Publication date: 09/07/2017
Series: Seventh River , #1
Pages: 530
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.18(d)

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Aletheia 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Camille Dent More than 1 year ago
**I received a free PDF version of Aletheia for review. However, this does not affect the honesty of my review** Check out my full video review here: Aletheia is about a post-apocalyptic community, Iris, fighting for their survival against the diseased world outside. Their population is divided into seven divisions of specialized labor, though a new mysterious eighth has been announced at the beginning of the book. Our protagonist (736--each division member is given a number rather than a name) is in division seven, the fighters who actually go outside to scavenge supplies and kill diseased people whom they call the "depraved." The purpose of division six is only hinted, and it took me a long time to figure it out. The other divisions' purposes are not even implied. During one of her missions outside, 736 encounters uninfected people who make her begin to question the "facts" she is given in Iris. Frankly, this book is about twice as long as it needs to be. The first 150-ish pages could have been cut almost entirely, and the story wouldn't have missed them. It moves at a consistently slow pace, even during action scenes. The narrative is padded with redundant description and questions from the protagonist. Pretty much every situation is set up specifically to showcase the protagonist as a strong character, but then she falls in love and becomes completely pitiful whenever she is in her lover's presence. Aletheia is the first book in The Seventh River series, and it does not hold much weight on its own. Tennant creates a world, knowing it will be destroyed by the end of the first book, and the result is an underdeveloped setting. I do think that Tennant has a lot of potential as a writer. I'm definitely interested to see where she goes after what I read from Aletheia story-wise and may continue the series, but unfortunately, the writing falls short.
Nina378 More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book! I must say I was a tad bit nervous going in because I haven’t been able to find any good dystopian stories lately, but this one delivered! I thought the world building was one of the strongest elements because it really is so hard these days to construct a dystopian society without it being compared to bigger classics like the Hunger Games, Divergent, or Legend. But the world was unique and I enjoyed learning more and more about it as I read on. The plot was engaging and fast paced. I will say there were some predictable moments, but overall I enjoyed the twists and turns that continued up until the end. The characterization of this book was also on point, everyone had a distinct personality and I could actually picture these being real people. I didn’t think the characters resonated that much with me until I got to the climax and realized how much I wanted them all to survive and make it out. ALSO THE MAIN CHARACTER OF THIS BOOK IS A BI GIRL AND THAT MAKES ME SO HAPPY. It’s been one of my goals of 2017 to read more books with diverse women in them, so it was a pleasant surprise to see that the main character wasn’t another straight white girl like every other dystopian main character. Also there was a good amount of diversity of sexual orientations among the side characters which was also nice to see. Another point on diversity that I need to mention is that I loved how the main character didn’t overcome her fears easily. The author didn’t shove aside the character's limitations when it was convenient, but instead wove those into the story in a way that was really realistic. (Sorry if that doesn't make sense but I don't want to spoil anything lol) Overall I would recommend this book if you are looking for a new dystopian! You will enjoy this if you like darker books with strong resilient characters and solid world building. On a side note, this book does contain possible triggers for sexual assault and one brief scene with self harm.
NeonWolf More than 1 year ago