Aligning with the Divine: Finding Your Power, Passion, and Purpose Through Self-Awareness and Self-Love

Aligning with the Divine: Finding Your Power, Passion, and Purpose Through Self-Awareness and Self-Love

by Chantelle Renee


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We are living in amazing times. Many people are awakening from their spiritual slumber and are seeking the deeper meanings of existence. Many are discovering that we are far more powerful than we have been led to believe—we are a direct reflection of creation; eternal beings of energy and light.

At this time of great growth in human consciousness, now is the time to reclaim our power and to align with the divine. The wisdom shared within the pages of this book offers a simplified understanding of relatively difficult concepts. We hope these ideas will inspire you to join us on a path towards spiritual awareness and empowerment. We hope you travel well on this quest of awakening to your true power—the power that lies dormant within you.

This book will teach you about ancient principles that unlock some of the universe’s best-kept secrets. It will serve you as you learn to cultivate compassion, to understand your fellow human beings more deeply, and to nurture your own inner peace and spiritual prosperity.

As you read this book, you will learn, through simple, practical steps:

• how to use the laws of physics to manifest a life of your choosing

• how to understand the human body’s energy systems

• how to practice energy awareness and management

• how to navigate your emotional state

• how to love yourself on a deeper level

• how to free yourself from sabotaging patterns that prevent your life from flowing in harmony with creation

• how to become self-aware, and

• how to create with emotion.

By reading this book you will:

• become more in tune with your intuition; your own direct connection with spirit

• go deeply into your subconscious mind

• challenge your borrowed beliefs, and

• free yourself from the bondage of a limiting perspective.

This book is a resource that you can turn to again and again to assist you in your sacred journey of exploration, experience, and spiritual expansion. We hope that this book will serve you in your awakening, empower you to connect directly to the divine, and lead you to your life’s purpose. Fueled by the clarity of your intentions, may you pursue your dreams fearlessly and manifest abundantly!

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ISBN-13: 9781504390729
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 12/11/2017
Pages: 212
Sales rank: 797,279
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About the Author

Chantelle Renee is an intuitive writer who helps facilitate transformational healing and spiritual empowerment in others through merging spirituality and science. She has run several home-based businesses that have allowed her to be a dedicated, stay-at-home mother of two children. She has been married to the love of her life since 2000. Chantelle has lived in many U.S. states, and has learned, grown, and expanded within diverse communities-knowing always that our real home is in our hearts. Chantelle's trials and triumphs have inspired her own spiritual growth and she has found her calling and passion in serving humanity by bringing forth the spiritually empowering wisdom in this book.

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The Energetic, Living Universe

"All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force. ... We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter."

— Max Planck

Do you realize that you are a creative entity, infinitely powerful, and responsible for manifesting into reality everything that you see in your own world? You are!

In this chapter, we will delve into the phenomenon of the energetic universe. Have you ever considered how your individual energy field ties in with the energy of the vast universe? Listed below are some ideas to help you reflect upon this notion. Use the Notes pages included at the end of this book, or take some quiet time with your journal and meditate on each of the following concepts. Write down your insights and intuitive perceptions. As you sit with each idea listed below, remember the adage, As Above, So Below.

• The scientific insights of the first verse of The Bible are profound. In Genesis 1:1, it says that God created the heavens and the earth. From this, we can ascertain that time, space, and matter were created by a Supreme Being:

* In the beginning (Time),

* *God* created the heavens (Space),

* and the earth (Matter).

The physical world that *God* created 'in the beginning' has an incredibly efficient and effective design. *God's* creation is wondrous, miraculous, harmonious, magical — and above all, mysterious. Despite everything our scientists know about the true origins and mechanics of our physical universe, we have only begun to scratch the surface of understanding the secret, creative mechanics of our universe.

Inspired by this Divine mystery, we each set out on our soul's journey of exploration, expansion, and evolution. We are, after all, Divine beings, having a physical experience. Can you see that you, a spirit experiencing time and space, are fully capable of creating matter? *God* the Creator lives both within us and outside of us, and extends his unconditional love and creativity to us. Can you acknowledge that you are *God*? Can you accept that you can manifest anything that you wish to have ... simply by thinking and feeling it into being?

• We are eternal, intelligent energy. Our awareness that everything is energy offers us the opportunity to enter our power as creators of our own experience. Everything is connected and all is one — this is the Divine Law of Oneness.

In Matthew 5: 14-16 it says:

You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

What this means is that as the light of the world, you are made up, in your DNA, of Divine light, of electromagnetic fields of energy. Open your heart and mind to this cosmic connection; the cosmos run through your veins and every fiber of your being. Let your Divine light shine out for all to see!

• As we look through the lens of our human eyes, we think we can see the whole world. But quantum physics has confirmed that space and time are illusions of perception and that what we perceive with our five-senses human system is not the only reality. When we look at the quantum electromagnetic spectrum, for example, we realize that we are only seeing a tiny percentage of what is really going on around us. We are constantly giving out and receiving frequencies that we cannot perceive with our human senses. This is why it is important to strengthen your own intuition and practice energy awareness. Divine energy surrounds us at all times and we have the power — through our awareness and intention — of pulling unlimited amounts of pure source energy from the unified field.

When we explore the concept that science and spirituality are connected forces, we open up many new avenues of thought and become empowered to align with the Divine as extensions of *God*, as creative entities — as the crux of creation itself. As we begin to merge spirituality and science, we come to a whole new understanding of our power as energetic, vibrational beings. We realize that the universe is always working on our behalf. By engaging fully with and embracing Divine energy, we can step into our power as creators.

All matter is energy condensed to a slow vibration; we are all one consciousness experiencing itself. The universe works in perfect harmony, and to flow with it (and not against it), we must clean up the disharmony within ourselves. So, do not resist your power — tap in, allow, and flow with the energy of the cosmos!


The Universal Natural Laws

"Now think about the Universal Law. It reflects to you exactly and precisely what you put out. If your thought-forms say, "I haven't got a clue about what I want," the Universal Law is going to say, "Listen, mate, if you haven't got a clue, neither have I."

— Stuart Wilde

A Brief History of New Thought and Hermetic Thought

Those of us who embrace the New Thought realities of our twenty-first century are entering a new vibration, we are transcending our past limitations and opening up to the limitless possibilities of creation. As we have seen, there is an endless sea of cosmic energy available to us — and it allows us to manifest abundantly. So, keep your heart and mind open to receiving your infinite, limitless, creative potential!

As an adherent of New Thought concepts, you have no doubt discovered that there are numerous powerful, life-changing, ancient insights that were not taught to you in school. These archaic ideas, known generally as "Hermetic principles," are the basis of the New Thought (or, as some call it, the "New Age") movement. These spiritual principles, universal laws, and laws of nature govern every aspect of our world, the universe, and the entire cosmos. They are as real as the law of physics (in fact they are the metaphysical laws of physics!) and they play an intricate part in your life — whether you are aware of it or not.

In a nutshell, the Hermetic principles are grounded in the mystical and secret teachings of ancient India, Egypt, and Greece, societies which employed sacred geometry, ancient cosmology, and natural philosophy to confirm their belief that the universe (and all of creation) has its source in an intelligent, Divine design, and that this design was, is, and ever shall be, the source of all.

Thus, the same age-old, universal laws that guided and determined the lives and fates of our ancestors are the self-same laws that we can use for self-actualization, to follow our dreams and to fulfill our lives, passion, and purpose.

In this chapter, we look at a little bit of arcane history — and a little bit of modern history, to discover that when we embrace the principles and belief systems that were used by our forbearers over 5,000 years ago, and apply them to our modern lives, we can become creators with the Divine! But we do not need to become historians of Egyptian philosophy or ancient Greek religions to tap into this wisdom, for our modern philosophers and thinkers have already done all the work for us. Take the powerful "New Age" concepts of the Law of Attraction and the idea that Thoughts are Things, for example. The late Dr. Wayne Dyer talked about these theories in his Power of Intention books; Esther Hicks, Jerry Hicks, and Abraham expounded upon them in their Law of Attraction series; and Rhonda Byrne addressed them in her famous book and movie, The Secret. Countless other human potential writers have played upon these concepts too: Neville Goddard, Bob Proctor, Pam Grout, Eric Pearl — all have embraced these inspirational ideas. Their books explain that if you put these notions into practice you can improve your life and manifest your destiny. Their books are filled with unique, imaginative ideas about routines and systems you can use to make your dreams a reality — and they are all based on the conviction that the Law of Attraction is a fundamental law that works in tandem with the concept that thoughts are things. When you look a little deeper, you realize that many of these authors are actually writing about the seven principles of Hermetic Thought!

The principle that thoughts are things was first modernized by the insightful, best-selling author Napoleon Hill in his landmark book Think and Grow Rich. First published in 1937, it sold twenty million copies and taught ordinary people how to make a fortune by thinking positively and strategically. Think and Grow Rich was based upon Hill's earlier book, the 1928 Law of Success which he wrote at the behest of the great Dale Carnegie, author of the blockbuster book How to Win Friends and Influence People and the first twentieth century thinker to introduce the idea that thoughts are things. Carnegie's book sold five million copies in twenty years.

It is a testament to their enduring wisdom that these books have captured the attention of generations of truth seekers. While the language and tone of Hill's and Carnegie's books speak to the sentiments and worldviews of a different era, Dyer, Byrne, the Hicks's, and others have taken these basic ideas and reworked them for the twenty-first century, adding in self-improvement tips and tricks to expand on the basic principles expressed by Hill and Carnegie.

But these transformational ideas were not original to these authors — and that is important in the context of our quantum exploration. Carnegie likely got his ideas from nineteenth century essayist, philosopher, and poet Ralph Waldo Emerson, who is thought of as a "grandfather of the New Age." As a leader of the Transcendentalist Movement, it was he who propounded the idea of "the power of positive thinking." But the idea was not original to Emerson, either, for it was founded in the wisdom of the Neoplatonists of the early centuries CE and the Greek Platonists Plotinus, Proclus, and Plutarch — and they got their ideas from Pythagoras and Trismegistus and Zoroaster. Wow!

Ultimately, as you can see, the trajectory of the ideas that "thinking positively creates positive outcomes" and that "thoughts are things" can be traced back through time to the philosophy of such ancient thinkers as the Greek mathematician and philosopher, Pythagoras of Samos; the Egyptian god-king Hermes Trismegistus; the Persian prophet Zoroaster; and even to Babylonian and Akkadian myths! Indeed, we might have to go back beyond written time to find the source of this wisdom!

So, in the twenty-first century, we have taken these ideas, rooted deep in history, and incorporated them into a modern self-development paradigm which teaches that we can reconstruct ourselves by thinking positively — how cool is it that! Our modern pursuits are the same as those of our ancestors from hundreds of centuries past! For the ancients, self-development was a sacred calling, inspired by ethereal gods and guided by myth.

Today, we reconstruct ourselves, we strive to be the best versions of ourselves for both spiritual and secular reasons, and we follow the "positive thinking" model because we know it works. However, while philosophers, self-help gurus, and healers from arcane to modern times have propounded that thinking positively works, they do not tell us why or how. To find out, we have to look to science, back beyond Greek philosophers, Egyptian sages, and Babylonian mages, to the beginning of time.

Thoughts are Things

As noted, the fundamental concept behind the Law of Manifestation is that "Thoughts are things." This profound idea can influence your life in significant ways! As we have seen — and as we will see later in this book — many people today are using this concept to manifest their destiny and change their lives through the power of positive thinking, using positive affirmations. But why do optimistic thoughts and affirmations work so well? It's simple — thinking positively activates a scientific process based upon the operations of quantum physics. What you think and say out loud puts the creative power of the universe into action.

The science of manifestation — thinking and affirming your way to realizing your dreams — is rarely explained in a manner that can be understood. Sometimes, it seems that it's a secret known only to quantum physicists. But this mystery is worth exploring because understanding it will bring us closer to living the lives we want to live. So, we're going on a little trip — into the quantum universe!

On our journey into the science underlying the effectiveness of positive affirmations, we have to go deep into the past, back beyond recorded time. It is a long journey into this distant past, and to navigate the road ahead, we'll need sacred guides. The guides we will use are the mystical shapes and forms of sacred geometry, the building blocks of life.

Studying sacred geometry proves that thoughts are — and, from the beginning, always have been — things. So, into the science of sacred geometry we go....

Sacred geometry combines geometry with a spiritual understanding of the universe and of nature. It reveals the interrelationship between gravity and energy, mass and time — and their effect on the natural and spiritual worlds. In sacred geometry, we find the key to the creation of the universe, the reason why thoughts are things and why affirmations, said aloud, are among the most creative forces in the cosmos.

It is said in The Bible that, "In the beginning ... the earth was without form and darkness was upon the face of the deep" (Genesis 1:1-2) and that, "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God" (John 1:1).

Because the word *God* means so many different things to so many people, for the purposes of this investigation, we'll call the creator "the Divine," and refer to the Divine as both male and female. And we'll keep in mind that another word for "the Divine" is "Love."

Sacred geometers (mathematicians who study geometry) say that this Divine Word, or Logos, was the loving source of all creation, and that from the geometrical configuration of the Logos, all of creation was realized.

How? The Prime Cause, the vibrating I Am Love consciousness that was/is the Divine (the so-called 'Zero Point thought'), wished to know and experience Himself. His loving desire was so great that from out of the nothingness that was the Divine spun a somethingness, an infinite circle of blissful, loving Awareness. And so it was that this circle was imprinted upon the darkness. A single form manifested out of the formless void. Divine thought became a thing.

When this happened, what was whole became for the first time divided; the Divine thought herself into being! For sacred geometers, this sacred circle was made of light and had the sound of "Aum." That sound was the Logos — the Word. So, Divine Love vibrated in the anti-matter of the cosmos, and from Love, a dynamic sound and a particle of light emanated. The vibration caused by the marriage of light and sound projected a second circle upon the void, the so-called Vesica Pisces ("Veh-si-kah Pisk-kehs"), one circle overlapping another circle. Thus, from out of a loving thought came the Word and out of the Word the first complex, sacred form emerged!

From out of the Vesica Pisces spun all of the sacred geometrical shapes that are the basic building blocks of nature — the Flower of Life, The Fruit of Life, Metatron's Cube, the Phi Spiral, and the Golden Mean Rectangle. The Fibonacci number sequence too, long revered as descriptive of the beauty and proportion in science and nature, is concealed within these geometric configurations. It is beyond the scope of this book to describe the profound metaphysical meanings of these shapes, but suffice it to say that from these quintessential shapes, every known form and substance in our world can be created. And, when you comprehend the secret science that underlies sacred geometry, you can become the creator!

Sacred geometrical shapes are richly symbolic, showing us that everything in the known and unknown universe is interconnected, that every facet of reality spins out of un-reality. The whole is the sum of its dynamic parts, the inner is in balance with the outer, and earth and spirit resonate in oneness. Sacred geometry shows us that the infinite, creative universal mind and the consciousness of humanity are one and the same! In a phrase: You are God.


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Table of Contents

List of Illustrations, xiii,
Note to Reader, xv,
Preface, xvii,
Acknowledgments, xxi,
Introduction, xxiii,
Chapter 1 The Energetic, Living Universe, 1,
Chapter 2 The Universal Natural Laws, 5,
Chapter 3 Earth – The Cosmic College, 33,
Chapter 4 Energy Awareness, 43,
Chapter 5 Intuition – Our Soul's Navigation, 79,
Chapter 6 Breaking the Chains – Limiting Core Beliefs, 93,
Chapter 7 Relationships: Mirrors for our Expansion, 105,
Chapter 8 Taming the Ego, 113,
Chapter 9 Creating with Emotion, 133,
Chapter 10 Law of Attraction, 147,
Chapter 11 Your Action Plan – Manifesting your Dreams, 155,
Chapter 12 Conclusion, 163,
Works Cited – Reading List, 167,
Notes, 173,
About the Author, 183,

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