All the Silent Spaces: A Memoir

All the Silent Spaces: A Memoir

by Christine Ristaino
All the Silent Spaces: A Memoir

All the Silent Spaces: A Memoir

by Christine Ristaino


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In September 2007, Christine Ristaino was attacked in a store parking lot while her three- and five-year-old children watched. In All the Silent Spaces, Ristaino shares what it felt like to be an ordinary person confronted with an extraordinary event—a woman trying to deal with acute trauma even as she went on with her everyday life, working at a university and parenting two children with her husband. She not only narrates how this event changed her but also tells how looking at the event through both the reactions of her community and her own sensibility allowed her to finally face two other violent episodes she had previously experienced. As new memories surfaced after the attack, it took everything in Ristaino’s power to not let catastrophe unravel the precarious threads holding everything together. Moving between the greater issues associated with violence and the personal voyage of overcoming grief, All the Silent Spaces is about letting go of what you think you know in order to rebuild.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781631525698
Publisher: She Writes Press
Publication date: 07/09/2019
Pages: 280
Sales rank: 821,159
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x (d)

About the Author

Christine Ristaino teaches Italian and is the faculty advisor for a number of programs related to social justice at Emory University. She has coauthored an academic publication titled Lucrezia Marinella and the “Querelle des Femmes” in Seventeenth-Century Italy and the first edition of a book series, The Italian Virtual Class. Ristaino specializes in Italian language pedagogy, language teaching, cultural acquisition, community engaged learning, and Italian memoir. She writes and publishes articles and op-eds on overcoming violence, having difficult conversations, and equity.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Ten Year Anniversary xi

Retrogression Defined xiii

Prologue xiv

Chapter 1 Victims 1

Chapter 2 Separated 7

Chapter 3 Reverend Conversations 9

Chapter 4 Interrogations 14

Chapter 5 Homeward Bound 18

Chapter 6 Little Man 21

Chapter 7 Dreamy Girl 26

Chapter 8 Fatherhood 29

Chapter 9 Fatherhood, Take Two 35

Chapter 10 Search Terms 42

Chapter 11 Messiah Complex 49

Chapter 12 Wolves 55

Chapter 13 Grandma, Wendy and Anne 60

Chapter 14 Italian Americans and American Italians 66

Chapter 15 Barbs 71

Chapter 16 Aikido 74

Chapter 17 Grief 78

Chapter 18 The Parking Attendant 81

Chapter 19 Intuition 85

Chapter 20 Eitan 90

Chapter 21 She Just Say That? 96

Chapter 22 Cartoons 103

Chapter 23 Misunderstanding 106

Chapter 24 Samir and His Wife 109

Chapter 25 Waiting for Repairs 114

Chapter 26 My Work 121

Chapter 27 Pandora's Box 126

Chapter 28 Seduced and Abandoned 131

Chapter 29 Falling Up 134

Chapter 30 Please Don't Throw Food 137

Chapter 31 Juvie 147

Chapter 32 Relocated Yankees 151

Chapter 33 Missed Opportunities 157

Chapter 34 Nolo Contendere 165

Chapter 35 Gidget's Got Gadgets 174

Chapter 36 Preaching to the Choir 177

Chapter 37 Raising Men 180

Chapter 38 Waiting Women of the Eighties 183

Chapter 39 Going Soft 187

Chapter 40 Spring Thaw 190

Chapter 41 My Writing Circle 195

Chapter 42 Haunts 203

Chapter 43 Climbing Up and Out 206

Chapter 44 Twins 212

Chapter 45 Rupert 215

Chapter 46 How to Save a Life 220

Chapter 47 Spelling Bee 226

Chapter 48 Women in Parking Lots 229

Chapter 49 When All Else Fails 235

Chapter 50 Goodbye to the Man 240

Chapter 51 All the Silent Spaces 245

Epilogue: Running Unafraid 249

Afterword: Atrophy 253

Acknowledgments 257

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