American Conspiracies: Lies, Lies, and More Dirty Lies that the Government Tells Us

American Conspiracies: Lies, Lies, and More Dirty Lies that the Government Tells Us


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American Conspiracies: Lies, Lies, and More Dirty Lies that the Government Tells Us by Jesse Ventura

In this explosive account of wrongful acts and ensuing cover-ups, Jesse Ventura takes a systematic look at the wide gap between what the government knows and when the government knows it, and what is revealed to the American people and when it is revealed. The media is complicit in these acts of deception, often refusing to consider alternate possibilities and dismissing voices that diverge from public opinion. In American Conspiracies , Ventura looks closely at the theories that have been presented over the years and examines the truth, as well as the lies.

The assassinations of Abraham Lincoln, the Kennedys, and Martin Luther King Jr.—these cases and more need to be re-examined in Ventura’s eyes. Was Watergate presented honestly, or was the CIA involved? Did the Republican Party set out to purposefully steal two elections? Has all of the evidence on 9/11 been presented, or is there another angle that the media is afraid to explore? And finally, is the collapse of today’s financial order and the bailout plan by the Federal Reserve the widest-reaching conspiracy ever perpetrated? Nothing gets by Jesse Ventura in American Conspiracies.

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ISBN-13: 9781616082147
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing
Publication date: 04/04/2011
Pages: 272
Sales rank: 173,647
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Jesse Ventura is the former governor of Minnesota and author of four national bestsellers, including 63 Documents the Government Doesn't Want You to Read and American Conspiracies. Ventura is the host of the television show Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura on truTV.

Dick Russell is a nationally respected activist, environmentalist, and author of critically acclaimed books, including, with Jesse Ventura, The New York Times bestsellers 63 Documents the Government Doesn't Want You to Read and American Conspiracies. He is also the author of On the Trail of the JFK Assassins and The Man Who Knew Too Much. Russell has been published in many of the nation's top magazines and has been a guest on numerous national TV and radio programs, including the NBC Nightly News.

Table of Contents

Introduction ix

1 The First Not-Alone-Nut John Wilkes Booth 1

2 The Big-Money Plot to Overthrow FDR 11

3 The Kennedy Assassination: Biggest Cover-Up of My Lifetime 22

4 The Assassination Malcolm X 44

5 The Murder Dr. Martin Luther King 53

6 The Assassination Robert Kennedy 65

7 Watergate Revisited: The CIA's War Against Nixon 77

8 The Jonestown Massacre 94

9 "October Surprise": The First Stolen Election 104

10 Your Government Dealing Drugs 113

11 The Stolen Elections of 2000, 2004 (And Almost 2008) 128

12 What Really Happened on September 11? 142

13 The Wall Street Conspiracy 164

14 The Secret Plans to End American Democracy 183

15 Lyme Disease: A Germ-Warfare Experiment Gone Awry 201

16 The Gulf Oil Spill: A Pre-Planned Disaster? 208

Epilogue 216

Further Reading 219

Notes 224

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American Conspiracies: Lies, Lies, and More Dirty Lies That the Government Tells Us 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
SWA7X More than 1 year ago
American Conspiracies is a very unique book in that Jesse Ventura investigates several of the significant political catastrophes that have befallen our country in the last century such as 9/11, Watergate, the Jonestown Massacre, and several of the presidential or significant political figure assassinations. Ventura challenges what our government has "told us" to believe, and plants seeds of doubt and uncertainty through uncovering the evidence that is hidden beneath the surface of the many reports of each incident. It is clear that Ventura is very passionate about uncovering the truth, and therefore devotes his full effort and attention to his pursuit, which he details in this book. The wide variety of theories that Ventura presents are for the most part sound and are made based upon significant evidence and analysis, which will appeal to a reader with an open mind. This book really appealed to me in that it brought into question several events and occurrences for which I had been told that something had happened, and I had no doubt in my mind that it had occurred the way I had been told. For instance, I had always been told that when John F. Kennedy was murdered, he was shot and killed by Lee Harvey Oswald, and that there was no debate to be had about it. However, in his book, Ventura points out that the angle at which President Kennedy was hit by the bullet was impossible from the position that Oswald was in when he fired from the Book Depository. This simple fact alone raises several questions: Could Oswald have fired the fatal shot? Was there a second shooter? Is there more to this than meets the eye? No one will truly ever know, however Ventura seeks to open our eyes and prevent us from simply accepting a façade, as opposed to what truly happened. Being an accomplished Governor, US Navy Seal, and professional wrestler does not always allow room to have the command and control of syntax and diction that a well-practiced writer has. In some parts of the book, the flow of the story seemed rather choppy due to poor syntax, which slightly detracted from the immediate readability of the book. However, the few instances of poor syntax did not detract from the overall meaning of the book, nor from the evidence and theories presented by Ventura. I also do not believe that the sometimes underdeveloped syntax detracts from Ventura's authority on each of the issues he investigates. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and felt that the way the various conspiracy theories were presented were both sound and justified in that any claim he made had evidence behind it, to prevent any critics from calling his book outlandish or far-fetched. This book definitely challenged my beliefs about several significant events in the history of the United States, and I would definitely recommend it to those who want to have their eyes opened to the reality of our government. I would recommend this book for any high school or college-level readers who have a desire to understand more about the United States government, and how we, as citizens, need to question anything that they tell us. I'm afraid that any younger readers would not understand the implications as to what this book is suggesting, and would take what Ventura has said out of context, and relay erroneous and falsified information to their friends or family, making them have no desire to read the book. I would highly recommend this book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Open_Minded_One More than 1 year ago
If you are a conspiracy buff or just interested in the REAL history of this country(US) then this book is for you! Great read from the point of view of the author. He brings you through many questionable points in US history from JFK and Watergate to 9/11 and the current economic meltdown as the events unfolded. Then he speaks on the same subject but from later in his life. He really did his homework by gathering as many facts as possible from other authors as well as the public record.