American Negro Poetry: An Anthology

American Negro Poetry: An Anthology

by Arna Bontemps (Editor)


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ISBN-13: 9780809015641
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux
Publication date: 12/31/1995
Series: American Century Series
Edition description: Reissue
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 827,562
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.58(d)

About the Author

Arna Bontemps (1902-1973), produced more than twenty-five novels, anthologies, children's books, and histories of black life, including the novel God Sends Sunday and The Story of the Negro. Bontemps's later years were spent at Fisk University as chief librarian and writer-in-residence.

Table of Contents


James Weldon Johnson
"O Black and Unknown Bards"
"Go Down Death (A Funeral Sermon)"

Paul Laurence Dunbar
"The Debt"
"My Sort o' Man"
"The Party"
"A Song"
"We Wear the Mask"

William Stanley Braithwaite

Angelina W. Grimké
"To Clarissa Scott Delany"
"The Black Finger"

Anne Spencer
"For Jim, Easter Eve"
"Lines to a Nasturtium (A lover muses)"
"Letter to My Sister"

Effie Lee Newsome
"Morning Light the Dew-Drief"

Georgia Douglas Johnson
"Common Dust"
"The Poet Speaks"
"I Want to Die While You Love Me"
"Your World"

Fenton Johnson
"The Daily Grind"
"The World Is a Mighty Ogre"
"A Negro Peddler's Song"
"The Old Repair Man"

Claude McKay
"The Tropics in New York"
"St. Isaac's Church, Petrograd"
"If We Must Die"
"The White House"

Jean Toomer
"Georgia Dusk"
"Song of the Son"
"Brown River, Smile"

0Melvin B. Tolson
"Dark Symphony"

Frank Horne
"Kid Stuff"
"Notes Found Near a Suicide"
"To a Persistent Phantom"

Marcus B. Christian
"McDonogh Day in New Orleans"
"Dialect Quatrain"

Sterling A. Brown
"Sister Lou"
"When de Saints Go Ma'chin' Home"

Clarissa Scott Delany

Langston Hughes
"Brass Spittons"
"The Negro Speaks of Rivers"
"I, Too"
"Bound No'th Blues"
"Dream Variation"
"Mother to Son"
"Lenox Avenue Mural"
"Pennsylvania Station"
"I Dream a World"
"Without Benefit of Declaration"

Gwendolyn B. Bennett
"Sonnet I"
"Sonnet II"

Arna Bontemps
"A Black Man Talks of Reaping"
"Close Your Eyes!"
"The Day-Breakers"
"Golgotha Is a Mountain"
"Southern Mansion"
"Nocturne at Bethesda"

Countee Cullen
"Heritage (For Harold Jackman)"
"That Bright Chimeric Beast"
"Yet Do I Marvel"
"Four Epitaphs"
"Simon the Cyrenian Speaks"

Donald Jeffrey Hayes

Jonathan Brooks
"The Resurrection"

Frank Marshall Davis
"Flowers of Darkness"
"Four Glimpses of Night"

Waring Cuney
"No Images"

Helene Johnson
"The Road"
"Sonnet to a Negro in Harlem"

Richard Wright
"Between the World and Me"
"Hokku Poems"

Charles Enoch Wheeler

Pauli Murray
"Without Name"
"Dark Testament"

Robert Hayden
"A Ballad of Remembrance"
"Witch Doctor"
"Middle Passage"
"Fredrick Douglas"

Dudley Randall
"I Loved You Once (From the Russian of Alexander Pushkin)"

Owen Dodson
"Sorrow Is the Only Faithful One"
"Drunken Lover"
"Sickle Pears (For Glidden Parker)"
"Hymn Written After Jeremiah Preached to Me in a Dream"
"Yardbird's Skull (For Charlie Parker)"
"Sailors on Leave"

Leslie M. Collins

Margaret Walker
"For My People"
"Molly Means"
"October Journey"

Frank Yerby
"The Fishes and the Poet's Hands"
"You Are a Part of Me"
"Calm After Storm"

Samuel Allen
"A Moment Please"
"To Satch"

Catherine Cater
"Here and Now"

Gwendolyn Brooks
"The Old-Marrieds"
"Piano After War"
"The Chicago Defender Sends a Man to Little Rock, Fall, 1957"

Bruce McM. Wright
"The African Affair"

Alfred A. Duckett

Myron O'Higgins
"Sunset Horn"

M. Carl Holman
"And on This Shore"
"Letter Across Doubt and Distance"
"Notes for a Movie Script"

Yvonne Gregory
"Christmas Lullaby for a New-Born"

Margaret Danner
"Far From Africa: Four Poems"
"The Slave and the Iron Lace"

G. C. Oden
"A Private Letter to Brazil"
"The Carousel"
"' . . . As When Emotion Too Far Exceeds Its Cause'"
"The Map"

Mari E. Evans
"The Rebel"
"When in Rome"
"The Emancipation of George-Hector (a colored turtle)"

Oliver Pitcher
"Raison d'Etre"

James P. Vaughn
"Four Questions Addressed to His Excellency, the Prime Minister"

Russell Atkins
"At War"
"Irritable Song"
"It's Here In The"

Ted Jones
"Lester Young"
"Voice in the Crowd"

William Browne
"Harelm Sounds: Hallelujah Corner"

James A. Emanuel
"The Voyage of Jimmy Poo"
"The Treehouse"
"Get Up, Blues"

Conrad Kent Rivers
"Four Sheets to the Wind and a One-Way Ticket to France, 1933"
"To Richard Wright"

LeRoi Jones
"Preface to a Twenty Volume Suicide Note"
"The Invention of Comics"
"As a Possible Lover"
"The End of Man Is His Beauty"

Clarence Major
"Celebrated Return"

Julia Fields
"No Time for Poetry"

Horace Julian Bond
"The Bishop of Atlanta: Ray Charles"

Carl Wendell Hines, Jr.
"Two Jazz Poems"

Bob Kaufman
"Cocoa Morning"
"I Have Folded My Sorrows"
"African Dream"
"Battle Report"
"Forget to Not"

Richard A. Long
"Hearing James Brown at the Café des Nattes"
"Juan de Pareja"

Audre Lorde
"If You Come Softly"

Calvin C. Hernton
"Young Negro Poet"

Helen Armstead Johnson

Naomi Long Madgett
"Woman with Flower"

Lucille Clifton
"Good Times"

Larry Neal
"Malcolm X-An Autobiography"

Don L. Lee
"But He Was Cool"

Nikki Giovanni
"My Poem"
"Knoxville, Tennessee"
"The Funeral of Martin Luther King, Jr."
"Kidnap Poem"
"A Robin's Poem"

Frank Lamont Phillips
"No Smiles"

Marvin Wyche, Jr.
"And She Was Bad"
"We Rainclouds"
"Five Sense"

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