American Witch

American Witch

by Thea Harrison


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ISBN-13: 9781947046177
Publisher: Teddy Harrison LLC
Publication date: 04/29/2019
Series: American Witch , #1
Pages: 476
Sales rank: 339,845
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.96(d)

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American Witch 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 49 reviews.
Anonymous 20 days ago
Anonymous 17 days ago
I loved this book. It's so refreshing to read about heroes/heroines that are a bit older. This book is action packed, emotional, and grips you right from the start. I can't wait for the next one!
Anonymous 20 days ago
Anonymous 21 days ago
Anonymous 21 days ago
Anonymous 5 hours ago
Loved it. Looking forward to this author’s next book.
valerie holm 5 hours ago
What I liked: American Witch was engaging from the start. Mary was easy to identify with, and her decisions were reasonable. I liked that the main couple had a moment of passion, but did not immediately disclose eternal love for each other. They recognized their shared desire did not guarantee a relationship would be the best for them under current circumstances. Experiencing Mary coming into her witch powers was tense and exciting. The big battle at the end of the story shows Mary, Josiah, and other coven members are going to be a formidable force. I cannot wait to see where the rest of the American Witch series goes. What I didn't like: Honestly, the plot mechanics used to get Mary out of her current life was predictable to a point. The conflict with her husband, and the repercussions of their break up, I saw coming. I will say that in the end, that predictability did not matter. Watching the characters develop, and their priorities change overshadowed what little I didn't like.
LexyStanton 2 days ago
What a fantastically fun read! I devoured this book—twice! It was a delight to read about a character who is such a smart cookie. And one of the best beginning lines: “the roaring in her ears was the sound of all the balls she’d been juggling for years that were now crashing at her feet.” Molly is awakening in many ways: realizing her marriage has been a sham, struggling with the strange events happening within and around her, and experiencing inexplicable intense chemistry with Josiah Mason. But she handles it all with smart choices, reasoned thinking softened by emotion, and takes her own needs off the back burner for the first time in her life. I loved following Molly’s emergence into her new life and was only sorry that the book wasn’t longer. I’m looking forward to more emerging about Molly as the series progresses.
Anonymous 10 days ago
OK, but not as good as much of her work.
Anonymous 10 days ago
A really good book.
Evampire9 14 days ago
Molly Sullivan has been pushed over the edge by her cheating husband and suddenly all the inexplicable things that has been happening around her: electrical surges, car breakdowns, visions start to make more sense as she realizes that she has power and it is awakening. A powerful witch, Josiah Mason is the leader of a secret coven with a shared goal, to destroy an ancient enemy. He prepared for every contingency – except encountering a beautiful witch with not understanding of the immense Power building inside of her. Uncovering a dangerous secret has someone wanting to Molly dead so she turns to Josiah for help which has a spark igniting between them but with danger escalating will either one of them live long enough to give being in a relationship a try? This new Elder Race story is an enthralling and empowering read that readers find impossible to put down. The characters are strong, convincing and easily demand attention with the heroine overcoming a lot and finally coming into her own as she learns to control her burgeoning powers and regain the confidence in herself that she lost. The hero has let revenge shape his life and turned him cold which makes this read an emotionally gripping read and readers can’t help but become caught up in the changes that happen to couple throughout this story. The chemistry between Molly and Josiah splendidly electrical and as powerful as the magic flowing through their veins and readers can practically feel the burn as this combustible romance takes off. The fast paced plot is full of thrilling events that steadily builds suspense throughout the story ensuring that readers don’t want to miss a second of what is happening and unexpected twists ensures that they can’t possibly predict the outcome and an adrenaline pumping magical battle which makes this one magical, thrilling and empowering reading experience.
Anonymous 14 days ago
Loved! Can’t wait for the next one in the series
Anonymous 14 days ago
Kpitt07 15 days ago
I received an advanced copy for an honest review. This book certainly lived up to Thea Harrison standards of strong characters. It takes place in her Elder Race world. The beginning chapter hooked completely! Molly walked up to her husband during a dinner party and dropped a pair of panties in his martini glass. What a statement to build from. I also liked that our main character was not a 20 something still trying to find herself. It was refreshing to read a book about a woman over 40. I gave this 4 stars instead of 5 for two reasons. One: for me Josiah was a hard sell at first to like him, until I got to see the world through his eyes, then he grew on me. Two: I know this is the first book of a new series but the love story didn't feel complex or complete. Usually her stories unfold around the romance, but to me this felt as if the mystery was first and the romance was second.
Anonymous 17 days ago
Keeper_of_Freyja 18 days ago
American Witch is the start of a promising new trilogy and a pretty great origin story. Using her trademark dry wit and quick-fire pacing, Harrison kicks off things with a woman at a crossroad who gets caught up in a revenge-fueled battle just as her personal life goes completely off the rails. The opening scenes are engaging and dynamic enough to reel you in immediately. Very shortly into the story arc, it’s obvious that Molly is a woman to be reckoned. Harrison has flair and it’s on full display from page one. The dialogue is vibrant, the descriptions vivid and the pace fitting for the story development. I freely admit to being biased in favor of how Harrison creates a heroine. Molly’s strengths and weaknesses are compelling, relatable, and make for a charismatic character. You’ll root for her even as you get frustrated when it seems like she’s deliberately missing what’s happening around her. But this is a refreshingly well thought out woman and a damn interesting witch-in-the-making. Now, there wouldn’t really be a story - and this wouldn’t be the world of the Elder Races - if there wasn’t a greater conflict and mystery afoot…Molly’s emergence as a witch happens at exactly the worst time for Josiah Mason, Atlanta’s new District Attorney and uber powerful witch just arrived into intent on hunting down a century’s old enemy – and establishing himself as a Power on the eastern seaboard. Harrison has a way of building a male antagonist unafraid of a strong woman and vulnerable enough to admit when he’s been a jackass. Josiah is brooding, badass, and definitely worth taking a risk on…even if he doesn’t think so. There are few writers, in my opinion, that takes the “enemies-into-lovers” trope and do something worth the read. I know bold words but I’ve rarely interesting in the I hated you before I loved you schtick. Josiah is an intriguing character with a backstory that deepens the paranormal elements in this world and expands the plot in ways that will lure readers further into the mix. Harrison, however, has a deft hand at building complicated relationships that take elements of this trope and show them for what they really are. The romantic elements of this story are a great example of how to build a relationship between two strong-willed people who have chemistry between them but every reason (but not the sock and trade obvious reasons) to not act on it. Thea Harrison returns to the world of the Elder Races in the US with a new spin-off focuses on witches and the twitchy witchy things they get up to. It wasn’t what I expected, and I couldn’t be happier about that. This book is a stand-alone, but it does a great job of setting a solid foundation for the stories to follow. Which, of course, makes for good conflict and romantic growth watching this pair find their romantic footing occasionally slows the pace but is absolutely worth the side trip. For newcomers to the world of the Elder Races as well as long-standing readers, this world is a unique contemporary take on the United States where magic exists in the mainstream. Harrison has a way of blending the fictional, fantastical, and factual in a way that creates opportunities for stories with amazing synergy, a sense of history (because damn does she know how to pull together a villain backstory), and movement that’s a steamy, action-packed and worthy journey to a happily-ever-after. (I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review)
Anonymous 18 days ago
I enjoyed Thea Harrison’s latest book, American Witch. For those familiar with her Elder Series, this one is focused on a new cast of characters and doesn’t delve into the aspects of her other series. For me, Harrison always writes satisfying female characters, and I get that again with Molly. The main character has a lot thrown at her, but she holds her own. Similarly, Josiah’s progression over the course of the book is great to see. I always love the subtle ways Harrison uses history and myth in her books and this is another great example. The book focuses mainly on Molly and Josiah so I am curious if the other secondary characters will pop up again. A lot happens in the last twenty or so pages of the book. I wanted (not to get too spoiler-y) a little more time with Molly finding her new powers. Overall, satisfying romance, great characters, and worth the read.
Taylor4680 18 days ago
I really enjoyed this book! It was different than I was expecting and I loved how dynamic the characters were, specifically the main characters. I liked how the Molly was a bit older than you usually see in Harrison's books, and how that manifested itself in a more self assured and confident personality- it was very refreshing! I couldn't put this book down and can't wait for the next installment in the series!
Anonymous 18 days ago
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Cdoll034 18 days ago
Any book based on the Elder Races series is a must read for me. Molly Sullivan comes into her witch powers late in life and during the journey to explore those powers finds what fate had in store. Molly is the perfect wife with the perfect life, until reality pulls the rug from underneath that perfect fantasy. When her life is in chaos, she is required to do some quick thinking to deal with her personal crisis and newly emerging powers. While pursing his own agenda, Josiah Mason steps in to help Molly and ends up finding a possible lead to his quarry. I really loved Molly as the main character. Frankly once she shook herself out of the defined lines of everyone’s expectations she was decisive, strategic and just brilliant in her planning and execution. The book showed the evolution of the life of this character and it was phenomenal. Josiah was a good complement to Molly, but I look forward to a book that develops his character and the life with his coven a bit more (hoping for a possible prequel). The tidbits given about witches made think back on the ones encountered in the Elder Races Series and made me want to re-read this book and re-listen to Oracle’s Moon. Overall, it was a great book and I am eagerly waiting for more from this story arc. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
Kat-T 18 days ago
American Witch is book one in a new trilogy by Thea Harrison. If you’re familiar with Thea Harrison’s “Elder Races” series this story takes place in the time of the Elder Races demesne. If your new to Thea Harrison’s books, this story takes place in a time where the human race coexists with other races of beings that have special abilities & powers, it is a time of magic. American Witch is the story of Molly & Josiah. Molly is a middle-aged wife in a troubled marriage, going through a very surprising & amazing transcendence. Josiah is a handsome, smart & mysterious stranger that unexpectedly comes into Molly’s life. Molly finds her life completely turned upside down & she must navigate through a frightening & confusing time of change. Josiah is a mysterious, secretive and compelling stranger. He is smart, driven & powerful; he is also on a mission and molly is an unexpected & unwanted distraction. Lives change, doors open & powers are found. I wasn’t sure going into this book if I would like it or not. Well, I should have known better, this book was great! As usual, Thea Harrison creates a story rich in details & full of imagination. You will not want to put this book down! I was provided with an ARC of American Witch from the author for an honest review. All opinions in this review are my own.
Anonymous 18 days ago
American Witch takes place in Thea Harrison's Elder series world, however don't expect a variety of supernatural characters that has been reflected in the series previously. This book focuses on the witches which up to this point has been the barely acknowledged ugly step child amongst the elder races and has minimal "face time" in the series. Well the trend has reversed and, while the other elder races are mentioned in passing, the don't join in the event. That being said, whether you have read prior Elder series books or not, you won't be lost coming in -- it's a new start to a new trilogy. Overall this was a good solid book though not quite as page turning as prior books in this world. It was interesting to learn a little more about the witches. Neither Molly or Josiah were initially endearing but grew on me as they grew themselves. I enjoyed Molly not just taking back her life but finding herself and learning to find positive support and let go of the negative drags in her life. And while Josiah starts out as a bit of jerk, it was nice to see him realize that there is better things to live for than just vengeance. in some ways this story was a enemies to lovers tale. While they didn't know (much less hate) each other at the start of the tale the dislike for each other is about equal to the mutual attraction they have. As for what I didn't care for as much --> the secondary characters nor the relationship between the primary & secondary characters weren't particularly developed; much of the story it seems that the primary characters are apart from each other so it's almost as if there is 3 stories going on -- Molly's story, Josiah's story, and the over all big bad story that gets the 2 to interact, this also made the lust to love transition a little hard to connect with. That being said, expanding to resolve these issues may not have benefited the over all story but rather made it clumsy and cumbersome, so hard to say where the right balance would be. There was a good bit of action as well as the complimentary lulls through out the book to keep things moving and the overall pace was, for the most part, well done and came to a satisfying ending. I'm curious to see where the next book will and how it will go now that the ground work for the trilogy has been laid. arc courtesy of the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.
Persephone4 18 days ago
Ms. Harrison’s American Witch draws the reader into Molly and Josiah’s world. Their story is fraught with suspense and mystery and incorporates a healthy dose of romance. I thoroughly enjoyed the start to her new series!
Kelli_McBride 18 days ago
Trust Thea...When I first started American Witch, I was caught off guard because the situation and heroine were so different from what I expect in Thea’s books. However, the opening was so intriguing and emotionally gripping, that I kept reading. My trust in Thea’s storytelling paid off. This is an incredible book about the heroine’s odyssey to a new life, new powers, and new love. Though it is different from other Elder Races novels, all of the qualities that make Thea’s books so entertaining are present: a strong female lead matching wits with a powerful and edgy hero, truly evil antagonists, the redemptive and transforming power of love, and the bonds of loyal friends who stand by you till the end. I highly recommend this book.
KScottnLA 18 days ago
This author created such a well-written story because of the fact that she created likeable and relatable characters as well as unlikeable characters. To be honest, some of the characters were so detestable I wanted their comeuppance in the form of a house falling straight on top of them. Austin I’m looking at you. I am no stranger to Thea Harrison’s works and I am proud to say that this book is just as engaging as her Elder Race series. Molly is a burgeoning witch and just so happens to have a magical outburst during a public altercation between her and her soon to be ex-husband. Little does she know that a powerful warlock is in her vicinity and offers to assist her in learning the magical ropes. He has his own motives and training a new witch definitely isn’t one of them, but power recognizes power. Josiah, and his coven, has plans – dangerous plans. And as such, this story is more than just Molly and Josiah building a foundation and a relationship. There are feelings but they take a backseat to Josiah’s plans, but in the process Molly finds her true calling and taps into an amazing power. These two characters are on two different pathways in life, but these paths intertwine and this is that intertwining story.