An Introduction to the New Testament: The Abridged Edition

An Introduction to the New Testament: The Abridged Edition


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An Introduction to the New Testament: The Abridged Edition by Raymond E. Brown

A long-awaited abridgement of Raymond Brown’s classic and best-selling introduction to the New Testament

Since its publication in 1997, Raymond Brown’s Introduction to the New Testament has been widely embraced by modern readers seeking to understand the Christian Bible. Acknowledged as a paragon of New Testament studies in his lifetime, Brown was a gifted communicator who wrote with ease and clarity.
Abridged by Marion Soards, who worked with Brown on the original text, this new, concise version maintains the essence and centrist interpretation of the original without tampering with Brown’s perspective, insights, or conclusions. The biblical writings themselves remain the focus, but there are also chapters dealing with the nature, origin, and interpretation of the New Testament texts, as well as chapters concerning the political, social, religious, and philosophical world of antiquity. Furthermore, augmenting Brown’s commentary on the New Testament itself are topics such as the Gospels’ relationship to one another; the form and function of ancient letters; Paul’s thought and life, along with his motivation, legacy, and theology; a reflection on the historical Jesus; and a survey of relevant Jewish and Christian writings. 
This comprehensive, reliable, and authoritative guidebook is now more accessible for novices, general readers, Bible study groups, ministers, scholars, and students alike.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780300173123
Publisher: Yale University Press
Publication date: 03/22/2016
Series: Anchor Yale Bible Reference Library Series
Edition description: Abridged
Pages: 376
Sales rank: 193,537
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.10(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Raymond E. Brown (1928–1998) was a distinguished professor of biblical studies at Union Theological Seminary in New York City. Marion L. Soards is professor of New Testament studies at the Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Kentucky.

Table of Contents

Preface ix

Acknowledgments xiii

Introductory Background Material xv

Map of Palestine in New Testament Times xxv

Map of the Mediterranean Region in New Testament Times xxvi

1 The Nature and Origin of the New Testament 1

2 How to Read the New Testament 7

3 The Text of the New-Testament 15

4 The Political and Social World of New Testament Times 18

5 The Religious and Philosophical World of New Testament Times 26

6 Gospels in General; Synoptic Gospels in Particular 33

7 The Gospel According to Mark 44

8 The Gospel According to Matthew 58

9 The Gospel According to Luke 75

10 The Acts of the Apostles 98

11 The Gospel According to John 116

12 First Epistle (Letter) of John 133

13 Second Letter of John 138

14 Third Letter of John 141

15 Classification and Format of New Testament Letters 144

16 General Issues in Paul's Life and Thought 148

17 An Appreciation of Paul 159

18 First Letter to the Thessalonians 163

19 Letter to the Galatians 168

20 Letter to the Philippians 174

21 Letter to Philemon 181

22 First Letter to the Corinthians 185

23 Second Letter to the Corinthians 194

24 Letter to the Romans 201

25 Pseudonymity and the Deutero-Pauline Writings 210

26 Second Letter to the Thessalonians 213

27 Letter to the Colossians 217

28 Epistle (Letter) to the Ephesians 224

29 Pastoral Letter: To Titus 231

30 Pastoral Letter: The First to Timothy 237

31 Pastoral Letter: The Second to Timothy 247

32 Letter (Epistle) to the Hebrews 252

33 First Letter of Peter 260

34 Epistle (Letter) of James 267

35 Letter (Epistle) of Jude 274

36 Second Epistle (Letter) of Peter 279

37 The Book of Revelation (The Apocalypse) 284

Appendix I The Historical Jesus 299

Appendix II Jewish and Christian Writings Pertinent to the New Testament 305

Bibliography 311

Index 325

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