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An Introduction to Well Control Calculations for Drilling Operations

An Introduction to Well Control Calculations for Drilling Operations

by Dave CormackDave Cormack


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This book removes the mystery and pressure from calculations by equipping readers with the tools they need tounderstand calculations and how they work. This is done by using straight-forward language and showing fully worked out, rig-based examples throughout. The book comprises of mini lessons which are never more than two pages long and a complete lesson is always in view when the book is open in front of you. Lessons progress in a logical manner and once the book is finished, the reader is ready for any calculations that could be encountered at well control school.

It is a great tool for rig crew members who are afraid of calculations or have not done any math since school. I found it easy to follow with clear explanations and it flowed from topic to topic. A definite addition to the rig crews training toolbox.

Malcolm Lodge (at the time of writing Technical Director of the Well Control Institute)

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ISBN-13: 9783319631899
Publisher: Springer International Publishing
Publication date: 08/10/2017
Edition description: 1st ed. 2017
Pages: 299
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About the Author

Dave Cormack has worked in the drilling industry out of Aberdeen, Scotland since 1983. He has worked on over thirty drilling rigs, platforms or MODU’s either as a member of the drill crew or in a training capacity. Since 1991 he has been exclusively involved in training drilling personnel either on the rig, in the classroom or in a management capacity worldwide. He served a three-year term on the Board of Directors of the International Well Control Forum and was one of the contributing authors to the Well Control chapter in the recently revised International Association of Drilling Contractors definitive Drilling Manual. He has been involved in well control training on every continent on earth bar the polar ones, has published two SPE papers and made presentations on training at global drilling conferences. Dave still teaches well control regularly to both international certification standards and also runs courses globally, training the next wave of well control assessors for IWCF. He is passionate about helping students through their two yearly well control school and firmly believes that a solid grasp of calculation skills frees them up to concentrate on learning well control.

Table of Contents

Chapter One - Getting a Handle on Calculations
Things You Will Need
Setting the Learning Habit
How to Use this Book
Introduction to Your Calculator
Fractions and Decimals
Squaring a Number
Rounding Your Answers
Symbols Used in Calculations
Figuring out the Order of a Calculation
Messing with Formulas
Converting Units
Chapter Test
Last Word

Chapter Two - Volume Calculations
First Word
A Quick Refresher
Pit Volume
String and Hole Volume
Annular Volume
Pump Output
Stroke and Time Calculations
Annular Velocity
Capacities and Displacements
Trip Sheet Calculations
Kill Sheet - Volume Calculations
Chapter Test
Last Word

Chapter Three - Pressure Calculations
First Word
A Quick Refresher
Pressure Gradient
Hydrostatic Pressure
Circulating Pressures
Change of Pump Speed
Change of Mud Weight
Formation Strength
Tripping Pressure Calculations
Chapter Test
Last Word

Chapter Four - Well Control Calculations
First Word
A Quick Refresher
Formation Pressure
Balance, Overbalance and Underbalance
Formation Pressure - Again
Kill Mud Weight
Influx Height
Influx Gradient
Kill Sheet Pressure Calculations
Chapter Test
Last Word

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