An Unexpected Afterlife

An Unexpected Afterlife

by Dan Sofer


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An Unexpected Afterlife by Dan Sofer


Readers' Favorite 2017 Silver Medal Winner.

When he wakes up naked and alone in the Mount of Olives Cemetery, Moshe Karlin doesn't remember dying two years ago, nor does he realize how hard he'll have to work to win back his perfect old life... and his wife. In fact, he'll be lucky to survive his first week on the streets of Jerusalem.

Meanwhile, other changes are afoot in the Holy Land. A reluctant prophet prepares to deliver a message of redemption--and the end of life as we know it--when a freak accident changes the course of history.

An Unexpected Afterlife is the first "highly original" novel in the new fantasy adventure series of biblical proportions, The Dry Bones Society. If you enjoy romance and adventure, humor and heartbreak, engaging characters and non-stop surprises, then you'll love this romp in legends of the Resurrection and the World to Come.

"An amazing read... a masterful storyteller." (Readers' Favorite, 5-Star Medal)

"Fascinating... You've got to read it." (Esra Magazine)

"A mind-opener... a tour de force." (Federation Star)

"One of the best books I have read in a long time." (EM, Amazon Reviewer)

Read An Unexpected Afterlife now to experience an afterlife adventure like no other.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780986393235
Publisher: Dan Sofer
Publication date: 03/28/2017
Series: Dry Bones Society , #1
Pages: 284
Sales rank: 501,342
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.64(d)

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An Unexpected Afterlife 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Boundlessbookreviews More than 1 year ago
This story holds true to its title! This kind of afterlife is much unexpected, and the unexpected continued throughout the entire story. It was hard for me to get into at first, but once I was in, I was hooked.   I loved the uniqueness of this particular afterlife and the twists that kept me guessing. Overall, I loved the book and felt it’s a good read. I give An Unexpected Afterlife: A Novel a strong 4 Boundless Stars. I only wish it would have captured my interest from the beginning.
Sailon More than 1 year ago
A unique and unusual take on the resurrection, An Unexpected Afterlife, blends humor with the heart-crushing reality that life goes on without you and the result on those who would rise again. Original and a well-developed cast made the reading seamlessly flow. The devotion of the main character to his wife is something to behold. Even after his 2-year absence and her moving on to his best friend, he must come to the realization that a moment in time for him was years in their lives. Some things just don't die. Blending Jewish and Christian belief systems with an artistic flair, Sofer offers just enough realism to make his tale read like truth. The story bends some religious icons and belief systems to fit this fictional tale. Those who would take offense, this story is not for you. And this is where I have to admit, I was not comfortable with the telling. Introducing this theory by Rabbi Yosef he uses "Your dead will live, their corpses rise. Awake and sing praise, you that dwell in the dust for your dew is the dew of light..." Isaiah 26:19 as well as Ezekiel Chapter 37 to explain the risings. To me, this is definitely using some artistic interpretation. And though it was not for me, I have to appreciate Sofer's ability to write a strong, tantalizing, and original plot. I received this copy of An Unexpected Afterlife from Dan Sofer. This is my honest and voluntary review.
PegGlover More than 1 year ago
An Unexpected Afterlife is an intriguing satire that takes place in Israel, during the end times. Moshe Karlin was shocked when he woke up in a cemetery, nude. He assumed that he was the unlucky victim of a prank. Moshe had no idea that he’s been dead for two years. That important tidbit of information would be made clear, though, by his wife’s frantic screaming, and her new lover, kicking Moshe out of his own home. The afterlife was not what Moshe thought it would be, not even close. There were no deceased relatives to welcome him, or choirs of angels singing praises, or anything that resembled indescribable beauty and happiness. And just when Moshe found work and a place to live in his bleak new afterlife, he was betrayed. When Moshe discovered that he wasn’t the only newly resurrected person struggling in Israel his relief was palpable. The unique group of people looked to Moshe for direction. He was used to being a leader, so Moshe gathered his new group of friends and came up with a plan. This new strategy would not only allow the new lifers to survive among the living but also to thrive. Once I got over the initial shock of Moshe’s miserable new afterlife, I was able to settle in and enjoy the many twists and turns of this unique novel. An Unexpected Afterlife is a well-written and captivating satire. Although, I was not familiar with many of the Jewish customs, I was able to follow along well enough. Thank you, Dan Sofer, for my complimentary review copy.
birdladyvm More than 1 year ago
Dan Sofer created an original, tantalizing, and intriguing drama in An Unexpected Afterlife. Filled with interesting facts of the Jewish faith, I found myself enthralled. I have always wondered about the culture, practices, and worship of the Jewish religion; Sofer answered an array of my questions. With vivid descriptions and skillful prose, Sofer grabbed me immediately and did not let go. Sofer introduced a tantalizing concept through Rabbi Yosef of the valley of dry bones, the Resurrection of the Dead, the Prophet Elijah, and revelation of the Messiah. If you are not familiar with Ezekiel 37, I partially quoted from the King James Version of the Bible below; for more extensive reading see the above chapter in the Bible or on the internet. note: quote can be seen on my blog. Dan Sofer included a cast of characters which he fully developed throughout the story. Every good story must have a villain. Sofer created a fine villain for this story; you will love to hate Avi. He's selfish, opportunistic, a grand liar, and much more; in other words he's a snake in the grass. Creating a story filled with one chaotic situation after another, I could not put this book down. Including the Great Council of Torah Sage, gives the reader insight into the structure and hierarchy of the Jewish faith. Sofer also included bits of humor in this non-stop tale; Savta Sarah haggled just as I imagined an older Jewish woman would. As a result, I laughed and laughed. I wish I had her nerve. The mysterious Irene and Arab Samira, gave a touch of mystery to the story. What is Samira's story and why can't Irene remember her former life? Are there others coming out of the grave? Sorry, I can only say, you will have to read the book to get the scoop. MY OPINION: I found Dan Sofer's writing flowed well and his scenes transitioned smoothly; making this an easy book to read. His characters are well-developed and the story well-written with excellent plotting. As well as, pacing which is perfect for the length of the book. Including historical facts, religious references, and details of the Jewish faith, gave the story added dimension. Sofer's vivid descriptions allowed me to see the scenes in my mind's eye. The twists in the last third of the book are totally unexpected! The revelations, twists and turns, just kept coming and coming. This book does not end on a cliff hanger. Rather, this is a complete story which leaves the door open for future books of Moshe and the risen's adventures. Whether you are Jewish, Christian, another faith or non-religious, this book will capture your interest. Seen from the Jewish perspective, the Old Testament and the Prophet Elijah came alive for me. I found An Unexpected Afterlife intriguing, poignant, and original. Closing my E-reader with a sigh of satisfaction, I had an immediate desire to read the next book. I can't wait to see what Sofer has in store for us. I would not hesitate to buy this book for myself or a friend. AN UNEXPECTED AFTERLIFE RECOMMENDATION: STARS 4.5 An Unexpected Afterlife is my featured book of the month for Oct and Nov. Unfortunately most sites only allow full star ratings. FINALLY, PLEASE NOTE Additionally, I purchased this book and received a copy from the author. Furthermore, I chose to voluntarily review the book with honest book reviews. Lastly, book reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion.
Amys_Bookshelf_Reviews More than 1 year ago
Unexpected, indeed! This story draws the reader in immediately, and gives them resurrection and the afterlife, right away. Read this book with your eyes wide open, even if you wish to squint or hide slightly. This story is intense, but emits a certain humor, dark or otherwise. An intriguing story that keeps you turning the page, and sometimes you may have to reread a page, a paragraph, or just a simple sentence just to make sure you got it right. Have faith or uncertain about the afterlife, this may not set you straight, but it will entertain you and intrigue you.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Kathryn Bennett for Readers' Favorite An Unexpected Afterlife: An Adventure in the Jewish Resurrection (Dry Bones Society Book 1) by Dan Sofer introduces us to Moshe Karlin, who opens his eyes to find himself naked and alone in the Mount of Olives Cemetery one fine day. Moshe soon finds out from his loved ones that he has been dead for two years. Moshe doesn't intend to let the grass grow under his feet, however; he plans on getting his wife back, but he will run into many more troubles than he ever thought. The world is not like he remembers leaving it, and there are changes and dangers everywhere in the Holy land. I don't read very many religious mysteries, but I thought this one might be fun when I read the description and I have to say I am very glad that I followed my instincts - this book was an amazing read. On the surface it seems straightforward and even simple, but once you truly dig into the meat of the book, you find yourself trapped in the web of a fantastic and complex story. You will find yourself asking questions about religion, life, death and love right along with Moshe. I am not Jewish so some of the subject matter was likely lost on me, but I still found this book to be deep and thoughtful and just very well written. This is the first book by Dan Sofer that I have read, but I know it won't be the last. He is a masterful story teller who has created a thought provoking book with a multi dimensional character like Moshe.