Ancient Empires: From Mesopotamia to the Rise of Islam

Ancient Empires: From Mesopotamia to the Rise of Islam

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Cambridge University Press
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Ancient Empires: From Mesopotamia to the Rise of Islam

Ancient Empires is a relatively brief yet comprehensive and even-handed overview of the ancient Near East, the Mediterranean, and Europe, including the Greco-Roman world, Late Antiquity, and the early Muslim period. Taking a focused and thematic approach, it aims to provoke a discussion of an explicit set of themes supplemented by the reading of ancient sources. By focusing on empires and imperialism as well as modes of response and resistance, it is relevant to current discussions about order, justice, and freedom. The book concludes that some of the ancient world's most enduring ideas, value systems, and institutions were formulated by peoples who were resisting the great empires. It analyzes the central, if problematic, connection between political and ideological power in both empire formation and resistance. The intricate interrelations among ideological, economic, military, and political power are explored for every empire and resisting group.

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ISBN-13: 9780521717809
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: 06/27/2011
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 400
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Table of Contents

Introduction: what is an (ancient) empire?; 1. Prelude to the Age of Ancient Empires; 2. The rise of the Age of Ancient Empires; 3. Dealing with empires: varieties of responses; 4. Beyond the Near East: the Neo-Babylonian and early Archaemenid Persian empires; 5. The crucible of history: east meets west; 6. Democracy and empire between Athens and Alexander; 7. 'Spear-won' empires: the Hellenistic synthesis; 8. The western Mediterranean and the rise of Rome; 9. Imperium sine fine: Roman imperialism and the end of the old order; 10. The new political order: the foundations of the principate; 11. Ruling and resisting the Roman Empire; 12. Imperial crisis and recovery; 13. Universal empires and their peripheries in Late Antiquity; 14. The formation of the Islamic world empire.

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