And the Dish Ran Away with the Spoon

And the Dish Ran Away with the Spoon


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ISBN-13: 9780544668331
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Publication date: 06/14/2016
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 56
Sales rank: 130,863
Product dimensions: 11.30(w) x 10.90(h) x 0.30(d)
Age Range: 4 - 7 Years

About the Author

JANET STEVENS is the author and illustrator of many books for children, including the Caldecott Honor Book Tops & Bottoms, the ABBY Honor Book To Market, To Market, and Cook-a-Doodle-Doo! She lives in Boulder, Colorado.

SUSAN STEVENS CRUMMEL, a high school teacher as well as an author, has collaborated with Janet Stevens, her sister, on several picture books. She lives in Fort Worth, Texas.

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And the Dish Ran Away with the Spoon 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 21 reviews.
mrcmyoung on LibraryThing 4 days ago
When the Dish runs away with the Spoon, the Dog, Cat and Cow set off on a journey through the land of nursery rhymes to find them so their poem can be read again. Teamwork and simple character arcs are featured as much as Janet Stevens' wonderful illustrations, and readers young and old will delight in seeing their favorite characters from disparate stories coming together in a unique way.
emilyrich2002 on LibraryThing 4 days ago
This is a great twist on the traditional nursery rhyme. I read this at the end of a nursery rhyme unit I do with my students and they love it. It helps if students are familiar with the nursery rhymes before your read this story. One teacher turned this story into a play for a group of students.
bookcat27 on LibraryThing 4 days ago
In the story, Dish and Spoon have run off just before it¿s time to read their rhyme. Cat is concerned that they didn¿t come back but Dog and Cow don¿t think it¿s a big deal. Cat convinces them that it is and they go looking for their two friends. Along the way they run into many of the Mother Goose Nursery Rhyme characters, which lead to some pretty humorous situations. They finally find Dish and Spoon but Dish has been broken into pieces. They come across Jack¿s Repair Shop and ask him to fix Dish. All is made right and Dog, Cat, Cow, Spoon and Dish make it back in time for the reading of the rhyme.This is a takeoff on the Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes and poses the question ¿ What would happen if one of the characters in a rhyme ran away? I love the way Janet and Susan approached the dilemma and their use of rhyming. They also incorporated the use of a map of Nursery Land to help the characters find their friends. I love that they gave each character a distinct voice in the story and how they react to each other during the search for their friends.The illustration is just so perfect. Dog wears a tutu and a hat, Cat has a bib and a violin, and Cow has a ribbon around her neck. Janet has captured the innocence and silliness of the nursery rhyme characters and made them irresistible! What child wouldn¿t want to see Dog in a tutu and hat.
irisdovie on LibraryThing 4 days ago
I loved this book as it fleshed out many nursery rhyme characters and gave them definite personalities, especially the little Dog who laughed - she was cranky, funny, and sarcastic. I would use use this book both in a school curriculum to second or third-graders and in a public library program or on a reading list. It's a bit long for a storytime program though...
mmleynek on LibraryThing 4 days ago
Personal Response:I really enjoyed this book. It is one of my favorite fractured fairy tales. I have noticed though, that the enjoyment comes from being familiar with the other nursery rhymes that are referred to in the story. I have read this aloud to children before and while they enjoy the story they don't understand the humor of it as well if they aren't familiar with the other stories.Curricular Connections:This is a great read-aloud. It would also be a good book to introduce a lesson on maps since the characters follow a map in their search for Dish and Spoon.
kidlit9 on LibraryThing 4 days ago
When Dish and Spoon run away, their nursery rhym friends Cat, Cow, and Dog set out to rescue them in time for the next reading of their rhyme.
mrsarey on LibraryThing 3 months ago
This is a cute picture book about what happened the dish and spoon didn't come back in time for the rhyme.
Melewen on LibraryThing 3 months ago
Adventures abound when Dish and Spoon don¿t return after their rhyme is over. A familiar tale is transformed as readers join Cat, Cow and Dog in their search their friends amongst Mother Goose¿s other characters. Aided by a Hawaiian-shirt-wearing Fork in the road, the three follow a map from Little Boy Blue¿s Haystack to Little Miss Muffett¿s cottage and beyond. Interspersed with the pun-filled text and transitioning the scenes are snatches of verse following the familiar cadence of the famous rhyme: ¿So, off went the three with a hey diddle dee by the light of the silvery moon ¿ the cat with his fiddle, the cow and the dog, to bring back the dish and the spoon.¿ Elementary age readers will love the word play and puns while all readers will appreciate the well-crafted plot, engaging story of friendship and life behind the scenes of beloved tales. Clever, colorful illustrations transition readers from the bedroom to the storybook world and sharp-eyed readers will notice Fork following the journey. The large size makes this story conducive to being read aloud while the large, fun map makes it an excellent tool to introduce or reinforce map lessons. This peek into the nursery rhyme break room will make an exemplary addition to any picture book collection.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is such a fun book! We have checked it out several times at the library and this year my little boy asked for it for one of his holiday gifts.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Hey diddle the cat and the fiddle the cow jumped over the moon the little dog laughed to see such sport and the dish ran away with the spoon Mrs. Mcloud read this book to us when we finished the play!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Beths_thoughts More than 1 year ago
This children's book, And The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon, adds a new and creative dimension to the old "Hey Diddle Diddle, the Cat and the Fiddle" nursery rhyme. The authors have flushed out the main characters and have given them a depth that most nursery rhyme characters may never enjoy. The word play in the book is very clever so that it keeps an adult's attention, adds an element of surprise and humor, and can also help build a child's vocabulary. It is fun to read not only because the authors have created new rhyming poems in the book, but it also invites you to read them by turning the book in a circle to follow the text. If you have ever wondered what life may be like in the land of make-believe, this book provides the map and takes you on a tour of many of our favorite nursery rhyme characters' abodes. If you're tired of reading short nursery rhymes with very little interest or depth, this is the book for you. It will certainly be one that you and your child will enjoy reading over and over again.
FionnandOsian More than 1 year ago
wonderful visit to nursery rhyme characters
SciFiGirl13 More than 1 year ago
I thought this book was a great spin on an old classic. The pictures are fun to look at as well.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
My 5 year old son picked this book out at the library, and we both enjoyed it. Every time I read it, I find something new to laugh at, as does my son. When the cat, dog, and cow come to a fork in the road, their is an actual fork in the road who later says, 'let me take a stab at it.' LOL!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Everybody knows the old familiar nursery rhyme...Hey diddle diddle, The cat and the fiddle, The cow jumped over the moon, The little dog laughed, To see such sport, And the dish ran away with the spoon...Only this time they didn't come back. The cat, dog and cow are beside themselves. What are we going to do without the dish and spoon? Could this be the end of the rhyme? So taking matters into their own hands they set off on an adventure to find their errant tableware. This is a great twist on an old classic nursery rhyme. Children of all ages will love this book! The illustrations were colorful and creative. Elementary teachers, this is a must for your classroom!
Guest More than 1 year ago
My daughter (7) and I enjoyed reading this story together. There are some funny parts that need to be explained to younger readers. Great book for adult humor. I loved it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book was really a fun read, but younger children who you might think it is intended for might not get the puns and imagery. Fun for older children and adults who are familiar with nursery rhymes.