And Then the End Will Come: The Completion of the Great Commission and Nine Other Clues that Jesus is Coming Soon

And Then the End Will Come: The Completion of the Great Commission and Nine Other Clues that Jesus is Coming Soon

by Douglas Cobb


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And Then the End Will Come provides a front-line account of the effort to finish Jesus' Great Commission; explains Jesus' prophecy linking the completion of that task to his return; and explores nine other Biblical clues that reveal his return is imminent.

The global church is on the final lap of its 2000-year marathon to fulfill Jesus' command to "make disciples of every nation." In just the next few years, the task will be complete.

In And Then the End Will Come, Doug Cobb, founder of The Finishing Fund, provides a front-line account of the effort to finish Jesus' Great Commission. Doug shows how Jesus explicitly linked his return to the completion of that task. He also explores nine other Biblical clues that point to the soon return of Christ, including the regathering of Israel, the presence of an "abomination that causes desolation" on the Temple Mount, the approaching 2000-year anniversary of the resurrection of Christ, and the declining condition of our culture.

Doug makes the case that the return of Christ is at hand-perhaps in the next year or two, perhaps a little later, but by likely very soon. And he offers practical instruction about what it means to "live holy and godly" lives as we look for the coming of our Lord and King.

If you're feeling disheartened and discouraged about the wickedness and craziness you see in the word today, And Then the End Will Come will offer you hope for better things to come. This book declares things so great that the Bible says no one can even imagine how awesome they will be.

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ISBN-13: 9780999467145
Publisher: Douglas Cobb
Publication date: 03/09/2021
Pages: 242
Sales rank: 64,928
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.51(d)

About the Author

Douglas Cobb serves as the managing partner of the Finishing Fund, a partnership of kingdom investors who are giving together to accelerate the completion of the Great Commission. The Fund's mission is to see "every nation" engaged with the gospel by the end of 2022.

Doug and his wife Gena are members of Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, where he teaches the Word by Word Sunday School class and serves as an elder. Gena is a Bible Study Fellowship teaching leader. Over the years, Doug has volunteered with a number of Christian ministries, including Finishing the Task, The Issachar Initiative, and World Harvest Mission.

Doug is a life-long entrepreneur. In the past he's served as CEO of Appriss, Greater Louisville Inc., and The Cobb Group; as a Managing Director with Chrysalis Ventures; and as a director for a variety of companies. He is a three-time Inc. 500 CEO and a three-time Kentucky Entrepreneur of the Year.

Doug holds a B.A. from Williams College, magna cum laude, and an M.S. in Accounting from the New York University Graduate School of Business Administration.

Doug and Gena have been married for 40 years and have three grown children and two grandsons.

Table of Contents




Chapter 1: He Is Coming Back

Chapter 2: Can We Know?


Chapter 3: And Then the End Will Come

Chapter 4: Behold the Fig Tree

Chapter 5: The Abomination

Chapter 6: A Week of Millenia

Chapter 7: The Days of Noah

Chapter 8: Love Grown Cold

Chapter 9: Two Questions, Two Answers

Chapter 10: Only the Father


Chapter 11: What Kind of People?

Chapter 12: No Eye Has Seen


The Ten Clues

The Ten Clues Chart

Discussion Questions


The Finishing Fund

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