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Anger Anonymous: The Big Book on Anger Addiction

Anger Anonymous: The Big Book on Anger Addiction

by Dennis Ortman
Anger Anonymous: The Big Book on Anger Addiction

Anger Anonymous: The Big Book on Anger Addiction

by Dennis Ortman


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When you feel in the grip of anger, ask yourself these questions:

-Do you feel powerless to control your temper?

-Does your anger frighten you so much that you feel compelled to suppress it?

-Does your life feel unmanageable because of your anger?

-Does your preoccupation with the unfairness of life and being wronged interfere with your happiness?

-Do you feel hopeless about fi nding a cure for your temper? If you answer "yes" to these questions, you may be addicted to your anger. It acts like a drug that stimulates you, energizes you, and causes you to act insanely.


Viewing your anger as an addiction, Dr. Ortman guides you through the time-tested Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous to fi nd healing and growth. He shows how the Steps offer practical wisdom to use the natural energy of your anger wisely and well, neither suppressing nor indulging it. The Steps provide guidance for your personal journey into your hostile moods so that you can discover your true self and release the Power within you.

Book of the Year Award finalist

Legacy Award/Psychology, Kops-Fetherling International Book Awards

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ISBN-13: 9781942891413
Publisher: MSI Press
Publication date: 11/25/2017
Pages: 172
Sales rank: 696,846
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.37(d)

Table of Contents


Introduction: Anger Anonymous


Chapter One: Anger Styles: Tending the Fire

Chapter Two: Addicted to Anger: An Instinct Run Wild

Chapter Three: The Addictive Process: The Pursuit of Power and Glory

Chapter Four: The Addictive Personality: Self-Will Run Riot


Chapter Five: The Steps: Toward Freedom and Forgiveness

Chapter Six: Admitting Your Powerlessness: Toward Acceptance

Chapter Seven: Trust in a Power Greater: Surrendering Self-Will

Chapter Eight: Clean House: Look Deeply Within

Chapter Nine: Clean House: Digging Deeper

Chapter Ten: Help Others: Forgiving Yourself and Others

Chapter Eleven: Power of Self-Examination: Making Friends with Yourself

Chapter Twelve: Power of Prayer: Making Peace with God

Chapter Thirteen: Power of Giving: Connecting with Others

Epilogue: Flow of Forgiveness

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