Anything He Wants & Castaway

Anything He Wants & Castaway

by Sara Fawkes


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A powerful billionaire who always gets what he wants.

An innocent protégée who will explore the darkest reaches of her own desire.

Experience their intoxicating tale-now available for the first time as a complete saga...

Anything He Wants

Lucy Delacourt's temp position isn't quite her dream job but it pays the bills. The highlight of her day is riding the elevator in the mornings with a handsome stranger. But everything changes when the stranger seduces her. Completely out of character, she yields without a fight, but she has no idea her wanton acts with a man whose name she doesn't know will change her life forever. Because the sexy stranger is none other than Jeremiah Hamilton, billionaire CEO of Hamilton Industries, and one taste isn't nearly enough to satisfy his need.


As the billionaire pulls Lucy deeper into his world of high stakes business deals and ruthless takeovers, he demands nothing less than her complete surrender. But Jeremiah has no place in his life for love, and as Lucy falls deeper for him, she risks having her heart shattered. Making matters worse, Jeremiah's fiercest rival is determined to steal Lucy's affection...and to do it, he'll show her the sinister side of Jeremiah's opulent world. With nowhere to turn and no one to trust, there's only one thing Lucy knows for sure: she'll never be free from Jeremiah's sweet possession.

"Smoking HOT! Full of secrets, lust, domination, romance, danger and action. There is so much to like!" -Crazy Four Books

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781250054951
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Publication date: 10/21/2014
Series: Anything He Wants Series
Pages: 672
Sales rank: 342,311
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.20(h) x 1.30(d)

About the Author

SARA FAWKES is the USA Today bestselling author of Anything He Wants, which was originally self-published as an e-serial novel and sold hundreds of thousands of copies. She lives in California, where she writes full time.

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The high point of my workdays lately was seeing the gorgeous stranger every morning.

I hurried through the lobby toward the elevators as fast as decorum and my heels would allow, passing ladders and service crews working on the old building’s antiquated electrical systems. The dark-haired stranger arrived at the elevator like clockwork, at 8:20 A.M. every day, and this morning proved no exception. I jockeyed my way through the crowd until I stood close, but not conspicuously so, to the stranger and stared at the elevator doors while pretending to ignore him. It wasn’t a game, although it sometimes felt that way. Men that handsome always stayed several steps outside my sphere of influence and this man was no different.

Didn’t mean a girl couldn’t dream.

The doors opened and I moved with the small crowd onto the elevator, making sure my floor was pressed. The old—or “historic,” as some liked to say—building was in the midst of a full renovation. Everything was being upgraded to new, more modern settings, but for now they still had the older-style elevators. Smaller and slower than current models, the metal box nevertheless did its job as it chugged up to the floors above.

I rearranged the large satchel in my arm, sliding a glance sideways and catching his eye. Does he know I watch him? Flushing, I turned my gaze forward once again as the elevator opened to let another string of people off to their floors. My stop was still eleven floors away; I did data entry as temp work for Hamilton Industries. The company spanned most of the upper levels but my small cubicle was tucked away in a forgotten corner near the middle.

I loved the clean-cut, suited look, and the dark-haired man was always impeccably dressed in suits and ties that probably cost more than what I made in a month. Everything about him screamed high society, far out of my league, but that never stopped my fantasy life from including him. The handsome stranger was part of my dreams, the face I saw when I closed my eyes for bed. As I’d had nothing between my legs not run by batteries in well over a year, my fantasies were getting pretty kinky. I took a moment to think about them now and a slow smile spread across my face. It didn’t take much to get me going, but the image in my mind of being pushed against a wall and ravaged … Oh yeah.

Passengers continued to disembark and as the elevator doors shut, I pulled myself out of my reverie as I realized that, for the first time, I was actually alone with the stranger. Clearing my throat nervously, I smoothed down my pencil skirt with my free hand as the old elevator continued its trek up to my workplace. Breathe, Lucy, just breathe. Desire curled in my belly, fueled by thoughts of all sorts of naughty things in elevators. I wonder if this one has cameras.…

I heard a faint rustle behind me, then a thick arm appeared beside me and pressed a red button on the panel. Immediately the elevator ground to a halt and before I could say anything, arms appeared on either side of my head and a low voice next to my ear murmured, “I see you on this elevator every morning. Your doing, I take it?”

Shocked into silence, I could only blink in wide-eyed confusion. Should I pinch myself? Is this really happening?

As I was pressed against the elevator doors by a hard body behind me, the cool metal against my suddenly hard and sensitive nipples elicited a breathy moan. “What—” I started, immediately forgetting whatever I was going to say as I felt his hard length press against my hip.

“I can smell your arousal,” he growled, that low sexy voice making my stomach tighten. “Every morning you get on this elevator and I can smell your need.” One hand moved down and entwined with mine as he dipped his head toward my neck. “What’s your name?”

My mind went blank for a moment, forgetting the simplest of answers. Oh God, that voice is pure sex, I thought wildly, lifting my hands to brace myself against the hard surface before me. His voice was low and had a lilt I couldn’t place, and my chest grew tight with need. “Lucy,” I finally managed, hoping my brain was done short-circuiting.

“Lucy,” he repeated, and I drew in a shaky breath at hearing my name said in that too-sexy voice. “I need to see if you taste as good as you smell.”

There was no request for permission in his voice, only an implacable demand, and I rolled my head sideways to allow him access. His lips slid across the soft skin behind my ear, tongue flicking out to touch me; his teeth nipped the lobe and I moaned, pressing back against him. He rotated his hips and my breathing sped up, needy pants a staccato in the silence.

“God, you’re so fucking hot.” His hand trailed down the side of my body, across my hip and down my thigh until he found the hem of my skirt. His hand then retraced its steps back up, skimming lightly across the smooth skin of my inner thigh, pulling the material of my skirt up toward my hips. Unthinking, I spread my legs to give him access and gasped loudly as fingers slid along the outside of my soaked panties, pressing against my aching core.

Was this really happening? My body bucked, trapped between the metal doors and the hot body behind me. It was like every fantasy I’d ever had was being played out in person, and I was helpless to stop my conditioned response.

His fingers pulsed, sliding across my clit with increasing frequency, and my hips moved of their own volition, craving more of his touch. I cried out when his teeth sank into my shoulder, then his fingers slid beneath the thin cotton and lace and stroked my wet skin, pulling at my tender opening in a way that had me moaning loudly inside the elevator.

“Come for me,” he murmured in his low Vin Diesel voice, lips and teeth running along the exposed line of my neck and shoulder. His fingers pushed deep inside, thumb flicking my hard nub, and with a strangled cry I came hard. My forehead rested against the hard steel of the door as I shuddered, suddenly boneless.

Below the numbered panel to my right, a telephone rang out.

I stiffened in shock, the blaring tones cutting through my murky haze. Lust gave way to mortification and I pushed against the door to free myself. The dark stranger stepped back, allowing me space, and pressed the red button again. I hastily rearranged my clothing as the elevator chugged back up the shaft; a few seconds later the telephone stopped ringing.

“You taste even better than I imagined.”

I turned, helpless against that voice, to see him licking his fingers. The look he gave me made my knees weak but the ringing phone had woken me up and I fumbled blindly for the floor buttons, pressing every button within my reach. This only seemed to amuse him, but when the doors opened to an empty hallway two floors below mine, I stumbled out. No people were in sight on this floor, to my relief—I wasn’t sure I could take more attention right then.

A quick whistle behind me drew my attention and I turned to see the stranger pick up my satchel and hold it out to me. It had slid out of my arms, forgotten, to the floor while we were … I cleared my throat and took it with as much dignity as I could muster.

He smiled, the simple expression changing his entire countenance. I stared, dumbstruck at his utter gorgeousness, as he winked at me. “I’ll see you again,” he said as the elevator doors shut, stranding me temporarily on the lower floor.

I took a deep breath and fumbled with my clothing, tucking my blouse into my waistband with shaky fingers. My panties were a lost cause—I’d have a wet spot on my dress all day if I continued to wear them. Focusing on that and not the growing embarrassment of my actions, I searched and found a bathroom nearby in which to clean myself up.

A few minutes later, clean but vulnerable without any underwear, I took the stairs up two flights to my floor. The halls leading to my area were packed with last-minute arrivals, and I made it to my cubicle without any problems. I was a minute late clocking in on the computer but nobody seemed to care as I got right to work, drowning myself in my job to try and forget my shocking display earlier.

Copyright © 2014 by Sara Fawkes

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Anything He Wants & Castaway 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
CrystalMarie218 More than 1 year ago
I have to admit something, I am a little sick of the normal girl/billionaire man dynamic in books. Over it. I think a story has to be really special in order to take me out of my billionaire hero funk, and this book really didn’t do that for me. Lucy has a boring and troubled life. She has a job, which happens to include an elevator ride with a handsome stranger every morning that brightens her days and gives her something to look forward to. One day, the handsome stranger seduces her, and that sets in motion a chain of events that she was never expecting. I guess the one word to sum up this book for me would be underwhelming. I’m not sure I was really expecting anything big, but in the end it just all fell a bit flat for me. The characters, the plot…all of it has just been done so many times. There are parts that were good, I thought the espionage and intrigue were good and there was one part in particular that was a bit shocking for me, but at the end of the day it’s just all been done. A lot. Lucy was not a character that I liked or felt a connection with, and Jeremiah while sweet in parts, just seemed like a bit of a recycled Christian Grey. Sure, there were differences, but he’s an intense and dominant billionaire CEO. I just couldn’t do it. Overall, this book wasn’t written poorly, I just couldn’t get into the characters or the plot. 3 stars. Reviewed by Sara Squared for Crystal’s Many Reviewers *Copy Provided for review*
Hernandez422 More than 1 year ago
One of my favorite series. I have read the series over 5 times.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved the first story especially the characters but somehow the second story was dragging with the continued plot of threats making it somewhat boring
TTCG More than 1 year ago
Love the book. can't wait to read the sequels
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was a fast paced and exciting read. After every turn of the page, it was like what is going to happen next. You are immediately drawn you into the story that never slows down. Also, the sex does not override the writing. Love it.
tee-em-dee More than 1 year ago
Great book, kept you on your toes.... loved the mini chapters where you got a different characters POV (not only the female). Definitely room for a sequel - sure do hope Sara writes one. Would be a shame to let this one end the way it did - was good - just room for MORE good stuff.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
However this book is different for Fifty Shades, it is still a beautifully written book. Jeremiah Hamiltion is stunning. He goes to such great links to protect the one he loves. He has very many dark secrets, which makes it hard for him to trust but you can tell and read for yourself how much he loves everyone. Make sure you read it today! It had me up all night because I didn't want to stop reading it!
Eretria2 More than 1 year ago
From the beginning of the first page, I was captivated by this story. Lucy’s life is very similar to other women who fall into the submissive lifestyle. However, Jeremiah is anything but similar to other Dominants. The writing is so descriptive, at times, that I felt like I was in a virtual reality game. I felt as powerless as Lucy; Jeremiah’s sexy voice is like a siren’s call, seducing all to his will. At first, it seems that the story is only about their life as submissive/Dominant, but the book has so much more substance to the plot. It has kidnapping, assassins, snipers, family feuds that pit brother against brother, and betrayal. Castaway is an exciting addition to this series. I became immersed in the back story about Jeremiah and his brother. There is some comical bantering between the three main characters. Lucy and Jeremiah still have the sexual tension, but both have done unforgivable things that keep them emotionally detached. In this book, the underlying story remains about Jeremiah and Lucy, but the subplot is very intriguing. I never knew what was going to happen next. It was a wild ride; I will gladly hop on the train when the next book is released. I recommend you hitch a ride too. You will not be sorry!
Megan_BedroomBookworms More than 1 year ago
Anything He Wants, is the first complete book in the series and where we first meet Lucy and Jeremiah. All I can really say about that is, um, this relationship moves quickly. Lucy moves quickly. I’m not going to go into details, but let’s just say it involves a parking garage and a contract after like 24 hours of…. yeah. Lucy kind of walks around with this ‘oh poor me’ attitude but at the same time she also acts like she’s better than people. Overall, If you’re looking for some good kink, this could definitely be the book for you. It is probably one of the hottest things I’ve read in a while, even if at times it felt like there was a lot of smut, almost too much. But as Trish and many of my reading group peeps would say, ‘there is NO such things as too much smut’, so I’ll go with that. As Anything He Wants goes on I did find myself coming around to Lucy. Sure she moves fast, mentally and physically, but she grew on me as a character. By the time we get to the end of the story there is quite a bit of action and I found myself actually hoping she wasn’t shot. Anything He Wants ends on a cliffhanger, but it isn’t too bad because you have the next book available at just a flick of your finger. Right after finishing Anything He Wants I started Castaway. I wanted to see where things were going to go with Lucy now that Jeremiah’s brother Lucas was more involved in the story. Sadly, just as I was starting to like Lucy at the end of the last book she went and just ruined herself for me. Every time she gets all uppidy she does something stupid and gets kidnapped or threatened. Every.Single.Time. Not only does it get ridiculous, but you’d think any half way sane person would learn to stay in the safe place you’ve been put. I looked past it in book one, but then it just became too much in this book. I'm going to leave spoilers out of this review, but I will warn people that in my opinion there is cheating in the second book. Stupid, irrational, unnecessary cheating. I’ll admit the story does get better. There's some action in the end. I ended the story not hating Lucy as much as I did in the beginning and middle of the story, but she’s still in my top five worst heroines of all time. You know who I did like? Lucas, he was the bad guy that wasn't that bad. I did like how the story ended. Their problems were solved, but not in a quick fix way. I’m glad that the parties had to take time to work through them and that Lucy was able to gain some independence in that time. I also liked knowing what happened to the secondary characters like Ethan and Lucas. After both of these books this edition offers a bonus story. There are a few short scenes that take place over a period of time. I was a little confused on this one because in the bonus stories, Jeremiah goes full Dom on us. Something he might have had a tendency for in the past, but not to the extreme that the bonus story takes it. We also get to see a continuation of their relationship as well. I really had a love hate read with Anything He Wants and Castaway. I could not stand Lucy or where the story went at times, but at the same time, I found myself reading till the early hours each morning and had a hard time putting the book down. The story was able to grab my attention and keep it. If you’re looking for your next billionaire read and enjoy action and drama, check this one out. I received an arc of this book from netgalley in exchange for an honest review