Applications of Evolutionary Computing: EvoWorkshops 2009: EvoCOMNET, EvoENVIRONMENT, EvoFIN, EvoGAMES, EvoHOT, EvoIASP, EvoINTERACTION, EvoMUSART, EvoNUM, EvoSTOC, EvoTRANSLOG,Tübingen, Germany, April 15-17, 2009, Proceedings / Edition 1

Applications of Evolutionary Computing: EvoWorkshops 2009: EvoCOMNET, EvoENVIRONMENT, EvoFIN, EvoGAMES, EvoHOT, EvoIASP, EvoINTERACTION, EvoMUSART, EvoNUM, EvoSTOC, EvoTRANSLOG,Tübingen, Germany, April 15-17, 2009, Proceedings / Edition 1

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Springer Berlin Heidelberg


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Applications of Evolutionary Computing: EvoWorkshops 2009: EvoCOMNET, EvoENVIRONMENT, EvoFIN, EvoGAMES, EvoHOT, EvoIASP, EvoINTERACTION, EvoMUSART, EvoNUM, EvoSTOC, EvoTRANSLOG,Tübingen, Germany, April 15-17, 2009, Proceedings / Edition 1

This book constitutes the refereed joint proceedings of eleven European workshops on the Theory and Applications of Evolutionary Computation, EvoWorkshops 2009, held in Tübingen, Germany, in April 2009 within the scope of the EvoStar 2009 event.

The 68 revised full papers and 23 revised short papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from a total of 143 submissions. With respect to the eleven workshops covered, the papers are organized in topical sections on telecommunication networks and other parallel and distributed systems, environmental issues, finance and economics, games, design automation, image analysis and signal processing, interactive evolution and humanized computational intelligence, music, sound, art and design, continuous parameter optimisation, shastic and dynamic environments, as well as transportation and logistics.

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ISBN-13: 9783642011283
Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Publication date: 05/01/2009
Series: Lecture Notes in Computer Science Series , #5484
Edition description: 2009
Pages: 831
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.20(h) x 1.20(d)

Table of Contents

EvoCOMNET Contributions.- Web Application Security through Gene Expression Programming.- Location Discovery in Wireless Sensor Networks Using a Two-Stage Simulated Annealing.- Wireless Communications for Distributed Navigation in Robot Swarms.- An Evolutionary Algorithm for Survivable Virtual Topology Mapping in Optical WDM Networks.- Extremal Optimization as a Viable Means for Mapping in Grids.- Swarm Intelligence Inspired Multicast Routing: An Ant Colony Optimization Approach.- A Framework for Evolutionary Peer-to-Peer Overlay Schemes.- Multiuser Scheduling in HSDPA with Particle Swarm Optimization.- Efficient Signal Processing and Anomaly Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks.- Peer-to-Peer Optimization in Large Unreliable Networks with Branch-and-Bound and Particle Swarms.- Evolving High-Speed, Easy-to-Understand Network Intrusion Detection Rules with Genetic Programming.- Soft Computing Techniques for Internet Backbone Traffic Anomaly Detection.- Testing Detector Parameterization Using Evolutionary Exploit Generation.- Ant Routing with Distributed Geographical Localization of Knowledge in Ad-Hoc Networks.- Discrete Particle Swarm Optimization for Multiple Destination Routing Problems.- EvoENVIRONMENT Contributions.- Combining Back-Propagation and Genetic Algorithms to Train Neural Networks for Ambient Temperature Modeling in Italy.- Estimating the Concentration of Nitrates in Water Samples Using PSO and VNS Approaches.- Optimal Irrigation Scheduling with Evolutionary Algorithms.- Adaptive Land-Use Management in Dynamic Ecological System.- EvoFIN Contributions.- Evolutionary Money Management.- Prediction of Interday Sk Prices Using Developmental and Linear Genetic Programming.- An Introduction to Natural Computing in Finance.- Evolutionary Approaches for Estimating a Coupled Markov Chain Model for Credit Portfolio Risk Management.- Knowledge Patterns in Evolutionary Decision Support Systems for Financial Time Series Analysis.- Predicting Turning Points in Financial Markets with Fuzzy-Evolutionary and Neuro-Evolutionary Modeling.- Comparison of Multi-agent Co-operative Co-evolutionary and Evolutionary Algorithms for Multi-objective Portfolio Optimization.- Dynamic High Frequency Trading: A Neuro-Evolutionary Approach.- EvoGAMES Contributions.- Decay of Invincible Clusters of Cooperators in the Evolutionary Prisoner’s Dilemma Game.- Evolutionary Equilibria Detection in Non-cooperative Games.- Coevolution of Competing Agent Species in a Game-Like Environment.- Simulation Minus One Makes a Game.- Evolving Simple Art-Based Games.- Swarming for Games: Immersion in Complex Systems.- Fitness Diversity Parallel Evolution Algorithms in the Turtle Race Game.- Evolving Strategies for Non-player Characters in Unsteady Environments.- Grid Coevolution for Adaptive Simulations: Application to the Building of Opening Books in the Game of Go.- Evolving Teams of Cooperating Agents for Real-Time Strategy Game.- EvoHOT Contributions.- Design Optimization of Radio Frequency Discrete Tuning Varactors.- An Evolutionary Path Planner for Multiple Robot Arms.- Evolutionary Optimization of Number of Gates in PLA Circuits Implemented in VLSI Circuits.- Particle Swarm Optimisation as a Hardware-Oriented Meta-heuristic for Image Analysis.- EvoIASP Contributions.- A Novel GP Approach to Synthesize Vegetation Indices for Soil Erosion Assessment.- Flies Open a Door to SLAM.- Genetic Image Network for Image Classification.- Multiple Network CGP for the Classification of Mammograms.- Evolving Local Descriptor Operators through Genetic Programming.- Evolutionary Optimization for Plasmon-Assisted Lithography.- An Improved Multi-objective Technique for Fuzzy Clustering with Application to IRS Image Segmentation.- EvoINTERACTION Contributions.- Interactive Evolutionary Evaluation through Spatial Partitioning of Fitness Zones.- Fractal Evolver: Interactive Evolutionary Design of Fractals with Grid Computing.- Humorized Computational Intelligence towards User-Adapted Systems with a Sense of Humor.- Innovative Chance Discovery – Extracting Customers’ Innovative Concept.- EvoMUSART Contributions.- Evolving Approximate Image Filters.- On the Role of Temporary Storage in Interactive Evolution.- Habitat: Engineering in a Simulated Audible Ecosystem.- The Evolution of Evolutionary Software: Intelligent Rhythm Generation in Kinetic Engine.- Filterscape: Energy Recycling in a Creative Ecosystem.- Evolved Ricochet Compositions.- Life’s What You Make: Niche Construction and Evolutionary Art.- Global Expectation-Violation as Fitness Function in Evolutionary Composition.- Composing Using Heterogeneous Cellular Automata.- On the Socialization of Evolutionary Art.- An Evolutionary Music Composer Algorithm for Bass Harmonization.- Generation of Pop-Rock Chord Sequences Using Genetic Algorithms and Variable Neighborhood Search.- Elevated Pitch: Automated Grammatical Evolution of Short Compositions.- A GA-Based Control Strategy to Create Music with a Chaotic System.- Teaching Evolutionary Design Systems by Extending “Context Free”.- Artificial Nature: Immersive World Making.- Evolving Indirectly Represented Melodies with Corpus-Based Fitness Evaluation.- Hearing Thinking.- EvoNUM Contributions.- Memetic Variation Local Search vs. Life-Time Learning in Electrical Impedance Tomography.- Estimating HMM Parameters Using Particle Swarm Optimisation.- Modeling Pheromone Dispensers Using Genetic Programming.- NK Landscapes Difficulty and Negative Slope Coefficient: How Sampling Influences the Results.- On the Parallel Speed-Up of Estimation of Multivariate Normal Algorithm and Evolution Strategies.- Adaptability of Algorithms for Real-Valued Optimization.- A Stigmergy-Based Algorithm for Continuous Optimization Tested on Real-Life-Like Environment.- Shastic Local Search Techniques with Unimodal Continuous Distributions: A Survey.- Evolutionary Optimization Guided by Entropy-Based Discretization.- EvoSTOC Contributions.- The Influence of Population and Memory Sizes on the Evolutionary Algorithm’s Performance for Dynamic Environments.- Differential Evolution with Noise Analyzer.- An Immune System Based Genetic Algorithm Using Permutation-Based Dualism for Dynamic Traveling Salesman Problems.- Dynamic Time-Linkage Problems Revisited.- The Dynamic Knapsack Problem Revisited: A New Benchmark Problem for Dynamic Combinatorial Optimisation.- Impact of Frequency and Severity on Non-Stationary Optimization Problems.- A Critical Look at Dynamic Multi-dimensional Knapsack Problem Generation.- EvoTRANSLOG Contributions.- Evolutionary Freight Transportation Planning.- An Effective Evolutionary Algorithm for the Cumulative Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem.- A Corridor Method-Based Algorithm for the Pre-marshalling Problem.- Comparison of Metaheuristic Approaches for Multi-objective Simulation-Based Optimization in Supply Chain Inventory Management.- Heuristic Algorithm for Coordination in Public Transport under Disruptions.- Optimal Co-evolutionary Strategies for the Competitive Maritime Network Design Problem.

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