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A full-color oracle deck and guidebook to engage directly with the Archangels and initiate a powerful alchemical process of ascension

• Includes 40 full-color, high-vibration cards each featuring an Archangel and the specific healing color ray/sacred flame that that angel embodies

• Provides a detailed interpretation of each card, explaining the Archangel’s powers and benefits, corresponding star constellation, sacred symbols and colors, chakra energies, and crystal and essential oil associations

• Shares exercises and visualizations to help you connect with your chosen Archangel, embody their energy and healing vibrations, and initiate the process to reunite with your Divine higher self

Angels are the keepers of our ascension pathway. They assist humanity toward personal and collective enlightenment, bringing us love, guidance, power, healing, and deep transformation. This oracle deck and guidebook allow you to engage directly with the Archangels—the highest rank of angels—and the potent energy of Divine Fire to initiate a powerful alchemical process within you, a transformation that can help accelerate your ascension and align you with your inner Divinity.

Each of the 40 full-color, high-vibration cards features an Archangel and the healing color ray or sacred flame that that angel embodies. The deck includes a balance of masculine, feminine, androgynous, and multicultural angels in celebration of humanity’s diversity. In the accompanying book, gifted angel communicator Alexandra Wenman explores how the Archangels interact with us and how they work with and within us. She provides a detailed interpretation of each card, explaining the Archangel’s powers and benefits, sacred symbols, colors, star constellation, and chakra energies. She also reveals the crystals and essential oils you can use to resonate with each Archangel’s energies and offers a beautiful message to connect directly with each Divine Guide. The author shares exercises and visualizations to help you channel your chosen Archangel, embody their energy and healing vibrations, purify your lower self and remove energetic blockages, and initiate the alchemical process to reunite with your Divine higher self.

With the Archangel Fire Oracle, you have a hands-on tool to connect with the angels, access their guidance and support, open your heart to love and healing, and reach the rainbow light of your own Divinity.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781644112786
Publisher: Inner Traditions/Bear & Company
Publication date: 04/06/2021
Pages: 144
Sales rank: 633,112
Product dimensions: 5.10(w) x 6.70(h) x 1.40(d)

About the Author

Alexandra Wenman is a gifted angel communicator, spiritual alchemist, channel, healer, poet, and presenter. The former editor of Prediction Magazine, she is the founder of Precious Wisdom Alchemy and the creator of The Alexandra Wenman Show on YouTube. She lives in London.

Aveliya Savina is an artist and illustrator whose inspiring graphic design compositions range from cartoons to realism. She lives in Santiago, Chile.

Diana Cooper is a therapist, healer, author of several books, and the founder of the Diana Cooper Foundation. Her journey started during a time of personal crisis when she received an angel visitation that changed her life. Since then the angels and her guides have taught her about the angelic realms, unicorns, fairies, Atlantis, and Orbs as well as many other spiritual subjects. Through her workshops and therapy practice she has helped countless people find their life mission, fulfill their potential, and empower their lives. Diana’s aim and vision is to light the way to enable children, adults, and the planet to ascend graciously and happily.

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This healing oracle introduces you to 40 powerful and loving Archangels and Divine Guides who are the keepers of the ascension pathway. It offers you a practical model for engaging the angelic kingdom to support, guide, and assist you in viewing your everyday issues from a higher perspective to uplift, empower, and align you with your highest goals.

Archangels are angels of a high rank who assist humanity with our evolution by helping us access the divine through our higher wisdom and knowledge. They differ from other angels who help us with more practical day-to-day things. There are angels for everything, such as guardian angels, parking angels, sleep angels, and even angels in charge of buildings and cities, but the Archangels have more to do with our Ascension as they are charged with connecting us directly to God and our own divine nature.
Oracle cards are a very good tool to help us access and connect with our deeper knowing. As the cards are interactive, they can open our eyes to our inner wisdom and reveal more possibilities than we might otherwise find in a book or article on the same topic.

Each of the 17 suits of cards in this oracle is attributed to a specific healing colour ray or sacred flame and the Archangels which embody each of these colours. These transformational rays may also be seen to correspond with the colours of the human chakra system, along with many of the higher chakras or energy centres which are opening during our current period of rapid evolution. The opening of these energy centres within us correlates to the opening of the Gates of Heaven, and so as you work with these colours to raise your vibration, activate your chakras, and expand your conscious awareness, you are bridging Heaven and Earth within your own being, body and life experience.

Each colour symbolises the powerful properties of divine archangelic fire and working with these holy flames by soaking or bathing in each colour, as though you are being engulfed in a coloured flame, allows you to take a big step forward along our journey back to wholeness – which is the ultimate journey of unconditional love and divinity.

Imagine the energy of the divine, God, or Source – which is the infinite love that permeates all existence – as a beautiful diamond or crystal. If you could shine sunlight through that crystal it would scatter rainbows of multiple colours. These individual colours contain the unique qualities of the archangels, which represent our direct relationship to the divine.

As the divine is infinite in nature, so too there are an infinite number of angels – far too many to contain in one oracle deck. The Archangels and Guides I have chosen for this deck are the ones who have helped me on my own journey of awakening. As I connected to each angel, I was guided to document the beautiful processes they gifted me with to share them with others. And so, the Archangel Fire Oracle was born.

Essentially, the rainbow spectrum of the Archangels acts a bridge towards enlightenment, reconnecting us to our own divinity and helping us realize that we are not separate from God, we are God. The key to “enlightenment” is in the word “light”. The angels’ message is that by opening our hearts to deeper love, we are taking in more light and are able to shed more light on who we are by accessing our own innate wisdom.

Alongside the Archangels, Masters, and their colours, you will find symbols, suggested key words, crystal and essential oil associations, and star constellations. Meditating with these tools can help to heighten your senses so you may connect more easily with the colour and healing vibration of your chosen divine and angelic guardian.

SAMPLE CARD WRITE-UP [Ariel is the card featured on the front cover]

10. Ariel: “Strength of Heart”

Message: “Have courage and faith. I will help you stand up for yourself and defend others who need your strength of heart”

Ariel is the head of the nature angels, so she is connected with fairies and elementals. She watches over all the plants and animals and helps encourage us to care for our environment. Known as the ‘Lioness of God’, she can shore up your courage and strength—helping you to stand up for your beliefs and values.

How to Meet Ariel

• Call upon Archangel Ariel and imagine a majestic and powerful lioness, surrounded by light, walking towards you.

• As she moves closer, you are unafraid, as this creature embodies Ariel’s courage and protection.

• Her presence invokes your own angelic qualities, and your wings unfurl in deep pink splendour.

• Think of anything that is worrying you. Imagine the lioness standing before you and breathing this courage into you as a pink mist. Feel yourself grow strong, courageous and loving.

Archangel Fire Alchemy: Forest friends

Close your eyes and imagine you are sitting by a tranquil stream in a woodland. As you look around at the forest, you see subtle movements in the leaves, like the flutter of tiny wings.

You realise the forest is alive with fairies and nature spirits. They fly around you, sprinkling you with pink fairy dust.

All the animals of the forest and they emerge to greet you.

One of these animals stands out to you. It is a magical unicorn with a horn of spiraling light.

The unicorn bows before It touches its horn to your third eye and your heart, awakening your wisdom.

Thank the unicorn and ask Archangel Ariel to send the fairies to all the creatures in the world that are in need of healing and protection.

Wrap your wings around you as they turn white.

Become Ariel

Go outside and connect with nature. Remember the wonder you had about the world when you were just a child. Feel love for Mother Earth and be kind to ALL creatures. Ariel says looking after our planet begins with us.

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