Art of Love

Art of Love

by Allie Boniface


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College senior Chloe Garrick travels halfway around the world to work in a French art studio. While spending a summer in southern France might be a dream to someone else, all she really wants is to go home to Lindsey Point, where her friends, family, and sorority sisters are enjoying beach bonfires and late-night parties without her.

Bodhi Lawson has mastered the art of living alone. Scarred by a fire as a boy, he's grown used to the stares of strangers and the rejection of women, and living in a small French town suits him well. But when Chloe moves in next door, he finds himself opening up to the bubbly American in ways he never imagined.

At first, Chloe is counting the days until she can return to the States, but the more time she spends with Bodhi, the more she wants to know about the man behind the mask. When an unexpected tragedy summons her home, will this beauty and the beast retreat to the safety of the worlds they've always known, or take a chance and risk it all for love?

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ISBN-13: 9781979211963
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 10/23/2017
Pages: 132
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.28(d)

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Art of Love 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
gmcootie More than 1 year ago
Art of Love is the 6th book in the Hometown Heroes series by Allie Boniface. The description of the story from Goodreads and Amazon tells us why Chloe and Bodhi are in France, but who are they really? When we first meet Chloe, she seems just a bit spoiled and self-centered. She sees everything from her own viewpoint. It’s all “me, me, me” with a bit of “Why me?” thrown in. She’s in France to perform community service because of an incident at college. Her father realizes that even if she had a rough life as a child, maybe it’s time for her to grow up a bit. But instead of seeing possible opportunity in France, she sees it as a punishment to be endured for 8 weeks. When we first meet Bodhi, it’s pretty much all “me, me, me” too. His father owes his life to Chloe’s father so Bodhi will pick her up at the airport and has found her an apartment next to his. Bodhi has good reason to be self-centered and wary based on the way people treat him because of his scars, but his way of protecting himself is to shut people out and judge them before he knows them. When he first sees Chloe at the airport, however, his world starts spinning. His physical reaction to her is instant. Inappropriate, he thinks, but very compelling just the same. Chloe doesn’t really seem to pay attention to his scars, but he can’t quite believe that could be true. And besides, Chloe is pretty naïve and doesn’t pay a lot of attention to much at first. This is a short, sweet, fast-paced romance. Chloe and Bodhi are thrown together at first, then slowly seek each other out, and then both begin to wonder if there could be more. Of course life gets in the way and the possibility of love is put to the test. This was a very enjoyable read and I heartily recommend it. I enjoyed getting to know Chloe and Bodhi and see what was under the surface. The descriptions of the French countryside and food were amazing. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review, but I have read all the Hometown Heroes books and always eagerly await the next installment. Art of Love was no disappointment. Read it stand-alone or go back to the beginning and get to know everyone in Lindsey Point – and now France. You’ll be glad you did!