Ask Like an Auctioneer: How to Ask For More and Get It

Ask Like an Auctioneer: How to Ask For More and Get It

by Dia Bondi
Ask Like an Auctioneer: How to Ask For More and Get It

Ask Like an Auctioneer: How to Ask For More and Get It

by Dia Bondi


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When we ask, we aim low—asking for what we think we can reasonably get afraid of risking too much, and get nothing at all. The result? We leave money and opportunity on the table.

Communications coach Dia Bondi has helped thousands of women advocate for themselves by making big asks. In Ask Like an Auctioneer, she outlines a six-step framework that will help you strategically and confidently ask for more, maximizing the potential of every ask, every time.

A communications coach for two decades, Bondi works with top CEOs, VC-backed founders, innovators, and creatives to speak powerfully and elevate their impact.

After training as an auctioneer, Bondi translated the strategies she learned from the fundraising auctioneering stage into a program that helps women ask for more in their career and life.

Based on Bondi’s wildly successful keynotes and workshops, Ask Like an Auctioneer is an actionable guide that shows you the secret to getting out of your comfort zone and into your “zone of freaking out” (ZOFO). Among other ideas, in this book you will learn to:

  • Set your reserve
  • Understand price is a measure of value, not worth
  • Find the offer in every ask
  • Take productive action when you get a “no”

Join the thousands of women who are stepping into their ZOFO, asking for more and getting it, and reaching their goals on their own terms.

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ISBN-13: 9781637744123
Publisher: BenBella Books, Inc.
Publication date: 11/14/2023
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 1,118,887
Product dimensions: 6.25(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.85(d)

About the Author

Dia Bondi is the CEO and Founder of Dia Bondi Communications, which helps high-performance professionals speak with power and purpose at crucial communications moments to amplify their impact and reach their goals faster. Dia is the secret weapon behind some of the world’s most influential brands, leaders, and VC-backed founders. She helped Rio de Janeiro secure the 2016 Summer Olympics, and was the communications coach for world leaders for United Nations gatherings. Following a curiosity, Dia attended auctioneering school and has since translated the techniques she learned into a program that prepares women to ask for more and leave nothing on the table called “Ask Like an Auctioneer,” which catalyzed her mission to put more money and decision-making power in the hands of women so we can change everything for all of us. Dia believes that you are your most compelling and impactful when you lead with who you are. She lives with her family in Northern California.

What People are Saying About This

From the Publisher

“Every woman on the planet must read Ask Like an Auctioneer. Dia Bondi undoes centuries of conditioning that told us to stay small and aim low. Her approach is simple and remarkably successful. This book will change lives.” 
Kat Gordon, Founder and CEO, The 3% Movement
Ask Like an Auctioneer is the gateway to your biggest, boldest dreams, providing you with the tools and perspective to get what you want. Excelling at asking is a skill set that changes lives—and that’s exactly what the book delivers on. Dia Bondi breaks down the process of asking in the most actionable and effective ways I’ve ever seen.” 
Gesche Haas, Founder and CEO, Dreamers & Doers
“Dia Bondi is a force who inspires the reader to take action with confidence through a matter-of-fact, bold, and energetic style of writing. Ask Like an Auctioneer is a fundamental shift in the psychology of how we think and manifest outcomes in order to design our best lives. This book made me want to rethink, redesign, and get up and go for my next big thing.”
Rob Acker, CEO,
 “As the CEO of Latinas in Tech, I understand the challenges women face in negotiating their worth and bridging the gender pay gap. This empowering book equips women with the strategies and tools to take control of their negotiations, allowing them to secure the recognition and compensation they deserve. With its actionable advice and expert guidance, Ask Like an Auctioneer is a game-changer for women striving for equality in the workplace."
Rocío Medina van Nierop, CEO, Latinas in Tech
“For so many of us who have conflated our intrinsic worth (and worthiness!) with how people assign us value, this book is a wicked wake-up call and invitation to rewrite our own estimations. Ask Like an Auctioneer is an elegant and powerful work that unlocks human potential to be more courageous about how we ask and get what we want in our professional and personal lives.” 
Dino Anderson, Chief Culture Officer, Articulate, and Lecturer, Stanford Graduate School of Business

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