Aslan: Running Joy

Aslan: Running Joy

by Kristin Kaldahl
Aslan: Running Joy

Aslan: Running Joy

by Kristin Kaldahl


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For fourteen-year-old Krissy, her new life maxim is pretty sad: First choices out. Second choices in. It's been that way since dialysis left her disabled. Her limitations went from none to a ton, and now they stand in the way of her dream—to compete in dog agility with her runty sheltie pup, Aslan.

Krissy has seen videos of agility handlers sprinting, spinning, and twisting as they race with their dogs through the intricate obstacle courses. It's a beautiful sport. Like dance. Like art. And surely impossible for someone like her. Her suspicions are confirmed when an agility instructor tells Krissy that her inability to run will keep Aslan from successfully competing against other lightning-fast agility teams. The instructor strongly suggests Krissy choose a less physically demanding second-choice dog sport instead. Second choices—once again. And on top of all that, Krissy is pretty sure she doesn't even like her own dog.

Award-winning author and professional dog agility trainer Kristin Kaldahl weaves an authentic story of reclamation and simple love within the thrilling backdrop one of the world's fastest growing canine sports—agility. A book for both adults and teens, ASLAN: RUNNING JOY is a contemporary dog novel in the vein of the classics that keeps the modern reader's sensibilities in mind.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781633573291
Publisher: Crosslink Publishing
Publication date: 06/01/2021
Pages: 307
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.80(d)
Age Range: 10 - 13 Years

About the Author

Kristin Kaldahl, a dog agility instructor and long-term kidney transplant survivor, lives in Oklahoma with her small herd of competition agility Shelties. For more information on her, her dogs, and her books, please visit

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments 1

Chapter 1 Whickery Gone 3

Chapter 2 Lonely Hearts 11

Chapter 3 Road Trip 21

Chapter 4 Art, Angst, and an Anteater 29

Chapter 5 The First Step 37

Chapter 6 Sunk 45

Chapter 7 Feeding Emotions 53

Chapter 8 The Stars 61

Chapter 9 Poop and a Poop Bag 75

Chapter 10 The Second Step 85

Chapter 11 Trees, Toys, and Trust 95

Chapter 12 Reprise - Second Step 107

Chapter 13 A Half-Cent Sparrow 117

Chapter 14 Zombies and Bleacher Battles 127

Chapter 15 The Third Vault Veto 141

Chapter 16 Camping 149

Chapter 17 Agility to the Rescue 159

Chapter 18 The Third Step 175

Chapter 19 The Third Step Continued 183

Chapter 20 Crashes, Kicks, and Other Tragedies 191

Chapter 21 Agile Iron 199

Chapter 22 Shirking Duties 207

Chapter 23 Graduation 213

Chapter 24 Dichotomies 225

Chapter 25 The Road to Nowhere 235

Chapter 26 The Big Dance 241

Chapter 27 Sticky Birds 249

Chapter 28 A Rare Dog 265

Chapter 29 Still Cool 275

Epilogue: Krissy's Grace 283

Map Legend 289

Agility Equipment 291

Glossary 293

Author Notes 297

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