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Assassination Science: Experts Speak Out on the Death of JFK

Assassination Science: Experts Speak Out on the Death of JFK

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by James H. Fetzer (Editor)

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If you have ever been tempted to believe that President Kennedy was killed by a lone,demented gunman named Lee Harvey Oswald, then Assassination Science is the one book which will convince you, beyond any reasonable doubt, that there was indeed a conspiracy and a cover-up.

Completely lacking the wild speculation that have marred some books on the shooting of JFK,


If you have ever been tempted to believe that President Kennedy was killed by a lone,demented gunman named Lee Harvey Oswald, then Assassination Science is the one book which will convince you, beyond any reasonable doubt, that there was indeed a conspiracy and a cover-up.

Completely lacking the wild speculation that have marred some books on the shooting of JFK, Assassination Science sticks to the hard facts, interpreted by medical and scientific expertise.

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On 22 November 1963, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States, was assassinated in Dallas, Texas, while his motorcade passed through Dealey Plaza. On 29 November 1963, Lyndon Baines Johnson, 36th President of the United States, appointed a panel of inquiry-chaired by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Earl Warren-to investigate the death of his predecessor. A summary of its conclusions-technically only an advisory report to the President-was published on 27 September 1964. Twenty-six volumes of related testimony and exhibits were published on 23 November 1964. These are among the very few undisputed facts about the death of JFK.According to the 888-page summary of its findings, the Warren Commission determined that President Kennedy had been assassinated by a lone, demented gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald, who had fired three shots from the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository Building and scored two hits, one of which passed through the President's neck and exited his throat, the other of which entered the back of his head and killed him. While denying that it was crucial to their conclusions, the panel inferred that the same bullet that passed through the President's neck had wounded Texas Governor John Connally.This bullet is alleged to have entered Connally's back and shattered a rib before exiting his chest, hitting his right wrist and being deflected into his left thigh, an account that is known as "the single bullet theory". Because the bullet that is supposed to have performed these feats displays only slight distortion, it is known as "the magic bullet". When the House Select Committee on Assassinations re-investigated the case in 1977-78, itsreport supported these findings, but with the concession that a fourth bullet that missed had apparently been fired from "the grassy knoll" to the front and right of the limousine. This led the HSCA to the conclusion that JFK had been killed as the result of a "probable" conspiracy.When the Oliver Stone motion picture, JFK, was released in 1991, it generated enormous interest in the possibility that elements of the federal government and the military-industrial complex, including especially the CIA, might have been behind the assassination, perhaps with financing from wealthy oil men and the collusion of the Mob. The film was attacked by a large number of critics and columnists, many of whom published their critiques before production was even complete or the movie had been distributed. The controversy has continued to simmer: while most Americans reject the government's conclusions, they are uncertain what to accept with regard to the assassination itselfPerhaps the most telling argument for the official view has been the failure to turn up "hard evidence" of conspiracy in this case, which makes the critics' position appear to be an article of faith rather than a product of reason. The evidence most basic to the official position has always been the medical evidence, including the autopsy report, X-rays, and photographs, on the one hand, and photographic evidence, including especially a film of the assassination taken by Abraham Zapruder, on the other. If crucial evidence of this kind could be proven to have been fabricated, manufactured, or otherwise reprocessed, that would provide hard evidence critics claim has been lacking. The studies published here settle this matter- decisively!The volume you are about to read presents some of the most important findings about the medical and photographic evidence in the murder of John F. Kennedy yet to be discovered. A specialist in radiation oncology has examined the autopsy X-rays and has discovered that some have been altered to conceal a massive blow-out to the back of the President's head, while others have been changed by the imposition of a 6.5 mm metal object. A world authority on the human brain has concluded that diagrams in the National Archives purporting to be of JFK's brain must be of someone other than John Fitzgerald Kennedy. A group of experts on various aspects of photographic evidence has now found that the Zapruder film of the assassination has been extensively edited using highly sophisticated techniques.These findings not only completely undermine the official reports of the American government in relation to the assassination but also support the indictment of the Editor-in-Chief and Board of Trustees of a leading medical journal in the United States and of the nation's press for failing to fulfill its obligations and responsibilities to the American people...- James H. Fetzer, Ph.D.

What People are Saying About This

Peter Dale Scott
Although certain to provoke further controversy, this book supplies important scientific assessments of the medical evidence laid before the Warren Commission, together with a valuable narrative account of the American Medical Association's entry into this contentious field. I was particularly gripped by compelling new evidence that the Zapruder film had been altered, along with related documentation concerning the Warren Commission's re-enactment of the shooting in Dealey Plaza.
—(Peter Dale Scott, author of Deep Politics and the Death of JFK
Kerry Walters
Assassination Science is a watershed. Past and future assassination studies will have to be read through the painstakingly logical lens with which it scrutinizes the murder of John Kennedy. There is no sentimentalism or sensationalism here, even though the web of bureaucratic roadblocks and deceit encountered by Setzer in his investigation would make for an exciting thriller. Instead, the cool clinical breeze of rigorous thinking blows throughout.
—(Kerry Walters, distinguished professor, Gettysburg College)
David Lifton
Dr. David Mantik's chapter on the Zappruder film constitutes a significant addition to the literature on the JFK assassination. Those who believe that the Zappruder film (characterized by some as the closest thing to "absolute truth" when it comes to the shooting) is unimpeachable are in for a surprise. In addition, the publication of certain documents (such as the full text of the White House transcript of the Dallas doctor's 11/22/63 press conference), as well as Setzer's musings about what is knowable and the record of his jousting with the establishment (from The New York Times to the Justice Department) all make interesting reading.
—(David S. Lifton, author of Best Evidence)
Cyril H. Wecht
Every serious student of the Kennedy assassination should read this excellent compilation of articles, which dissect and destroy the Warren Commission report in a meticulous, objective, and analytical manner. The authors are all accomplished professionals, and their investigative studies unquestionably shift the evidentiary burden to those who through ignorance, naiveté, or conscious, pro-government bias continue to defend the Warren Commission report, the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people.
—(Cyril H. Wecht, M.D., J.D., past president, American Academy of Forensic Sciences)

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Assassination Science: Experts Speak Out on the Death of JFK 2.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
I agree that there¿s no way Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone if at all in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. And this is from a right-wing Conservative! However, this book is too repetitive, full of misspellings, and the interior design is very reader-unfriendly (the switching of fonts and type sizes, etc.). The book is filled with extremely interesting points, but, unfortunately, it is all balanced out with very hard-to-understand medical talk, etc. It took me a very long time to finish the book, which was recommended by a friend, because it was so difficult to read. I refused to read MURDER IN DEALEY PLAZA because once I finished ASSASINATION SCIENCE, I perused the former, only to find it too similar in all the aspects listed above. We already know most of the points brought up in the book; a paper from each of the contributors would have been more effective.