Augmenting Alice: The Future of Identity, Experience and Reality

Augmenting Alice: The Future of Identity, Experience and Reality

by Galit Ariel


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ISBN-13: 9789063694708
Publisher: BIS Publishers
Publication date: 10/03/2017
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 7.87(w) x 9.84(h) x (d)

About the Author

Galit Ariel is a transdisciplinary creative and strategic thinker. She defines herself as a 'Digital Hippie', since she is passionate about a future that will integrate technology into our everyday lives, but not control it. As a thought leader in Augmented Reality, she explores the wild and imaginative side of immersive technologies, but also their impact on our cultures, behaviours and ethical issues related to them.

Galit is an international speaker and mentor, featured at global conferences such as TED, The Next Web, SXSW, Fifteen Seconds, Slush Tokyo, OnBrand, IVRPA, ­WITI and many more.

Table of Contents

Wonderland within reach
An introduction to the subject selection and key related terms

1.0 Into the rabbit hole
(The section offers an introduction to the technology's features and relevance)
What is Augmented Reality & What It Is Not
? Types and terms related to Augmented Reality
Implementation of Augmented Reality - Current & Future

2.0 Beyond the Mirror
(The looks at the context within which AR technology is introduced, state of market, world and user perceptions)
Atoms, Bits, Data and beyond
Say "Hello" to My Little Experience!
Experience Everywhere - From the Invisible Computer to the Embedded Experience

3.0 Who the f*&k is Alice?
(Shifting identities in the Augmented age)
Digital Tribes - New User Segmentation
Right Here, Right Now - Identity and presence in an Augmented World
The Real Catfish - Augmented Relationships

4.0 The Cheshire Cat
(This section would look at the commercial potential and implementation of Augmented Reality)
Expierruncy - The Experience Economy
Mine, Mine, Mine - Content Creation & Ownership
Who's story is it anyways? Augmented Storytelling

5.0 Culture Queens
(Shifting cultures and content due to AR implementation)
Information Politics
Digital Ethics
Get Out of My Reality

6.0 Reality's Caterpillar
(This section would look at emerging changes within the concept of "Reality" due to Integration of an Augmentation layer)
The Real Fake - The Reality Echo Chamber
Experiencing is Believing - Augmented Spirituality
Post and Hyper Realism

Full Immersion
With great power comes great responsibility
Whats next

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