by Abigail Arrington


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Strippers suing for sexual harassment. A not-so-civil dispute between a playboy attorney and an ex-exotic dancer. A new client who accidently witnesses a murder. A killer's crosshairs and a Cat 4 hurricane. Attorney Riley Morgan's week is going to hell in her Louis Vuitton handbag.

For Sam Stone, however, everything is going according to plan. He's got a well-heeled client willing to pay any price to win. He's got his trifling co-counsel on the ropes, and Riley Morgan waiting in the wings to join him on the dark side of the law. All that, and a Super Tuesday? Stone couldn't ask for more.

But when a storm stirs the tides, no man, not even one as masterful as Sam Stone, can chart a sure course. The best he can hope for is to save Riley from the grave danger he's managed to put her in while still maintaining his carefully concealed identity. Faced with no small feat, Stone will need help from a few friends, and perhaps an enemy as well.

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ISBN-13: 9780984914012
Publisher: Capricorn Star Publishing
Publication date: 10/16/2012
Pages: 470
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.95(d)

About the Author

Abigail Arrington�s first novel, Precession, introduced readers to the world of attorney Riley Morgan, her colorful friends, and the complex and sometimes dangerous legal challenges she passionately undertakes for clients of her Florida law firm. Precession spent the summer of 2009 among great company in the field of legal thrillers. Good fortune followed the novel to the upper echelons of Barnes and Noble�s Best Selling Lists, where it peaked at Number 1 in Legal Thrillers, and number 50 in the online Top 100 List during August of 2009.
Experiences garnered from over a decade in the legal profession as a litigator for Fortune 500 companies, entertainment personalities, and a few lost causes provide a never-ending source of material Abby looks forward to sharing with readers in the Riley Morgan series and in other upcoming works. Savvy readers may also be pleased to find that Abby infuses references to music and art in almost all of her work, as both are lifelong passions.
On any given day, you might find Abby chatting with her engaging and sometimes animated followers on Twitter who, when asked for input on this bio, tweeted numerous thoughtful comments including references to humor, a sharp wit, a bright smile, and then something about genius and insanity. Of course, the last response might�ve been due to Abby�s description of herself as someone who likes Doritos, puppies, stupidly expensive shoes, and handsome men who are smarter than her shoes.
Abby hails from a small town in coastal North Carolina, and after a brief stint in Washington, D.C., the purposes of which she refuses to divulge, she now resides in Florida. Abby is the proud owner of two exceedingly spoiled Golden Retrievers who often talk back, much like their doting owner.
For more information on Abby and her exploits, please join her on Twitter at @AbbyArrington or check out her author website at

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AWESOME 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Since reading Abigail (Abby) Arrington's first novel, "Precession," I have been looking forward to this sequel. When it was released this week, I immediately got it and read through the night catching up with my favorite characters and meeting some new ones. Attorney Riley Morgan is back, this time teamed up with handsome "Ladykiller" attorney Sam Stone. Riley's assistant, Dani, is back and providing the humor while my fave, Special Agent Kent, is still in the background but gets some more action this time. "Awesome" introduces us to some new faces also- Bunny Keiller, the tough lawyer with the colorful past, and a tech-saavy young man named Wade that you can't help but love. These new characters are thick in the middle of a murder mystery and corporate spying action as the novel begins. Riley, Sam, Dani and Kent also have their hands full as they tackle tough cases and weather storms, both personal and literal, as a category 4 hurricane blows through town. There's a murder, or possible murder (as the body goes missing), witnessed by a secret voyeur who now needs Riley's help to keep from being arrested - or worse - the next victim. There's romance as Riley is spending more and more time with handsome, worldly, and surprisingly thoughtful attorney Sam Stone. There's action as the murder investigation continues just as the lawsuit against adult entertainment mogul, Vincent, goes into full gear. This brings one of my favorite characters, Special Agent Kent, directly into the middle of the action. There are car chases and virtual action scenes as computers and the many functions now run by them are featured. With all these elements plus the developing human dramas, I can see why we had this wait for the sequel. Ms. Arrington has created a murder mystery thriller that will keep the reader guessing right to the end. I highly recommend "Awesome" to all mystery, thriller, romance or action readers. There's something for all readers, and like good Southern cooking, the flavors blend together to create a uniquely satisfying dish.
BookFanForever More than 1 year ago
The voyeurism of “rear window” mixed with the legal scrambling of a Grisham narrative combine to make Awesome a page turning novel of mystery, intrigue and a dash of romance.  Secret agent/attorney Sam Stone is a hunk with a brain and his current assignment involves getting the goods on the owner of a business conglomerate that just happens to own strip clubs and adult entertainment enterprises. Surrounded as he is by beautiful women, Sam finds he is drawn to fellow attorney, Riley Morgan. Despite the fact that he shouldn’t involve her, Sam pulls Riley into his world by bringing her on as co-counsel for his case. However, Sam’s case takes a turn for the unexpected when Riley’s client, computer hacker Wade, witnesses something he shouldn’t have seen while spying on a coworker in her apartment. A case of hidden business assets suddenly becomes a race to find a missing girl. This page turner had me updating my computer virus protection after reading chapter 5! Of course by the end of the book I realized how useless that would be if a hacker was determined to get into my system. The computer forensics are fascinating and will have you questioning just how much information you are giving away through your laptop, ipad, cellphone, and even your car! A captivating read where main characters, Sam and Riley are equally smart, quick-witted and have high octane chemistry between them. Riley’s determined not to become another notch on Sam’s belt, while Sam is determined to change her impression of him. The back and forth between these two reminded me of the first season of “Moonlighting” (for those that remember it)! The ending is a total cliff hanger so let’s hope the sequel isn’t too long in the making!
JK_Reflects More than 1 year ago
Written from a legal insider’s perspective, Abigail Arrington’s crime thriller, Awesome, delivers plenty of suspense.  In the opening chapters, we meet Sam Stone and Riley Morgan, lawyers who are attracted to one another but rely on verbal sparring as their chief means of interaction. Then, a beautiful office worker disappears, with a lonely computer geek holding the main clues as to what might have become of her. As the plot thickens, the underbelly of the adult entertainment industry comes into view, as a rogue lawyer executes a plot to take revenge on her former boss and lover. Unraveling the truth depends on an incredible amount of computer hacking expertise, but in the end, the perpetrator is caught. What happens between Sam and Riley begs to be told in a sequel. This book has a page-turning plot, leaving the readers hanging as to the fate of the missing woman until the final chapters. The sexual tension between the two leading characters is also a prominent theme and adds to the suspense. Their word volleys are reminiscent of Austen’s Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy, though the author does not make Sam and Riley’s future so clear in this particular novel. All in all, Awesome is very much plot-driven, and it successfully manages to thrill and tantalize the reader, and keeps the reader’s interest piqued all the way through the final pages of the book.
Jwoods1 More than 1 year ago
‘Awesome’ definitely lives up to its name; this highly engaging legal thriller is a real page turner, I could not put it down! Arrington’s characters are beautifully created, multi-faceted creatures, vividly portraying the legal profession accurately and without being dull or difficult to understand. She really seems to know her stuff when detailing legal issues and even the high tech world of hacker geekery that the character of Wade lives in. As the main protagonist, Riley is extremely likeable and competent, and she manages to relay the legal aspects of the story in a way that even I could understand. Her assistant, Dani, is a minor, but vital asset to the story, as the relationship between the two women adds depth to both characters. Their interaction and dialogue is natural, and at times, laugh out loud funny. Sam is at first almost a caricature chauvinist character, but as the story progresses he is revealed to be so much more than he appears. He becomes much more likeable in the second half of the book, and the witty sexual entendre between Sam and Riley creates a delicious sexual tension that the reader would love to see relieved. After all, Riley deserves some happiness after this story! Initially, it was confusing to see how the hapless Wade’s storyline would flesh with the litigation storyline, but as the novel progressed it was made clear in a very exciting way. Kidnapping, murder, sex, lies, and everything in between made for a great legal thriller, comparable with the likes of works by John Grisham. The ending had a good, almost frantic pace that was a little confusing, but, upon reflection, made good sense. Halston’s character’s motivations were a little weak, but probable. I especially liked the character of Wade, and would love to see him return to assist Riley in future cases. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for a thrilling read with excellent attention to detail. The author has a beautiful way with words, and her style belies her history in the legal profession. The story flows smoothly, has a good pace, and the characters are all well developed, even the stereotypical ones. I do hope that there will be another book after this one, detailing the outcome for Dani’s character. She was probably the easiest one to relate to, after Riley, and her character deserves a larger role in the book. In summary, this was an ‘Awesome’ read, and one that I would gladly recommend to other
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Best book I've read in a while, especially in the legal thriller field.  Arrington's work reminds me of Grisham and some of the great thriller writers. She's definitely one to watch.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Awesome is just that, Awesome.  This novel brings a new swing to what I would like to call the Law and Order.  Arrington gives an A+ writing performance in this book.  Both main characters Riley and Sam keep the reader on their toes in regards to how they react to one another and other key characters in the story.  This book had everything I wanted in it.  There's action, suspense, drama, romance and a little comedy here and there.  Arrington found a way to capture CSI, Law and Order and McGyver all in one novel without it seeming overcrowded and losing sense of the plot. Awesome was an emotional roller coaster ride with plenty of upside down turns.  Arrington portrays a strong independent woman in Riley.  Sam portrays a smart, handsome supposedly lady's man.  But the journey of these two needs to be portrayed more in Arrington's upcoming novel. I cannot wait for the next novel.
SassafrassBookReviewer More than 1 year ago
I purchased this item after a friend recommended the author's first book, Precession, during our book club meeting. I was highly pleased with Precession and found myself wondering what came next. Luckily for me, the author's second work, Awesome was out. I've thorougly enjoyed the author's writing style and wit, as well as the sharp dialogue. I like the consistency in the character traits, which is something not often seen these days. Too often, the characters are wooden, unrealistic versions of reality. Not in Arrington's work. They are all very real and ring true on so many levels. Their language and actions are consistent as they interact with each other throughout the work. The story is intelligent, intriguing and unexpected. Some of the computer aspects are given in such detail that I had to read them a few times to understand what was going on, but that only made me more interested in the book. The author has clearly done her homework. Overall, a great read.
KenishaP More than 1 year ago
Many of the female characters are great examples of a resourceful, strong characters. They might have flaws, but they still stick up for themselves. The dialogue is often funny without being unrealistic or downright silly. Sometimes it feels like people are in a fight to produce the most witty remarks. I particularly enjoyed Sam and Riley's interactions. Legal drama, murders, romance and suspense are tossed together into a tasty literary salad. The writing is well done; nothing is particularly unusual/noteworthy about the prose, but it's easy to read and pretty well edited. The descriptions are vivid and there's a great amount of showing over telling, a definite plus in my book. This is a lengthy book, perfect for being engaged for some time. I enjoyed the multi-layered story and characters, and the ending wrapped up a good amount and left a few things open for exploration in other novels.
slausa74 More than 1 year ago
Awesome, by Abigail Arrington is a quirky mystery / thriller that follows a mixed group of characters investigating different aspects of a case that links high-tech corporate espionage, cold-blooded murder and, of all things, strip clubs. Awesome begins with a series of seemingly unrelated incidents, and it takes several chapters before the characters really start to come into contact with one another and begin to share information. By the time the various protagonists begin to piece together what's really going on, an alert reader will be one step ahead of them, which makes this book very fun and provides a “fly on the wall” type of reading experience. Arrington's style is slightly detached, as if amused by the behavior and motivations of her own characters, and the novel contains some interesting satirical elements. The dialogue reflects this, because even tense moments sometimes have a playful, bantering feel to them. It's this dialogue, together with Arrington's ability to lay out somewhat complicated legal ideas, that makes this book more than just another routine thriller. That's not to say that Awesome is without its flaws, of course. Some of the banter can seem a little forced, as if everyone in the world were in some kind of constant competition to produce witty quips. However, I’m not sure if Arrington may have actually done this on purpose to increase the entertainment value of the dialogue, by adding a bit of zest that you don’t necessarily encounter as frequently in real life. One thing I couldn’t figure out is if the reader is meant to see the Sam Stone character as a tough, resourceful guy whose behavior is infuriating (in an endearing sort of way), or if his somewhat corny “tough-guy” name, and somewhat patronizing behavior are meant to show him as a tiresome jackass. Definite kudos to the author for the way she portrayed the female characters. I’d actually say that the real weight of this book is carried by the female characters, who narrate most of the viewpoint chapters. They're much more well-rounded and compelling. Overall, despite a few minor distractions, Awesome is a fun, engaging read, with a complex and interesting plot and a lively mix of characters. Definitely thumbs up for this one.
MichK More than 1 year ago
Abigail Arrington is like a female John Grisham with added buzz and sex appeal. If you like your female characters savvy, intelligent and not afraid to take on the establishment, then Awesome is the book for you. Attorney Riley Morgan is back in the hot seat along with fellow attorney Sam Stone, her assistant Dani and some other well known characters from Arrington’s first book ‘Precession’. In this book we also meet Bunny Keiller, an ex dancer and strip club manager turned lawyer and the IT geek Wade Warner. At the outset of the book, we find Bunny using her knowledge and connections from her somewhat shady past to spy on clients at her ex boss Vincent’s strip club. Vincent prides himself on being a “secrets keeper”, so to speak, for some of society’s top politicians, businessmen and law enforcement officials, and offers more than discretion at his club. But right now he needs Bunny’s help to fight an impending lawsuit, under the watchful eye of her mentor Sam. Meanwhile, what appears to be a murder sends a secret onlooker in Riley’s direction for protection against possible arrest. Things get complicated as the chase goes viral. Throw in a few action sequences, some serious hacking, a brewing romance between Riley and the sophisticated and seductive Sam and a category four hurricane and you are in for one hell of a ride. With a background in law herself, Arrington is no stranger to the darker side of human nature. Her ability to artfully blend the complexities of the legal system into this story is a definite credit to her ability as a writer, and makes this book all the more enjoyable. Whether you are a reader who likes mystery, crime, romance, action or thrillers, Awesome is a good choice because it incorporates bits from all these genres together to create a compelling story that is well delivered on the page. Topless girls, car chases, spying and world class hacking, with a stellar cast of smart powerful women and handsome men, make this book a top pick.
tiffanydavis2 More than 1 year ago
Awesome, by Abigail Arrington, is the second book the Riley Morgan Series, the first being precision.  I was unaware of this until after I started reading Awesome, and only found my self asking questions a couple of times, making it an enjoyable read regardless.  The book is a legal thriller, and it is packed full of twists and curves that will keep you reading late into the night just to see what's going to happen next.  It opens with a woman and a hidden camera filming the towns big shots while in a strip club.  You get to see a lot of the behind the scenes and interactions between these people's lawyers.  Riley Morgan is a young, attractive woman who works as an attorney in Florida and agrees to be on a team for Sam Stone, a lawyer that's known for being a player.  The team is working on a very high profile case involving a big shot and sexual harassment charges.  Along with this, Riley is also working on a case involving a missing person, while Florida is facing a category 4 hurricane. The twists and turns within the plot will keep you on the edge of your seat and wanting to know more.  It's an easy and enjoyable read.  The author does a great job with building up each of the characters.  You are able to feel for them what the author is portraying.  Throughout reading this, I felt myself rooting for Riley while having this love/hate for Sam.  I really enjoyed the way the characters interacted as well.  Now that I know there is more to this series, I plan on picking up the first book, and keeping my eyes open for the next installment.  I recommend this to anyone who enjoys a great thriller! 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
But my mom said i have to stop roleplaying and stuff. Says its bad for me so i really have nothing to say but sorry. Stop roleplaying. Shes such a b word ugghhh.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Denise0 More than 1 year ago
If you're the type that judges a book by its cover, you'll buy this book in a heartbeat for its beautiful black and white beach landscape punched up by a stark red umbrella. Unfortunately, the novel isn't so awesome. Arrington's writing style is clever and witty, clever and witty, clever and witty - non-stop. And I have to admit that quite a few creative retorts had me chuckling, but too much of a good thing is...well...a bad thing. The endless repartee between her characters Riley Morgan and dashing "ladykiller" Sam Stone in particular became tiresome very quickly, and I found myself skipping sentences, then entire paragraphs of sexual innuendo and snarky sniping, as (despite herself) Morgan starts falling for him. And if that wasn't enough, Morgan repeats the very same type of repartee with her female assistant, minus the sexual attraction. The novel is ravaged by point of view issues, which distracted me to no end.  Whether the author meant to write in omniscient point of view or didn't consider point of view at all, is hard to say, but the constant jumping into every character's head from one sentence to another prevented me from bonding with any of the characters. It's a shame really because Arrington has a strong command of the English language and a gift for both writing and humor (which might be more suitable for sit-coms rather than novels). I was surprised to note that, given it's particularly masculine perspective, this novel was written by a woman. It kind of reminded me of those 1950's black and white comedy romances where the men are condescending at best, misogynistic at worst, and the women's power ends up in their ability to bestow or withdraw "favors." Other reviewers have mentioned Arrington's strong female characters, but I have to admit that aside from the fact that an x-stripper got her law degree, I didn't see it that way. Cocky and arrogant doesn't necessarily equal strong. Additional male characters include a sleazy strip club owner who takes advantage of his "girls", and a perverted voyeur, characterized as a geeky misfit who apparently deserves the reader's sympathy for inadvertently witnessing the abduction of a sexy co-worker after hacking into her personal computer and activating her webcam to spy on her. Arrington must be gearing up for a sequel. The book ends so abruptly that I thought it must be missing pages. Nobody lives happily ever after, loose ends abound, and the reader never finds out what's on the thumb drive that was stolen during the first few chapters. Let me say again, that Abagail Arrington is a talented writer, but I suggest that for her next book, she consider third person limited point of view, create characters instead of caricatures, and use her highly intelligent humor in palatable doses.  I'm giving it 3 stars for the author's obvious potential.