Axe Hand; Hsing-I & Internal Strength Workout

Axe Hand; Hsing-I & Internal Strength Workout

by Greg Hayes


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Hsing-I uses the same Five Element Theory as acupuncture for health, and for martial power and balance as well. The I-Ching uses what is there before it takes form, Hsing-I uses this 'I' to stage the stepping motion to aid in the positioning, momentum and anchoring to hit with combined internal power. Many Qigong practices the same energy focus involving the Lower Dan Tien; Hsing-i directs its rooted power with the Lower Dan Tien. '

To practice Tai Chi, Ba Gua, or even Qigong without a real grasp and feeling of Qi, is to go through the motions with an empty shell. The Qi moving through the moves, and in between the moves; is what gives the internal its power. Without Qi, these are no more than a pretty dance; as a car is when an engine is running in neutral.

The hollow shaft of a metal arrow can deliver some martial force; however when that tube is filled with a propellant and payload, it becomes a jet or missile.

This book's focus is the development, feeling, testing and using Qi yourself.

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