Baking for Dave: Iris, a 15-year-old girl travels cross states to enter a baking contest, but ends up winning a bigger prize

Baking for Dave: Iris, a 15-year-old girl travels cross states to enter a baking contest, but ends up winning a bigger prize

by Melissa Palmer


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Iris Heller, a teenager with Sensory Processing Disorder, runs away to compete in a national bake-off contest. In order to get there, she “borrows” her mom’s car, travels along the East Coast, and does the most terrifying thing of all —interacts with actual people! Iris has never been like other girls, but she’s not about to start letting that get in the way.

Iris has this profound fascination for the musician Dave Matthews, and she feels a compelling need to compete in the bake-off for Dave. To compensate for nervousness, she has the habit of humming, beatboxing, and making musical contraptions out of items around her. It is this talent that gets noticed at several road stops along the way, which leads to her inevitable "gone viral" glory. At a donut shop, Iris sings like an angel. At a coffee shop, she plays a symphony using cups and the soda fountain. At a restaurant, she builds a glorious musical fountain out of dishes and pans. Iris is the kind of pure spirit who brings the best out of the world around her without knowing it.

Iris’ mom (Maisy) and her best friend Eric set out to find Iris. All lives converge at Happy World, the Disney-esque paradise, where the bake-off takes place. Iris, whose life has been one of isolation and misunderstanding, finds out just how much she is loved. It doesn't matter whether she wins the bake-off, she's already won the biggest contest of all, triumphing in life.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781935567677
Publisher: Sensory Focus
Publication date: 11/11/2016
Pages: 436
Sales rank: 699,678
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 1.10(d)
Age Range: 14 - 17 Years

About the Author

Melissa Palmer is a writer, nerd, baker, part-time kitchen dancer, wife, and full-time mom. She pulls from her experiences with her own daughters — the two superheroes who shape and guide her life — to create the world and characters seen in Baking for Dave. When she’s not writing, she’s biking or running (either on the road or after one of the many animals in her menagerie).

Table of Contents

CHAPTER 2: Grace Is Gone
CHAPTER 3: Where Are You Going?
CHAPTER 4: Policeman
CHAPTER 5: Water
CHAPTER 6: Chris
CHAPTER 7: Sweet
CHAPTER 8: Maisy
CHAPTER 9: You and Me
CHAPTER 10: Look in the Eyes
CHAPTER 12: Called Out
CHAPTER 13: Blueberry
CHAPTER 14: Maisy on Bike
CHAPTER 15: Storm
CHAPTER 17 Devil You Know
CHAPTER 18: Chuckey's
CHAPTER 19: Song
CHAPTER 20: Travel
CHAPTER 21: Driving
CHAPTER 22: Just in Case
CHAPTER 23: Oasis
CHAPTER 24: Check In
CHAPTER 25: Ryan
CHAPTER 26: Maisy's Drive
CHAPTER 27: Floozy
CHAPTER 28: Fire Exits
CHAPTER 29: In the Room
CHAPTER 30: Morning
CHAPTER 31: Reveal
CHAPTER 32: Angel
CHAPTER 33: Rest Stop
CHAPTER 34: I Feel Better
CHAPTER 35: Cat Out of the Bag
CHAPTER 36: Georgia
CHAPTER 37: Resemblance
CHAPTER 38: Cowboys and Engines
CHAPTER 39: Doubt Mouse
CHAPTER 40: Date with a Ghostbrother
CHAPTER 41: Next Day
CHAPTER 42: Day One of Contest
CHAPTER 43: 41
CHAPTER 44: Believe
CHAPTER 45: Fine
CHAPTER 46: Let Her Bake
CHAPTER 47: And the Winner Is...
CHAPTER 48: A Letter from your Friend Iris

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