Balance: The Business - Life Connection

Balance: The Business - Life Connection


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ISBN-13: 9781590799604
Publisher: SelectBooks, Inc
Publication date: 04/16/2013
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

James Cusumano has enjoyed success across a range of careers. As an entertainer he was a vocalist for The Royal Teens best known for their hit Short-Shorts. After leaving show business, he went on to serve as a research scientist for Exxon Corporation later becoming Director of R&D. Cusumano then co-founded Catalytica, Inc. a very successful Silicon Valley enterprise. He now lives in Prague, Czechoslovakia where he is owner of Chateau Mcely, an award-winning luxury castle and spa hotel.

Table of Contents

Foreword Ricardo B. Levy xi

Preface xiii

Acknowledgments xvii

Part I My Story 1

Chapter 1 On the Shoulders of Giants 3

Sicilian-American Family Life in New Jersey 4

Life No. 1 Rock and Roll Star 9

Life No. 2 Exxon Scientist in Corporate America 14

Life No. 3 Silicon Valley Entrepreneur 22

Life No. 4 Movie Producer 30

Life No. 5 Holistic Hotelier 33

Part II Creating a Fulfilling Life 43

Unleash Purpose and Passion

Stimulate Creativity and Innovation

Find True Success and Happiness

Chapter 2 Finding Your Purpose and Passion 45

Individuals Have a Unique Purpose and Passion 45

The Power of Four Questions 47

My Answers to the Four Questions 50

Chapter 3 Creating Your Life Plan 57

The First Step 58

Values Are Your Compass 59

My Vision, Mission, and Dream 60

Six Spheres for Personal and Professional Growth 61

Reaching Your Goals in Each of the Spheres 63

Time Management Supports Life Balance 64

Chapter 4 Lasting Happiness 67

What Is Happiness? 68

The Happiness Formula 68

Personal Purpose and Passion 71

Happiness in the Workplace 73

Some Final Thoughts about Happiness 75

Chapter 5 The Power of Passion, the Failure of Fear 79

Financial Motives Create Inaction 80

A Major Challenge-Lifestyle Changes for the Common Good 80

Anxiety and Fear Breed Rationalization 81

Overcoming Our Protracted Paralysis 82

Part III Building a Successful Business 91

Discover Inspired Leadership

Create an Innovative Environment

Share Success with All Stakeholders

Chapter 6 Building a Successful Company 93

My Journey 93

The Right Way to Achieve Success 96

Qualities of a Skilled Leader 97

Getting the Human Element Right 101

The Importance of Addressing a Growing Market 103

A Commitment to Focus 104

Targeting an Early Commercial Success 105

Have a Plan, but Stay Flexible 106

A Call to Action 108

Chapter 7 Inspirational Leadership®: Inspire-Self-Others-The World 111

The Leadership Evolution 111

The Power of Inspiration 114

Inspirational Leadership® 116

Courage 117

Authenticity 119

Service 121

Truthfulness 124

Love 126

Effectiveness 128

Chapter 8 Power Performance Reviews 131

Performance Review-Or Not? 131

Last Year's Results; Next Year's Plan 133

Progressive Review Procedures 135

Chapter 9 Creating an Innovative Environment 139

Creativity, Discovery, and Invention or Innovation ? 139

Entrepreneur or Intrapreneur? 141

Characteristics of an Innovative Environment 142

Chapter 10 Conscious Capitalism: Preventing Economic Chaos 149

Global Threats 150

Business Is the Most Powerful Social Force 150

Transition to Conscious Capitalism 151

Inspired Leadership Is the Way 153

It's Not the Economy Stupid-It's the Need for Inspiration 154

OneDream™ 155

It's All about Trust 156

Can We Do It? 156

Appendix A My Life Plan for 2005 159

Appendix B Relaxation and Meditation 167

Appendix C Vision, Mission, Values, and Dream of Chateau Mcely 171

Notes 175

Index 183

About the Author 193

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Balance: The Business - Life Connection 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
CynthiaSueLarson More than 1 year ago
Success Tips for Life & Business from Rags-to-Riches Renaissance Entrepreneur It's not often that one finds a business success book written by a self-made millionaire who is so humble, funny, and down-to-Earth. James Cusumano's book BALANCE provides a unique perspective on building inspired business from your passions and interest in such a way that helps ensure prosperity and growth---for you AND your business. The subtitle of this book is "The Business-Life Connection," but it might just as well have been, "Finding Success by Following Your True Passions in Life." One of the fascinating threads running through this autobiography is that each time Cusumano sets and reaches a goal, he creates a new goal so he can continue on. The eldest of ten children of American immigrant parents from Italy, Cusumano quickly discovered the power, genius and magic of boldness in taking active steps forward in pursuit of his dreams. Young Cusumano dove into learning to play piano with help from an Army buddy friend of his Dad's as a self-proclaimed "student-in-a-hurry-with-a-mission." Cusumano was in a hurry to play music for school dances, but that dream was quickly eclipsed by bigger dreams of playing 50's rock and roll, since after three years of lessons he was singing lead vocals and playing keyboard in a friend's band. Not only did Cusumano spring to national fame and attention as a musician in the group Royal Teens of "Short Shorts" fame, but he went on to get a PhD in physical chemistry, and then launched his own successful Silicon Valley start-up company. From there, Cusumano made a feature film, and is currently running a boutique chateau hotel in Prague, Czech Republic.  What makes Cusumano's point of view so inspirational to me is the way he shares such a fascinating behind-the-scenes account of his history of interests in things that start out seeming innocuous, but end up being extraordinarily important. While some kids play with chemistry sets, most don't end up making household cleaning products for their neighborhood. This recurring theme of making the most of everything we've got runs deeply through BALANCE to the point that by the end of the book when Cusumano describes how he bought a castle, such a thing seems completely natural.  This self-made wunderkind's book becomes more than mere autobiography in the remaining majority of the book in which Cusumano offers keys to creating a fulfilling life and building a successful business. While Cusumano is a big fan of writing goals down on paper in order to best follow through, he also gives a great deal of credit for his success to some less measurable factors as authenticity, honesty, compassion, commitment and trust. My favorite part of BALANCE, where the value and message shine brightest, comes from describing Cusumano's keys to inspired leadership. In this section Cusumano shares best business practices for ensuring your business gets and stays focused on service. BALANCE really shines brightest when focused on describing ways to help you and your business grow, and Cusumano sets an excellent example of how it can be possible to make your dreams come true.