Barbie: The Album [Picture Disc with Bonus Tracks] [Barnes & Noble Exclusive]

Barbie: The Album [Picture Disc with Bonus Tracks] [Barnes & Noble Exclusive]

by Barbie
Barbie: The Album [Picture Disc with Bonus Tracks] [Barnes & Noble Exclusive]

Barbie: The Album [Picture Disc with Bonus Tracks] [Barnes & Noble Exclusive]

by Barbie

Vinyl LP(Long Playing Record - B&N Exclusive Edition)

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As over-the-top and stuffed with star power as its namesake film, Barbie: The Album is a pop extravaganza that matches the 2023 global cinema phenomenon. Produced and curated by pop maestro Mark Ronson, the set features the talents of all your favorite early-2020s pop stars. Dua Lipa (starring as Mermaid Barbie in the movie) contributes an appropriately dancefloor-friendly disco throwback bop, "Dance the Night," which topped charts across the planet, while Charli XCX injects her hyperpop energy into "Speed Drive," which interpolates Toni Basil's cheerleader chant from "Mickey." Ava Max and Sam Smith add cheekiness and drama to the set with tracks that sound very much like Ava Max and Sam Smith (in the best way possible). Fans who have seen the movie will recognize Lizzo's "Pink," Ryan Gosling's showcase ballad "I'm Just Ken," and Billie Eilish's heartbreaking, self-aware "What Was I Made For?" And although Aqua themselves are not present here, "Barbie World" samples that '90s classic with tough verses traded between Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice. There's a genre for everyone as Karol G, Tame Impala, Dominic Fike, HAIM, the Kid LAROI, Khalid, PinkPantheress, and many more join forces to represent Barbies and Kens of all types. Barbie: The Album is a celebration as colorful and uplifting as the movie itself, and both are highly recommended. [For fans in search of Gosling's beachside acoustic take on "Push" and Brandi Carlile's cover of Indigo Girls' "Closer to Fine," the deluxe "Best Weekend Ever Edition" is the place to go.] ~ Neil Z. Yeung

Product Details

Release Date: 04/05/2024
Label: Barnes Noble Consign
UPC: 0075678613098
Rank: 927

Album Credits

Performance Credits

O.S.T.   Primary Artist
Barbie   Primary Artist
Brandi Carlile   Primary Artist,Banjo,Piano,Guitar,Vocals,Keyboards,Moog Synthesizer
Sam Smith   Primary Artist,Vocals
Ryan Gosling   Primary Artist,Vocals
Charli XCX   Primary Artist,Vocals
Aqua   Primary Artist,Vocals,Featured Artist
Nicki Minaj   Primary Artist,Vocals
Dua Lipa   Primary Artist,Vocals
Tame Impala   Primary Artist
The Kid LAROI   Primary Artist,Vocals
GAYLE   Primary Artist,Vocals
HAIM   Primary Artist
Lizzo   Primary Artist,Vocals
Catherine Carlile   Primary Artist,Vocals
Billie Eilish   Primary Artist,Vocals,Synthesizer
Karol G   Primary Artist,Vocals
Ava Max   Primary Artist,Vocals
Dominic Fike   Primary Artist,Guitar,Vocals,Guitar (Acoustic)
PinkPantheress   Primary Artist,Vocals
Ice Spice   Primary Artist,Vocals
Khalid   Primary Artist,Vocals
Fifty Fifty   Primary Artist,Vocals
Ian Hendrickson-Smith   Saxophone
Aldo Ranks   Vocals,Featured Artist
Matt Chamberlain   Drums
Aaron Draper   Percussion
Ray Mason   Trombone
Mike Ricchiuti   Piano
Caitlin Sullivan   Cello
Peter Bahng   Violin
Lee Jeong Min   Violin
Michael Leonhart   Trumpet
Sein Ryu   Violin
Questlove   Drums
Matt Dunkley   Orchestra
Danielle Farina   Viola
Susannah Chapman   Cello
Dave MacKay   Keyboards
Rostam Batmanglij   Piano,Synthesizer,Synthesizer Bass,Guitar (12 String)
Kristi Helberg   Violin
Andrew Wyatt   Bass,Piano,Orchestra,Synthesizer,Vocals (Background)
Sean Small   Guitar (Electric)
Slash   Guitar,Guitar (Rhythm)
Henry Kwapis   Keyboards,Guitar
Kirsty Whalley   Choir/Chorus
Jennifer Kim   Violin
Roger Manning   Synthesizer
Joel Noyes   Cello
Ann Kim   Violin
Clarice Jensen   Cello
Jung Sun Yoo   Violin
Wolfgang Van Halen   Guitar (Rhythm)
Mark Ronson   Bass,Piano,Guitar,Orchestra,Synthesizer,Fender Rhodes,Guitar (Bass)
Josh Freese   Drums
Peter Cobbin   Choir/Chorus
Evan Hutchings   Drums,Percussion
Ilya Toshinskiy   Guitar (Acoustic)
Ryan Raines   Drums,Percussion
Tallie Brunfelt   Violin
Alana Haim   Guitar,Vocals
Este Haim   Bass,Vocals
Danielle Haim   Vocals
Ricky Reed   Piano,Guitar,Moog Bass,Synthesizer
Alexis Sykes   Viola
Lisa Kim   Violin
Ben Parry   Choir Conductor
Dave Guy   Trumpet
Caroline Ailin   Vocals (Background)
Sam Sumser   Guitar (Electric)
Henry Wang   Violin
Angela Lee   Violin
Will Frampton   Viola
Finneas O'Connell   Piano,Percussion,Synthesizer,Guitar (Bass),Bass (Electric)
Jack Hallenbeck   Synthesizer
Michael Roth   Viola
Annaliesa Place   Violin
Alan Stepansky   Cello
Joanna Maurer   Violin
Gabe Noel   Cello
Matt Lehmann   Violin
Kaliii   Vocals,Featured Artist
Jeremia Velazquez   Violin
Torron Pfeffer   Viola
Robert Meyer   Viola
MJ Buckley   Saxophone
Mike Richiuti   Piano
Chris Condon   Guitar
John Wilkenson Derisme   Guitar (Bass)
Lee Minjeong   Violin
Sarah Kwon   Cello
Julia Choi   Violin
Andrew Grasso   Drums
Picard Brothers   Keyboards

Technical Credits

Joakim Ahlund   Composer
Claus Norreen   Composer
Terry Lewis   Composer
Emily Saliers   Composer
Chad Smith   Composer
David Odlum   Vocal Engineer
Mad Cobra   Composer
Geoff Foster   Engineer
Janet Jackson   Composer
Peter Cobbin   Scoring Engineer,Engineer
Matt Serletic   Composer
Brandon Davis   Producer
Jimmy Harris   Composer
Brandi Carlile   Producer
Nicky Chinn   Composer
Sam Smith   Composer
Nathan Cunningham   Composer
David Parker   Composer,Composer
Rostam   Producer
Michael Chapman   Composer
Michael Balzary   Composer
Mike Clink   Engineer,Recording
Matt Dunkley   Orchestral Arrangements
Rob Kinelski   Mixing
David Spreng   Engineer,Recording
Anthony Kiedis   Composer
George Drakoulias   Producer,Executive Producer
Manny Marroquin   Mixing
Rostam Batmanglij   Arranger,Composer,Engineer,Drum Programming,String Arrangements
Tramaine Winfrey   Composer
Andrew Wyatt   Composer,Producer,Choir Arrangement,Additional Production,Orchestral Arrangements
Sean Small   Producer,Programming
Serban Ghenea   Mixing
Amy Ray   Composer
Soren Rasted   Composer
Sylvia Robinson   Composer
Henry Kwapis   Programming,Composer,Producer
Henry Walter   Composer
Ethan Shumaker   Engineer
Brandon Bost   Engineer,Programming
Dua Lipa   Composer
Bret Mazur   Composer
Marc Sibley   Composer
Bianca Ortega   Marketing
Jake Ferguson   Assistant,Assistant Engineer
Kirsty Whalley   Engineer,Scoring Engineer
John Muller   Engineer
Troy Rami   Composer
Jim Cooley   Mixing
Daniel Bacigalupi   Assistant Mastering Engineer
Brandon Bell   Mixing
Rene Dif   Composer
Randy Merrill   Mastering
Lene Grawford Nystrom   Composer
Jens Jungkurth   Engineer
Seth Binzer   Composer
Brandon Creed   Producer
Aubry "Big Juice" Delaine   Mixing,Producer,Vocal Engineer,Additional Production
Patrik Arve   Composer
John Frusciante   Composer
Mark Ronson   Composer,Producer,Liner Notes,Additional Production,Orchestral Arrangements
Pete Lyman   Mastering
Johnny Pedersen   Composer
Eli Heisler   Mixing Assistant
Randall Hammers   Composer
GAYLE   Composer
Joey Messina-Doerning   Engineer
Faangs   Composer
Ryan Raines   Composer,Producer
Cirkut   Producer
Lene Crawford Nystroem   Composer
Alana Haim   Composer
Este Haim   Composer
Nicholaus Williams   Composer
Danielle Haim   Composer,Producer
Charlotte Aitchison   Composer
Jonny Breakwell   Mixing
Joseph Khoury   Producer
Ricky Reed   Producer,Drum Programming
Denis Kosiak   Mixing,Composer,Producer
Daniel Escobar   Engineer
Michael Pollack   Composer
Kevin Weaver   Producer
Klas Ahlund   Composer
Alex Venguer   Engineer,Recording,Piano Engineer
Mike Caren   Composer
Tom Elmhirst   Mixing
Rob Thomas   Composer
Fabian Torsson   Composer
Ephrem Lopez   Composer
Caroline Ailin   Composer
Melissa Jefferson   Composer
Sam Sumser   Producer,Programming
Andrew Watt   Composer,Producer
Madison Love   Composer
Nicholas Chinn   Composer
Billie Eilish   Composer,Engineer,Vocal Producer
BloodPop   Composer,Producer
Carolina Giraldo Navarro   Composer
Finneas O'Connell   Composer,Engineer,Producer,Vocal Arrangement
Space Primates   Producer
Khalid Robinson   Composer
Reed Berin   Composer,Producer
Eric Frederic   Composer
Aldo Vargas   Composer
Karsten Dahlgaard   Composer
David Grant   Marketing
Onika Maraj   Composer
Aryanna Platt   A&R
Kevin Parker   Mixing,Composer,Engineer,Producer,Recording
Louis Bell   Producer,Programming,Composer
Daniel Hayden   Pro-Tools
Bryce Bordone   Mixing Engineer,Mixing Assistant
Dani Perez   Assistant Engineer
Nick Noneman   Engineer
Giana Poppo   Coordination
Katie Barnes   Coordination
Billy Walsh   Composer
Easyfun   Composer,Producer
Nicholas Fulcher   Design,Art Direction
Greta Gerwig   Executive Producer
Ovy on the Drums   Producer
Pedro Calloni   Mixing
Amanda Ava Koci   Composer
Dominic Fike   Composer
Chris Condon   Engineer
Count Baldor   Composer,Producer
James Keeley   Engineer
Charlton Howard   Composer
Lauren Marquez   Engineer
Kaliya Ashley Ross   Composer
Chase Worrell   Composer,Producer
Jason Kellner   Composer,Producer
Daniel Oviedo   Composer
PinkPantheress   Composer,Producer
Nick Nonneman   Engineer
JBACH   Composer
Adam Hong   Engineer,Mixing Engineer
RIOTUSA   Producer
Isis Gaston   Composer
Ricky Damian   Engineer
Cameron Gower-Poole   Vocal Engineer,Vocal Producer
Picard Brothers   Producer,Programming,Additional Production
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