Be BOLD Today: Unleash Your Potential, Master Your Mindset, and Achieve Success

Be BOLD Today: Unleash Your Potential, Master Your Mindset, and Achieve Success

Be BOLD Today: Unleash Your Potential, Master Your Mindset, and Achieve Success

Be BOLD Today: Unleash Your Potential, Master Your Mindset, and Achieve Success


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Ready to make a change? Thousands of women have reached their goals using The BOLD Framework. With this roadmap for success, you will believe in yourself without question, own your destiny, learn from setbacks and success, and design a life you love.

Do you have a voice inside you that’s nudging you to make a change? Maybe you feel stuck and want to try something completely new, or maybe you want to elevate what you are already doing to the next level. Using The BOLD Framework, created by visionary leader Leigh Burgess, Be BOLD Today serves as your personal guide to whatever transformation you choose. Leigh has inspired thousands of women to identify and achieve personal and professional goals, large and small. Through this book, you now have access to The BOLD Framework to achieve whatever you’re dreaming of—on your own terms.

Being bold is not about being loud, feeling no fear, or taking risks without thinking. It is about purposefully making changes with a rock-solid belief in yourself. On your bold journey, you will convert your dreams, aspirations, and goals into realities by following the four steps of The BOLD Framework:

Believe: Reframe limiting beliefs that hold you back and strengthen empowering beliefs that move you forward.

Own: You are the author of your story, and you have the power to shape its narrative, but first you need to own your choices.

Learn: Embrace continuous learning by using a growth mindset, being adaptable and resilient, and turning setbacks into setups for success.

Design: Design a life path to the destiny you desire—and deserve.

Be BOLD Today gives you the tools to effect whatever transformative change you desire, so you too can live your own best life.

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ISBN-13: 9781685552435
Publisher: The Collective Book Studio
Publication date: 11/19/2024
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 804,529
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Visionary leader and entrepreneur, Leigh Burgess has inspired thousands of women and has been a catalyst for empowering change in their lives. After over twenty years as an executive in business, health care, and education, she founded Bold Industries Group, a consulting, coaching, and curated event company dedicated to helping professionals and organizations make transformative changes. Leigh created The BOLD Framework—with its foundational steps of believe, own, learn, and design—as a guide to actualize change. She hosts The Bold Lounge podcast and contributes regularly to Forbes, Fast Company, and Entrepreneur.

As head of brand strategy for the storied ad agency Goodby and Silverstein, Bonnie Wan has helped the world’s most iconic brands align with their essential virtues using a tool called a creative brief. So when she found herself on the precipice of her own deep dissatisfaction and doubt, Wan turned that same tool inward. What emerged was this profound practice, one that she and thousands of others have turned to over and over. This is a strategic practice for connecting deeply to the things that create meaning, spark joy, and make life worth living. Don’t let another moment pass you by: Discover The Life Brief and find your path today.
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