Bearded Gospel Men: The Epic Quest for Manliness and Godliness

Bearded Gospel Men: The Epic Quest for Manliness and Godliness

Bearded Gospel Men: The Epic Quest for Manliness and Godliness

Bearded Gospel Men: The Epic Quest for Manliness and Godliness


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A Devotional That Dudes Will Actually Read!

Is there a connection between hairiness and holiness? Some would say a hearty "Yes!" In fact, the world is in the middle of a beard mania. Events like Movember and Decembeard are becoming global movements and manly sites are appearing all over the internet. Is this just another fad? And what does it say that so many of the most famous Christian communicators have or did have a beard?

Throughout history, Christian men have gloried in male pattern magnificence. Saint Benedict of Nursia wore a superb double forker. The benevolently-bushed Euthymius wouldn't allow clean-shaven monks to enter his Judean Desert monastery. St. Francis of Assisi had a beard, and now there's a Pope named after him. He's clean-shaven, but we're praying for him.

Of all the great Christian men who wore beards, none stands so highly as the headless martyr Sir Thomas More. On the day of his beheading, the tufted knight supposedly positioned his beard away from his soon-to-be-severed neck, saying: "My beard has not been guilty of treason, and it would be an injustice to punish it."

But of course, Bearded Gospel Men is about far more than beards - it's about manliness and godliness. Through this 31-day devotional, men are inspired to rise to a higher calling. The humor and facial hair is the perfect means to have a broader conversation about living a faithful life.

So, let's study some of these famous Bearded Gospel Men!

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ISBN-13: 9780718099305
Publisher: Nelson, Thomas, Inc.
Publication date: 11/07/2017
Pages: 304
Sales rank: 532,387
Product dimensions: 5.30(w) x 7.60(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Jared Brock is the co-founder of Hope for the Sold, a non-profit organization dedicated to combating human trafficking, and the author of A Year of Living Prayerfully. He's happily married to his best friend, Michelle, and his writing has appeared in Esquire, Catalyst, Relevant, Huffington Post, Elite Daily,, and Writer's Digest. Brock runs a documentary production company, is the director of the film Red Light Green Light, and has been interviewed on 100 Huntley Street and The 700 Club.

Aaron Alford is originally from Ontario, Canada. He has studied improv at The Second City, hitchhiked across Ireland and Italy, and, as a missionary with Youth With A Mission in Modesto, California, helps run a street café for the homeless with his friends. He enjoys beautifying the world with whimsy, compassion, pipe smoke, and an admirable beard.

Table of Contents

Introduction xiii

Chapter 1 Ignatius of Antioch 1

Lion Food (And Loving It!)

Chapter 2 Good King Wenceslas 10

The Merry Christmas Boxer

Chapter 3 Saint Boniface 19

Versus the Mighty Thor!

Chapter 4 Moses the Black 26

The Murderer Marauder Martyr

Chapter 5 D.L. Moody 33

Gospel, Music

Chapter 6 Daniel Nash 43

Spiritual Napalm

Chapter 7 Saint Luka of Crimea 53

Doctor of the Church

Chapter 8 Frederick Douglass 63

Abolitionist Extraordinaire

Chapter 9 John the Baptist 71

Less Is More

Chapter 10 Dirk Willems 79

Anabaptist Lifeguard Martyr

Chapter 11 Sir Thomas More 83

The Beard Hath Committed No Treason!

Chapter 12 Charles Spurgeon 92

Cigar-Chomping Prince of Preachers

Chapter 13 G.K. Chesterton 102


Chapter 14 C.T. Studd 112

Mustachioed Gospel Cricketer

Chapter 15 Zacchaeus 120

Of Camels and Trees

Chapter 16 Saint Valentine 126

Patron Saint of Lovers (and also Beekeepers)

Chapter 17 Joseph of Cupertino 134

The Beard Who Could Fly

Chapter 18 Festo Kivengere 140

The Billy Graham of Africa

Chapter 19 Keith Green 148

You Put This Love in My Heart

Chapter 20 Agnes Bojaxhiu 157

Is That Even a Dude's Name?

Chapter 21 Saint Augustine 164

Earnest, Active, Vigorous, Bearded

Chapter 22 Johannes Kepler 173

Bearded Space Man

Chapter 23 Saint Denis 182

Heads Above the Rest

Chapter 24 Francis Schaeffer 190

Fundamentalist for Jesus

Chapter 25 Saint Patrick 199

Slave to Snake Fighter

Chapter 26 Thomas Barnardo 209

Mutton-Chopped City Builder

Chapter 27 Josiah Henson 218

A Great North American

Chapter 28 Charles Monroe Sheldon 227

More Than Bracelets

Chapter 29 Saint Nicholas 235

He Came Here to Give Presents and Slap Heretics. And He's All Out of Presents.

Chapter 30 William Booth 242

Prophet of the Poor

Chapter 31 Francis of Assisi 251

Preach the Gospel at All Times; When Necessary, Use Beards

Afterword 259

Acknowledgments 261

Notes 265

About the Authors 277

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