Because I Said So

Because I Said So

by Karin Kallmaker


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Kesa Sapiro had to grow up fast. With her parents gone and a little sister to protect, Kesa has spent over a decade of her life trying to keep a roof over their heads. She’s learned the hard way that love is a luxury and that the price is way too high. When her sister Josie announces she wants to marry a boy she’s known for less than a month, Kesa immediately forbids it.

Shannon Dealan is floored when her son-by-choice says he wants to get married to a girl he’s just met. Shannon has real reason to scrutinize any strangers who come into Paz’s life. She’s not about to let him do anything stupid—and that includes believing in love at first sight. She knows too well there’s no such thing.

Hoping to soften the objections of their jaded, overbearing elders, Josie and Paz arrange for them to meet and discuss the future like civilized adults…but absolutely nothing goes as planned.

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ISBN-13: 9781642470734
Publisher: Bella Books
Publication date: 07/23/2019
Pages: 254
Sales rank: 252,857
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.20(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Karin Kallmaker has always written about lesbians and love and isn't likely to change. Her thirty+ novels include Painted Moon, Captain of Industry, and Maybe Next Time. She's also written more than five dozen short stories and novellas. She has won three Lambda Literary Awards and is a Golden Crown Literary Society Trailblazer.

When she’s not writing books she’s thinking about books, enjoying life in the San Francisco Bay Area, or embarking on new adventures by plane, train, or automobile. Learn more at or search social media or favorite book sites for “Kallmaker”—there’s only one.

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Because I Said So 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous 21 days ago
Love hurts. Kesa is clothing designer who lives with her 19 year-old sister, Josie, that she has taken care of ever since their parents died. Shannon is a US Marshal Analyst that is guardian-like to a 20 year old, Paz. Josie and Paz just met and are already determined to get married. Kesa and Paz try to convince them that love at first sight does not exist and they need to be practical and wait before making such a big decision. Something I liked about this story were the relationships. Whether it was between sisters, friends, guardians, or customers, every interaction felt rich with connection. I thought the concept of denouncing love at first sight while fighting the fact that it probably has happened was entertaining. I don't usually care for stories where the main characters are apart for any great length of time. And this story sort of felt like that. The author goes into a lot of detail about their professions. I felt it was too much unnecessary information. I would have edited quite a bit out to help the story not drag as much as it did in places. The book was very repetitive. Go to work. Internal Debate. Go home. Fight with sister. Go to Majhong. Repeat about 5 times. Even every outing was to repeat places. There was some health drama with Kesa's chosen family and I don't understand how that enhanced the story or moved it forward. Overall, it was just an OK read for me. It was entertaining with bouts of skim reading. I received an ARC from the publisher for an honest review.
Bugs-cheeky 26 days ago
Yup, a quick read this book was but it left me..... HUNGRY! What a refreshing story of romance with layers of unexpected discoveries throughout the book! Not only that, but the characters, including one of the MCs, Kesa, was of mixed race and culture, different socioeconomic background and circumstances, effectively giving the whole romance perspective a fresh new spin, altogether. As if that weren't refreshing enough, the definition of "family" and "parent" was something quite outside-the-box, tbh. I was not expecting to find out how Shannon, the other MC, and Paz were related. Fascinating! Kallmaker being the brilliant tale-spinner that she is, jumped right into describing, portraying, presenting and contrasting all the nuances of cultural, lingual, socio-economic living that entailed with such fervour that I saw them as another supporting character in this richly portrayed biracial romance. I must say, I'd never read anything depicted quite like how Kallmaker constructed it in lesfic romance! We all know that Kallmaker's forte is character-driven stories. This story couldn't get any more character-driven even if she tried! With her skilful storytelling and narrative flow, I was instantly captivated by each character and their respective backstory and mindset as Kallmaker weaved every thread of their journey with aplomb. With the added element of racial, cultural, circumstantial and lifestyles, no less! So how does one bridge the unknown or unfamiliarity in order to capture the reader's attention, interest and intrigue? Well, no better way than introducing some ethnic culinary delights, innit? Yup, FOOD. I'm so grateful for Kallmaker's dual-POV narrative approach to this decidedly complex story because there were many skeletons in the closet (so to speak!) or secrets that she deftly crafted and revealed at various stages of the story as it progressed with each stage of Shannon and Kesa's character development. In essence, Shannon and Kesa were two broken souls, trying to pick up the pieces, let go of their crippling fear and heal. Once again, Kallmaker's vivid and visceral depiction of their undeniable chemistry, their magnetic pull so powerful I, as the reader, could literally feel Shannon and Kesa's torment when they kept pushing each other away. This pair of tortured souls were a perfect example of stolen hearts. How does one reclaim a stolen heart? Is it even possible? In their case....well, love is real. Love is madness. So, one just can’t bet against love. It’s a powerful energy that is beyond our control. I'll leave it at that. Letting go. These two words couldn't be more relevant to Shannon and Kesa's own journey of truth and reconciliation, about love. When destiny is bound, it always finds the connected souls, by hook or by crook, dunnit? Timing is everything. When the time is right as destiny depicts, love finds its way.  When it's meant to be, it's meant to be, innit? All in all, "Because I Said So," was an incredibly fun read with some extra helpings of angst, internal and external, to elevate it to a true romance drama. I defo recommend it to fans who enjoy a richly portrayed, well-written, well-researched tale of romance with a slightly different, eccentric, exotic and an all-around fun, flavour to it! I, for one, had a blast with it! **I was given, with much thanks and appreciation, an ARC copy by Bella via NetGalley in return for an honest review.
Anonymous 30 days ago
Karin Kallmaker is one of the very well rounded lesbian authors out there. She’s had an amazing career with a lot of incredible books. Unfortunately this one was the least of my favorites. The story revolves around 2 MCs and their “kids” (not biological). However at a certain point I didn’t understand who are the MCs, is it the 2 women or the 2 kids. My issue is that I couldn’t get more from either stories, so the romance was lost on both accounts. The problem with authors like Kallmaker is that you go in expecting an earth shattering romance and when you end up with a solid book, you get frustrated. So on this specific book, I rate it as a solid 3 even though sometimes I felt it was a 2.5. Having said that, I will still be waiting for more novels from the author :) I received an ARC for an honest review.
Judeinthestars 3 months ago
There’s a reason why Karin Kallmaker has been hailed as the queen of lesbian romance. While this might not be her best book (or at least not my favorite), it definitely more than does the job. Because I Said So is a second chance romance. Four years after an intense three days that ended for the wrong reasons, Kesa and Shannon meet again as Kesa’s younger sister (whom Kesa has been taking care of since their parents’ death) and Paz, whose unofficial guardian Shannon has been for a few years, plan to marry. There’s a lot to like in this book, but the best is, as often with Kallmaker, both the characters and their jobs. I know it might sound strange, but the way she seems to research her MCs occupation makes their day to day life feel real. It has impressed me since my first Kallmaker book more than 20 years ago, and it still does. Both MCs and the small community of secondary cast are really good (I wish they existed and invited me to dinner, there’s a lot of food in this book and it all sounds yummy), and I loved the Jennifer Lamont cameo. I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.